It was 2am now and for the past three hours I had been browsing Master
Jack's website. More than once I had returned to his 50 BondoBoy
favorites and scanned once again my personal favorite, Ed from London.
It had been nearly a year since I had subscribed to the site but it had
been a big favorite of mine for five years. The content had changed and
I had more than enough material to get off too. I had already shot my
load once that night and Ed was the boy wot done it!

My mind was wandering by this stage and it began to dawn on me that over
the past 7 years my fantasies had almost entirely been constructed of
either bondage scenes, uniforms or both. From deep within me it began to
emerge once more that I was in fact a bondophile, a realization that both
excited and scared me. Not for the first time I began to seriously
consider taking Master Jack up on his offer to all. Am I man enough? Did
I want a scene? I had come close during 1998 but circumstances had been
difficult. Instead I simply suppressed my desires thinking it was easier
that way. How wrong I had been as I found the stimulation, the shear
sexual excitement of such a possibility overwhelming.

At that moment, in an almost preprogrammed state of mind, I clicked
"new" in my mail program and began to write:

To: Master Jack
Subject: Scene request


I would very much like to apply for a scene with you. I am a 37 year old
from the UK and have had a deep desire for bondage, leather and uniforms
since I was very young. For many years I have suppressed this but
recently my desire has re-emerged.

If you would consider me, I am sure to be a lot of fun to tie up.

Respectfully and sincerely

I pondered what I was doing for a second or two and then just pressed
send, quickly followed by a very large intake of breath. What the fuck
had I just done! But slowly the shock of my actions began to fade even
to the point where I thought I might not even get a reply. Why would the
BondageMaster be interested in me, a virgin from so far away? Master
Jack sees boys from all over the world but should I be so cocky to think
that I would even attract his attentions? Anyway, if I did get a reply I
probably wouldn't have the bottle to follow it up. The internet is safe
that way. Go too far and you can always back out, no problem, right?

A coffee was in order at this point I decided. A quick drink, a piss,
then off to bed for another good hard wank perhaps. With coffee in hand
and cock to shortly follow I decided to shut down my notebook and head
upstairs. Don't quite know why but decided to check for new mail as I
get a lot of crap and would only have to delete it in the morning.

My coffee almost dropped from my hand and there was an acute physical
reaction from my entire body as the name Master Jack appeared in my in
box. "Oh fuck" was probably heard down the street. He had replied.

"You will be restrained at or near the airport. Then I will be in
control," is what Master Jack had told me in the weeks before my arrival
in San Francisco. But for me, the restraint began as the door on the 747
was shut and the aircraft pushed back from its gate at Heathrow.
Strapped firmly into a seat with, for now at least, no method to escape
my inevitable arrival in the US, I already felt control of my destiny
drifting away. I sat for 10 hours watching movies but regularly
switching to the sky map to check on our flight's progress. Whilst still
flying over the UK I was relaxed. Over Greenland I was a little bored.
Over Canada I was perhaps a little pensive. By the time the tiny
airplane graphic crossed the US border I was becoming very nervous as
San Francisco moved ever closer. The two points nudged closer and closer
to each other until at last they touched and we glided back to Earth once
more and my meeting with Master Jack could be counted in mere minutes.

My instructions were clear. Be at the international baggage collection
point one hour after the flight lands. Look out for Master Jack's car and
call him if there was a problem. I stood next to the curb as instructed
waiting tentatively for the first appearance of Master Jack. Every dark
car that swept past caused a momentary reaction within me until it
became clear that this was not the moment, not yet anyway. Suddenly,
around the curved roadway leading to the pick up point, Master Jack's
car rolled into view. I moved closer to the curb as the car came to a
graceful halt. Inside was Master Jack who nodded at me with a knowing
look before glancing towards the open trunk of his car. With a return
nod I moved to the rear of the car placing my luggage carefully inside. 

Almost as if on auto pilot I settled into the passenger seat of the
car. Nervously I looked over to Master Jack who offered his hand in
greeting. Offering my own hand we shook and I felt Master Jack's firm
handshake followed by a quiet but self confident, "Nice to meet you at
last."  "Nice to meet you," came my stumbling reply. "Nervous?" Master
Jack asked looking forward and putting the car into drive. "Yes, Sir,"
I replied. "You'll be fine," Master Jack reassured me before
accelerating away, out of the airport and to his favorite secluded

We had parked up close to a gas station and alongside a busy road. I sat
glancing around the car answering the questions now being asked of me
until suddenly Master Jack opened the arm rest and quickly produced a
set of handcuffs. Without even thinking I placed my wrists together to
make the process easier and with the speed of a well practiced veteran
the cuffs were snapped on. "I'm sorry these may be a little cold. The
glove box is chilled and for a virgin this may come as a bit of a
shock." He was right as the cold steel was placed on my tense skin.
Master Jack then leant over placing his arm firmly on my lap, pressing
me tightly into the seat. He grabbed my leg and snapped a large set of
ankle cuffs to my left followed by right leg. He returned to his side of
the car, "There, that's better isn't it boy? Feel more comfortable
now?" "Yes, Sir." I replied but rather than be polite and simply agree
with my capture, I meant it. From deep within me the sensation and
realization that for the first time I had been restrained by another
actually did feel comfortable. As the car began to reverse out of its
parking space I gently began to pull my wrists apart until the cuffs
began to bite into my skin. My ankles were practically clamped together
as the cuffs had no chain and provided only minimal movement between
them. I was restrained in the car of the BondageMaster and I absolutely
loved it but what I didn't know yet was that the best of the day was
still to come!

"Having fun boy?" Master Jack asked me as he climbed back into his car.
I rapidly returned to reality from my temporary trip caused by gently
straining against the handcuffs and leg shackles. "Yes Sir, I am," I
replied trying to let the reality of the situation fully sink in. I had
sat for the past 15 minutes alone in the car whilst Master Jack dropped
off his dry cleaning. I couldn't help myself but I almost couldn't stop
smiling for the bizarreness of the situation I now found myself in. The
journey so far had involved Master Jack carefully questioning me about
my fantasies and fetishes. Little by little I fully opened up and in
such a short amount of time had begun to really come to quite like my
captor. I had come looking for a BondageMaster but was slowly finding
that I had found much more. Master Jack is an intelligent and very self
confident person who had almost immediately put me in a state of
unexpected ease.

The car moved off again and Master Jack leant towards me and said with
an air of personal delight, "Next stop the dungeon boy. Don't worry,
we'll be there very soon!" He was right, within minutes we swept up his
drive and cruised in to his huge garage. We came to a gentle halt and
suddenly I felt as if I was being studied from outside of the car. I
was, directly to my right and only feet from me the Holding Cell stood
with a figure dressed in bright orange prison overalls inside. As Master
Jack climbed out of the car and moved around to the passenger side to
release me, I studied the figure of Slave T standing handcuffed and
shackled in the cell. He wore a tight muzzle and answered his Master's
questions politely and respectfully as Master Jack approached the cage.
"How you doing boy?" his master asked. "Fine thank you Sir." Slave T
replied standing facing Master Jack, head bowed slightly. "Good, I'll
deal with our new boy and then be back," Master Jack said as he opened
the car door before leaning in and unclipping the seat belt. He released
me from the ankle shackles but not the handcuffs. He waited for me to
step out of the car before taking me firmly by the arm and steering me
towards the door of the garage and out towards the Dungeon. We turned a
corner and I immediately recognized the exterior of the building in
front of me. Many times I had seen it on Bondagezine.com but I was
physically moved to see it for the first time with my own eyes. We
walked towards it and my mind began to race. I was about to step inside
Master Jack's Dungeon in person and not from the safety of a computer. I
was about to step inside a Dungeon for the first time period. He stopped
me directly outside the door and reached into his pocket for a large
bunch of keys. He unlocked the door and pulled it open revealing the
familiar site of the cage and eChair. With a gentle but firm gesture he
instructed me inside and I moved forward with an intake of breath and
saying "This is it" to myself simultaneously.

The door was shut with a firm and loud bang. Master Jack locked the door
before instructing me to present my hands to him so that he could
temporarily release me from my bondage. He dropped the cuffs on to his
draw unit with a thud. "OK boy, get the clothes off and get those boots
on. They should be your size. Wait here until I come back. I won't be
long and be ready to sign your contract when I return." "Yes Sir," I
said as he unlocked the door and stepped outside, banging it shut as he
had done only moments before. The sound of keys and the lock being
snapped shut left me with a firm realization that I was going nowhere. I
removed my clothes and folded them as best I could with shaking hands.
It then became clear that I had been pre-cumming in to my shorts for a
long time.

I took the opportunity to take a good hard look at the array of hoods
and gags neatly stored on the shelves around the door. My intrigue was
interrupted by the return of Master Jack who entered the Dungeon with
the promised contract. "Read it, sign it. Understand that this is
serious boy, there is no backing out with me!" I began to read it and
then stopped. What was I doing? Why was I reading this? I picked up the
pen and just signed it. "Let's go," I thought to myself.

Master Jack stood for a moment, giving me a good looking over. I was
getting stiff and although nervous getting stiffer. "OK boy, we'll start
with something intense and see how it goes,", Master Jack said reaching
for one of his many straightjackets. "Cool," I thought to myself moving
closer to him. As he pulled the SJ from its hook I naturally put both
arms out straight in front of me. The SJ slid effortlessly on to my arms
and without being prompted, I turned around to allow Master Jack to buckle
up at the back. "You've done this before boy," said Master Jack. "No
Sir, this really is the first time," I replied rolling my shoulders
inside the jacket. "You're a natural at this," said Master Jack just as
he gave the first strap a really hard pull. One after another the straps
were pulled tight and the feeling of confinement began to build. My
exposed cock throbbed with both excitement and expectation. Suddenly I
felt a hand come through my legs from behind and take a grip of the
crotch straps. Master Jack brushed passed my Cock and Balls as he pulled the first of the straps between my legs and pulled them tightly up to
the buckles at the back. Once the second strap was firmly secured he
pushed the back of my arms until they were folded in front of me. He
took the straps and buckles at the end of each arm and pulled them
tightly behind my back. I was already unable to move my arms before the
final strap at the front of the jacket was tightly put in place. Master
Jack put a hand on each shoulder and spun me round to face him.
"Comfortable boy?" he asked. "Yes Sir," I replied. And the SJ was too!

Master Jack stood for a moment looking at his line of leather hoods,
turned to me for a moment, then back to his collection. Taking a hood
from its place in the line he had it over my head in a blur. This was
the first time in a hood and I was taken completely by surprise. The
shear speed at which I was suddenly blinded by the hood was amazing. He
moved me and guided me as the laces of the hood were pulled firmly
tighter. I had fantasized about leather hoods for years but this was the
first time wearing one. The hood was now firmly on me and going
nowhere; although unable to see a small amount of light leaked trough
the nose and mouth holes. 

"This is just fucking fabulous," I thought beginning to test the
restraint of the SJ, trying to pull my arms apart. "I could get used to
thi......". Suddenly a gag was rammed into my mouth sending a shock
through my entire body. I would have loudly gasped if I could but the
gag was doing its job. Master Jack pressed it firmly against my hooded
face as he moved behind me. With a violent jerk it was buckled behind my
head. This was all completely unexpected as I couldn't see it coming.
Sure, I knew gags were a favorite of Master Jack and had put a big fat
10 on my profile of bondage desires. But the reality was intense,
wonderfully intense. "There you go boy, that'll keep you quiet for the
night," Master Jack said with his increasingly happy sounding delivery.
He was beginning to enjoy himself. I was beginning to enjoy myself. This
was to be the start of a very enjoyable week for the both of us!

I was guided backwards toward the eChair. "Step up boy, step up!"
Master Jack ordered me. I did as I was told, obeying his every
instruction. "Now sit boy!" he ordered me, pushing his captive into
the chair. I landed with a thud as he held me for a moment with a firm
hand on my head. "Now, you aren't going anywhere, understand boy?" he
said with his face pressed firmly against the outside of the hood. I
tried to answer with a positive "Yes Sir!" but all I could do was
grunt. Then the sound of buckle straps could be heard through the heavy
leather hood. I was ordered to raise my arms to make the process of
strapping me around the waist easier for the Master. Giving it a good
hard tug and finally securing it around me. Then my left leg was roughly
pushed against the frame of the chair followed by the left ankle being
strapped just above the top of my boot. My left leg was finished off
with a strap just above the knee securing me tightly to the lower arm of
the chair. This was repeated on my right leg until I was completely
restrained in the chair with my cock and balls exposed and open to the
desires of my Master. I was given a good couple of friendly slaps on my
right leg as Master Jack stood up to admire his work. "There, that's
better for the both of us. I like to be in complete control of my boys
and you love this, don't you boy?" I grunted with agreement, nodding my
head ecstatically. There was the sound of movement around the dungeon.
Draws being opened and closed. Chains being disturbed and clanking
together. My heart was pumping, my cock was pumping with anticipation as
to what was coming next. 

Master Jack suddenly grabbed my cock and balls, squeezing them in his
hand. I would have jumped out of the seat if the restraints would have
let me. Of course there was no danger of that and I had to settle for a
muffled yelp through the gag. My balls were firmly squeezed and pulled
away from my crotch. Then the sensation of leather whipping being bound
around my balls and then finished off around my cock. I was so hard and
desperate to cum but the sensation was crowned by Master Jack yanking
back my uncut foreskin to reveal what must have been my bright red cock
head. He began to stroke my cock firmly and gave it a good hard squeeze
between his fingers. A voice, up close to the hood, said with a cheerful
menace and unmistakable happiness, "Now, boy, I've got you right where I
want you. What to do with you, let me see. Hmmmm." Master Jack pondered the situation for a moment continuing to jack me off. "Well I guess I'd better let you rest after such a long journey; let's leave you here for
the night and let you get some sleep. Me and you have lots of days to get to
know each other. Plenty of time!" He let go of my cock and I could hear
him drawing away. "Enjoy it boy, it's what you have been dreaming of,"
he said. Suddenly my cock was grabbed again and given an even harder
squeeze, "Isn't it boy?" "Yes, Sir," I managed to blurt out from behind
the gag. It probably didn't sound that clear but both of us knew what I

"Sir! I tried to shout through the gag. "Yes boy?", Master Jack
replied. "Thank you Sir, Thank you so much Sir!" I blurted. "That's OK
boy. Nice to have you helpless at last," Master Jack said as I imagined
a very big grin on his unseen face.

Again Master Jack could be heard moving away and the sound of keys being jangled. The door was opened and then the dim amount of light that
leaked into the hood through the nose holes vanished. The door slammed
and was locked immediately after. I was alone in the dark with only the
sound of the air conditioning penetrating the hood. I had flown six
thousand miles to place myself under the control of a stranger. I was
bound and helpless in the San Francisco Dungeon of the world famous
BondageMaster. My cock was so hard it felt like it could explode and the
one thing I wanted to do more than anything else was grab it and jack
off like I had never done before. The fantasy had begun a slow death,
the reality was born. Could life get any better than this?

Being a complete virgin at this I sat for a few minutes pondering my
situation. "OK," I thought. "This is interesting, but what next?" I
gently and tentatively began to test the restraints. With only a
little movement in my legs and feet I could only twist my boots a few
degrees in each direction. My upper body was relatively free to move
forward and I was glad that I could move my head in any direction. My
arms had limited movement inside the SJ but I was unable to close my
hands. The hood pressed firmly against my entire head and something
inside the hood pressed up against my eyebrows. The smell of a well used
hood was new to me but come to think about it the smell of any hood was
new to me. Until then my only experience had been limited to gas masks.

I tried to get comfortable shifting slightly in the seat and resting my
head in the gap between the headrest and the frame. If you have seen the
hundreds of pictures on Bondagezine.com you can imagine the scene. I was tired having had little sleep the night before I left the UK, then a 17
hour journey followed by an hour to the dungeon. At this point I really
didn't know what to do. Just sit there I guess until Master Jack let me
out. Was he serious about leaving me here for the night? Don't get me
wrong it's what I had fantasized about many times but the reality seemed
a little...dull! After many attempts to get comfortable I finally
settled on the best position. Hardly like sleeping in bed at home but
then I wasn't here for the comfort factor, was I? I began to doze in and
out of a light sleep gently moving inside the SJ and making a wonderful
noise caused by the leather. After a while I stopped as I knew that
Master Jack would be listening to my every move via the intercom. Stupid
though it seems now but I didn't want to disturb him but just sit there
like a good boy.

Being in a state of sensory deprivation for the first time and without
any point of reference in terms of time I don't know how long it was
until Master Jack returned to check up on me. I was brought round from
what may have been a disturbed sleep or some kind of mental trip by the
sound of the door being unlocked and opened. The dim light returned to
the inside of the hood via the nose holes and the voice of Master Jack
demanded to know how I was doing. I tried my best to answer but simply
mumbled and grunted through the gag. "Sorry boy, what did you say?" was
Master Jack's response. "Can't understand a word boy! What?"  My head was pulled forward and the buckle securing the gag was undone before the gag was yanked from my mouth. "Thank you Sir!" I said. Gasping for breath
but before I could compose myself a water bottle spout was shoved in the
now vacant hole. "Drink Boy!",I was ordered and cold water was squeezed
into my mouth. I drank as much as I could as quickly as I could. "Had
enough boy?" Master Jack enquired pulling the bottle from me. "Yes Sir,"
I said not really meaning it but I was a little disoriented and was
simply trying to keep Master Jack happy. The removal of the gag had only
emphasized how uncomfortable it had really been and if I am honest I was
hoping it wouldn't be replaced. Then the gag was shoved back in my
mouth and again pressed tightly against my face as it was buckled up
behind my head. This time Master Jack must have used a different hole as
it was even tighter than before. "I'll leave the water there if you need
some more boy,",he laughed placing the bottle right next to my head on
the shelf next to me with a loud thud. "Don't drink it all at once as
it's got to last all night," he said again moving off in the distance.
The dim light vanished once more and the door soon slammed shut. I was
back in the dark, briefly refreshed and wide awake from my earlier
slumber. Was this going to continue through the night I thought? Is this
the beginning of deliberate sleep deprivation? I settle back in the
chair and must have drifted back to sleep shortly after.

I woke some time later to a sense of extreme comfort. The feeling was
new to me, being bound, blind, restrained and yet in a unique sense of
comfort and contentment. Again I began to strain against the SJ and
straps holding me in the chair. It was a wonderful noise and delightful
feeling. The harder I squirmed the louder the noise and the more of a
turn on it became. More movement, more wonderful sounds building up to a
chain reaction that I just could not stop. I began to really test the
restraints and found that I could almost stand up! I would stand and
then throw myself down causing the chair to rattle and move. This in
turn made the metal fixings not used to hold me to rattle and bang,
clang and jangle. I began to groan and moan through the gag adding to
the concerto going on in the dark. More and more I would squeeze harder
and harder in the SJ really making the leather sing and emit the most
wonderful sounds. I don't know how long this went on, not long enough
for me, but eventually I settled back down in the seat. Exhausted but
elated having finally found that absolute sweet spot and in my way had
found the higher place induced by my bondage.

It must have been just after 5 that Master Jack placed me in bondage and
strapped me to the chair. I don't know what time he had come to check on
me and I was completely out of myself when he returned for the second
and final time to release me from both the chair and the SJ. The door
opened and the lights came back on. "How you doing boy?" Master Jack
asked me at a volume that came as a surprise. Was he shouting or had I
become so used to the soft sound of the air conditioning humming away in
the back ground? Master Jack began by undoing the leg restraints
followed by the waist strap. "Now boy, how long do you think you have
been here?" he asked me. "I don't know Sir," I replied truthfully and
slightly confused. "Come on boy, HOW LONG?" he asked again sounding a little agitated. "Sir, really, I don't have a clue," I said begging him
to believe me. "OK, try this. GUESS!" Master Jack hissed sounding
really quite annoyed at this point. "Uhh, I guess, Uhh. Two hours Sir,"
I said. The figure two was the first number to come into my head. "Try
five hours," Master Jack said sounding rather happy. "Five hours boy,
which means that you loved it. I just get off when I find a boy like you
who loves it!" he said sounding elated. "And I think we have a boy who
likes to make LOTS OF NOISE!" he said pushing his face right up to mine
before taking me by the front of the SJ and pulling me from the chair.
My legs were weak from lack of use and being held in the same position
for so long. It was a little difficult to stand but I found the strength
not wanting to look weak in front of my Master. I was led to the middle
of the Dungeon and the gag was unlocked and pulled from my mouth. It was saturated in sweat and it actually felt a little odd without it. The
hood was removed exposing my eyes to the light and I began to relax a
little after feeling compressed for so long.

The SJ was peeled from my naked body but the leather whipping and boots
were to remain. Master Jack stood there grinning at me and I returned
his enjoyment of me with a big fat grin of my own. I was to remain in
term bondage for my 4 day scene which I new before I arrived. What
happened next was still a surprise though. Master Jack took a set of
heavy looking shackles from the hook on the wall and I found myself
offering my hands to him. He snapped the wrist restraints shut with a
large sense of purpose before locking them shut with a small allen key.
I was instructed to sit on the floor while the ankles were secured also.
The restraints were joined together by heavy chains with approximately
two feet in length between each wrist and ankle bracelets and about 5
feet between these chains. These gave a lot of movement but I was left
in no doubt that I was held securely in bondage.

"OK boy, in the cage," Master Jack had moved behind me and had swung the cage door open silently. I obeyed despite the cage being one of my least favorite items in his Dungeon. I obeyed immediately and crawled in head first pulling my feet inside. The door was slammed shut with such force the bars hummed for what seemed like minutes after. A large padlock was snapped shut and the door was given a good shake, more to establish in my mind that it was firmly locked rather than to test what Master Jack
already knew. "How's that boy, you comfortable in there?" Master Jack
asked bending over and giving me anther good look over. "Yes Sir, thank
you Sir" I said without really knowing why. I really wasn't very happy
about being inside such a small space, naked, a little cold after the
warmth of the SJ. But I just could not bring myself to complain about
it. After all, if Master Jack didn't want to let me out what could I do
but just piss him off by moaning.

"I'll serve you dinner in a while but in the mean time just make
yourself comfortable. Do you need some more water?" Master Jack asked
showing an unexpected sense of concern that I was in fact comfortable in
my steel cage. I nodded, accepting his request for the water bottle that
I had earlier knocked from the shelf during my self induced squirming in
the chair. Master Jack gave me a final smile (and a sneaky look at my
naked body once more) and left me to contemplate my situation, locking
the door on the way out. I had to smile as the lock clicked shut behind
him. What was he expecting, that I would wander outside and down the
street should I manage to pick the lock of the cage and decide to go

I must have sat quietly in the cage for about half an hour before Master
Jack returned with my food. I pulled myself to the back of the cage
giving Master Jack more space to push the plates through the gap at the
bottom of the door. "There you go boy, enjoy it and I'll be back later
for the dishes," he said as he walked out of the door once more and
before I could really thank him for feeding me. 

Now you just have to take my word for it, but Master Jack is an
accomplished cook. What I didn't know then but found out later (and that
is a story in itself) is that Master Jack only eats organic food. Let me
tell you, I may have been a little cold in my steel cage as I lay naked
on the floor but the food was quite unbelievably good and it came as no
surprise to learn later in my scene that Master Jack used to own a
restaurant. Very quickly I forgot about my resistance to the cage an
yaffled the lot, including the desert of strawberries which until that
point I had never enjoyed before. So not only had I confirmed my
absolute love for bondage but I had also been converted to a strawberry
lover. It was just one of those sorts of days and I was to become a
convert to many new things before my scene was to end.

Master Jack returned some time later to collect the dishes. We talked
for a while about my time in the chair and other things. Slowly I became
aware of Master Jack's keen intellect and he talked about his views on
bondage both from his own and Slave T's perspective. He questioned me on how I felt and my reactions so far to his captivity of me. He then
released me from the cage and provided some bedding on the floor of the
dungeon. Climbing out of the cage I began to feel that my initial
dislike of the cage may have been unjustified although I was sure that
Master Jack could have made me a great deal more uncomfortable if he had wanted. But for now it didn't concern me if he decided to put me back in
later in the scene. Which of course he did, many times. I settled down
for the night, still held in boots and chains. Despite the relative
freedom of the generous chain length I was prevented from sleeping as
usual on my front with one arm under my head. With some experimentation
a compromise was found and I soon drifted off under the blanket with
sleep accelerated by both my exhaustion and deep sense of ease induced
by my first successful bondage experience. Later Master Jack brought
Slave T in for the night and I was disturbed by the sound of a second
set of chains and Master bidding his slave a good night.

I drifted off again thoroughly content in my new found environment and
alongside my silent Dungeon buddy.

I have slept in many unusual places in my life before but there is
something very comforting about Master Jack's Dungeon. It is a 
small place with grey walls, silver insulated ceiling and carpeted
floor. At night no light penetrates the space and even on the brightest
of days only a small chink of light can be seen from under the heavy
door. The noise of the air conditioning is both essential and the
occupants' constant companion. 

Sleeping in chains was a new experience and takes a little to get used
to particularly when rolling over. Not for the first time that night I
woke having suddenly thumped myself in the balls with the chain. In
normal circumstances this would be an uncomfortable sensation but my new found love of chains only made the sensation more stimulating. Having
woken it was harder than before to slip back into sleep. It took a
while to find a new and comfortable position and I lay there listening
to the sound of the chains rubbing against the steel bracelets.

"I'm sorry if we woke you earlier," said a voice in the dark. I had
forgotten that I was being held in the Dungeon with Slave T. "That's
OK," I replied feeling a little guilty that I may have done the same. "I
wasn't really asleep," I lied.

"Are you OK?" Slave T said in an obviously slow and considered voice.
He was wearing, as it turned out, a very tight muzzle, handcuffs, leg
irons and waist chain. I felt a real pussy in my luxuriously long chains
and felt an unexpected sense of sadness for him. My mistake however was
judging his situation based on my own experiences, the result of my
almost entire lack of experience with such things and a personal flaw
that would show itself several times that week.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said in reply to Slave T's question. This, unlike my
earlier answer, was the truth. "The time difference is keeping me
awake," I continued. "Any idea what the time is?" I asked feeling more
comfortable talking to my invisible companion. "Not sure," Was Slave T's
response who then sat up clanking his chains in the process. Then the
sound of his standing and slow deliberate steps towards the door. More
sounds of his moving as he knelt down to peer under the door. "It's
still very early," he said beginning his journey back to his sleeping
position. "We are in for a long wait yet," he said lying back down.

He was right. We talked for hours about bondage, Master Jack and
ourselves. Slowly light began to penetrate from beneath the door. The
sounds of cars being started and moving off punctuated the exclusivity
of the air conditioning's constant hum. A plane would fly over and once
the distant sound of a police car siren.

Suddenly, from outside of the Dungeon, sound of keys. Slave T jumped to
his feet and the door was pulled open letting in a shocking amount of
natural light. Without a word Slave T hobbled towards the door and for
the first time I could see him in his bright orange prison overalls and
shiny black boots. Within seconds he was gone and an unseen Master Jack slammed the door shut again, locking it immediately after.

Lying there, gently straining against the chains, my thoughts began to
wander down to the cock department. Rested from the night before and
feeling comfortable at my situation, it was only a matter of time until
I began to give my cock a good hard massage. The sensation was
heightened by the accompaniment of slowly moving chains. The feeling of
the cold hard bracelets against my wrists and the connecting chain
rubbing against my leg. The stroking could easily have made me shoot my
load across the room considering I had now not cum for nearly four days.
But I was content to lay there at the edge of orgasm and save myself for
later in the day. I jack off a lot normally, at least daily. At times,
during the month leading to my scene I would cum two or even three times
a day!

In a state of bondage heaven and determined not to go the whole hog and
cum so early in the day, I rolled over and being so relaxed, slipped
back in to sleep.

Then, woken by the sound of keys once again and the door being pulled
open, I sat up to see the silhouette of Master Jack standing in the
doorway. "Morning boy!" he said happily stepping inside, holding two
metal bowls. "Morning Sir!" I replied with a big fat grin on my face. I
was very happy to see him again. "Breakfast is served," he said placing
the bowls on the floor next to me. I took a good look at the contents
but was distracted by Master Jack's black, shiny boots standing next to
them. "Get that inside you and we will start to have some fun!" he said
standing over me. His big smile gave away the unmistakable fact that he
had big plans that day. I can tell you, this was a huge turn on and I
couldn't wait!. "Thank you Sir," I replied both grateful for the meal
and in anticipation of the fun that lay ahead.

Breakfast consisted of a hot cup of coffee, freshly squeezed orange
juice and two slices of toast. I wolfed it down and sat leaning against
Master Jack's cross bolted to one wall of the Dungeon. Then I moved to
the eChair and sat to finish the coffee. I took the opportunity to take
a good look around. What you don't normally see in Master Jack's scene
pictures is the incredible array of toys available to him. Hundreds of
items including numerous hoods, restraints, straightjackets (both
leather and rubber), whips and paddles. Having finished breakfast I
decided to tidy up my bedding and get set for the day.

The door opened again and Master Jack stepped in locking us in before he
turned to me and said, "OK boy, let's try some Electro Stim!" He took off the manacles and  took the SJ from the wall and without being told I got up from the eChair and moved to stand in front of him. Arms outstretched he slid the jacket on to me and I spun around to allow the easy tightening of the rear straps.

He fastened me in with some hard tugs and the force of his work was
rewarded by the size of my cock. Arms pulled across my chest and firmly
fastened then the front strap could again be tightened to further
restrict any movement in my arms. Master Jack once again took the hood
from its shelf and I bowed my head submissively to ease his fitting of
it. The laces having been set for my head size the night before the only
requirement was the sharp pulling down of the rear zip. The hood was now
firmly fitted and vision was once again denied me. Although not a
complete surprise this time the gag was roughly shoved back in my mouth
and fixed very tightly once more. I was now set for what was to come.

Master Jack took hold of me and pushed me back towards the eChair.
Without the need to be told I felt with the back of my boots for the
small step in front of the chair and carefully stepped up. With a
command to move to my right I was pushed down into the seat. Master
Jack placed a hand on my chest and used his entire body weight to push
me firmly back in the chair. "Don't move!" he demanded as he released
me. His voice was different, serious and menacing. I felt a hand move
down my left hand side and the feeling of a leather strap being pulled
from behind me. Then a hand pulling at my right hand side before the two
ends of the strap were joined together around my waist and under my
folded arms. He pulled with such enormous force that I became compressed
against the padding in the chair back. I couldn't understand why he had
become so rough and while I pondered my newly found discomfort my legs
were tightly strapped to the chair leg as they had been the night
before. But something had changed and I became very pensive. Without a
word Master Jack could be heard moving off and rummaging through the
drawers at the opposite end of the Dungeon. I sat nervously without daring
to move. Slowly the reason for such tightness of the strapping began to
dawn on me. The eStim!. I had imagined what it would be like but it
began to become clear that perhaps the extreme tightness of my bonds
were for my own protection, in case I managed to hurt myself during the
experience. Still nervous I settled slightly hoping my new found trust
of Master Jack to be well placed and letting his considerable experience
guide me through.

My cock was grabbed and given a good tug towards my Master. Stretched to its maximum length I began to feel something soft being looped over my
hard cock. Master Jack pushed the unseen elastic strap right up to the
end of my cock and he pulled it tight trapping some skin in the clasp. I
yelped with discomfort and shock trying to pull myself away from his
hands. But helpless in the chair all I could do was move my head and
upper body. My cock and balls were his and there was nothing I could do
to escape from him! Happy with the position of the first, Master Jack
looped the second over the end by much closer to me cock head. Again he
pulled the elastic tight and once again trapped some skin in the clasp.
I yelped once more and squirmed in the chair. Blind though I was, the
sense that Master Jack had more than a smile on his face seemed to
penetrate the leather hood. Again he moved away and I could hear him
moving switches and the sound of wires falling against something hard.
For the first time I became unsure that I wanted to experience
electricity. The idea got me hard without fail, but as the moment
approached my heart began to race and my mouth began to dry. 

The delay between the second strap being tightened and the delivery of
the first shock of electricity was unbearable. I had no sight of or any
control over what was about to be dealt to me. I sat there waiting until
suddenly my cock tensed uncontrollably. The electricity pulsed through
me again and again. High then low, quickly then slowly making me squirm
in the chair. Suddenly I realized that I was yelping and groaning as the
electricity pulsed through me. My legs, although tightly bound to the
chair would twist and move. I began to stamp my booted right foot
against the wooden step below. "Like that boy?" Master Jack asked. He
had moved to the small chair along side mine. Unknown to me he had the
ErosTek in his hand. "Yea....FUCK!..Sir," I yelped as a pulse of a huge
magnitude shot though my cock causing my whole body to tense and shift.
"What boy? Speak up!" Master Jack yelled right next to my hooded head.
"Yes Si...SHIT!" I shouted back through the gag, which I had managed to
push slightly outside of my mouth and to the left. This made my speech
more recognizable but the effect of the Stim more intense. What I didn't
know was that as I answered my Master's questions he was turning the
intensity of the electricity up! Master Jack was having a little fun-
he's like that.

He sat and watched me for a few minutes before asking "Is it high enough
for you boy? Want some more strength?" I pleaded with him that this was
more than enough and it occurred to me to beg that he stopped. I didn't
and really don't know why as the intensity was beginning to become too
much. "OK, well I guess as it's your first time we'll leave it there,"
Master Jack said with an air of disappointment noticeable in his voice.
"Thank you!" I said to myself as I prepared for the sensation to stop.
Master Jack got up  and walked towards the door. The sound
of the keys could be heard as he unlocked the door. "Have fun boy," he
said, "You'll be here when I get back, won't you?" he asked.
"Er..FUCK..Yes Sir," I replied as if on automatic pilot and more than a
little confused. Hadn't he forgotten something, like the off switch! The
door opened and I could see the intense daylight outside as it briefly
penetrated through the nose holes of the hood. Then it slammed shut and
the lock loudly dropped into place. I was alone and experiencing
unbelievably intense pain, yes, that's the word pain. 

I continued to yelp and squirm in the seat, stamping in both anger and
shock at each pulse. The intensity changed as the ErosTek delivered its
preprogrammed range of strength and duration. I began to try and predict
the sequence looking for reductions in the intensity and figuring that
this would be soon followed by double the jolt, double the intensity.
The noise that I had created the night before from a self induced mental
state was being recreated by an external force that I had never imagined

To this day I don't know how long it was until Master Jack returned, who
stood over me for a while before asking "How's it going boy?".Cursing
and stamping I didn't know how to respond as I couldn't make up my mind
if I was in heaven or hell. The intensity suddenly reduced and its form
changed from rapid pulses to a meandering wave. "Let's try this a little
lower boy. See how you do with that."  "Thank you Sir. Don't
misunderstand me Sir, I'm not complaining, I just don't know if...".
Master Jack took me by the head in both hands and pressed his face close
to mine. "I know boy, some like it, some don't. But I want you to try
it. For me." His voice was calm, understanding what I was going
through. I began to realize that this was not torture he was subjecting
me to but control. I hadn't felt in pain for a while but I couldn't say
I was comfortable. I wanted to beg for it to stop but deep inside I
didn't want it to. Master Jack had to end this and it would be as if I
was challenging him to be so demanding as to beg for the experience to

At that point it struck me. The moment I had wondered and fantasized
about since deciding to request a scene from Master Jack. He had put me
in the handcuffs and leg irons nearly 20 hours earlier and at that point
had taken physical control of me. Now, finally, he had psychological
control of me also and at last the feeling of true control by my Master
washed over me.

Master Jack stayed for a moment to watch the results of his decision to
lower the intensity of the ErosTek before making his way out of the
Dungeon. Once again alone and helpless in the chair I adjusted to the
change in the sensation consuming my cock. The difference was radical
and soon I was gently moaning to the wave that oozed through my cock.
Slowly it occurred to me that there was an additional point of delivery.
The elastic straps delivered its load to each end of my still hard cock
but now I felt a twinge through my cock head. I struggled and twisted
trying to catch site of my cock through the nose holes in the hood. I
was desperate to see myself and the tool of Master Jack's trade attached.
With a great deal of effort and a newly found physical flexibility I
managed to catch a glimpse of my fat, red cock. Then I realized what was
causing the extra twinge. One of the wires that connected the control
box and the elastic straps was resting on my cock head. It had settled
very nicely in the grooved piss hole as if made for it.

Whiling away the time with this new level of stimulation I began to
really relax and experimented by moving my lower body as much as I could
with the limited capacity that I had. With a great deal of force and
determination I began to rock myself in the chair increasing the
sensation of the wire now turning my cock head on fire. 

Time seemed to pass quickly as Master Jack returned to his quiet,
contented captive. "This is no good. Now it seems that this is doing
nothing for you at all," he said making me feel pensive again. Would he
decide to stop or turn his toy up again to give me some more hard

Leaving once more with the now familiar sound of keys being rattled I
squirmed and jerked in the chair once more. I longed for the previous
settings as I yelped and cursed in the seat. But I wouldn't complain and
I wasn't going to beg for it to stop. I was going to live with this and
not back out. That was the deal and Master Jack was now firmly in

I had frequently found myself smiling at the bizarreness of my situation. On the journey from the airport to Master Jack's Dungeon I couldn't help myself but have a private chuckle at cruising down the freeway in handcuffs. Later that night I had to lay for hours absorbing the sensation of the shackles. Now though I was in the midst of a reality check. If my earlier brush with humor was the pleasure then this was the pain. Don't get me wrong I wasn't having a negative or damaging experience, but it was at the edge of my mental and physical limit.

My discomfort must have been obvious as Master Jack returned for the final time and without asking how I was doing said, "OK boy, I think you have had enough of this." The shocks stopped and the gag was removed before a cool water bottle was placed in my mouth. I drank, sucking hard on the bottle in case I didn't get it again for some time. I was left to sit in the
chair for some time while Master Jack left the Dungeon without reason. Pondering what I had just finished experiencing my cock began to shrink and I imagined it looking a little worse for wear. Master Jack returned and I could hear the sound of a box being opened. Without sight the hearing really does increase in sensitivity not to mention my imagination working on
overtime as to what was going on only feet from me.

The movement went on for some time, without commentary or explanation. I was just happy to sit and recover trying hard not to work myself up into a state as to what Master Jack had in store. 

I jumped out of surprise as a cold liquid sensation smothered my now limp cock. Taken firmly in hand my cock was gently pulled and squeezed back  to life and as it grew harder so did the grip placed upon it. Was Master Jack going to make me cum here and now? I was confused, pretty fucking happy about the thought, but confused none the least. Then as suddenly as it started the massaging stopped. I sat there for a moment until taken by surprise by a strange and unusual sensation. It was as if Master Jack was pulling back my foreskin as before but it kept being pulled back. Not being cut the pulling back of the foreskin can be both sensual and painful and this was becoming painful. Again and again I felt my foreskin being pulled back but not by a hand that soon became clear. I yelped with each application of pressure until it stopped. Then nothing but something was not right, something was attached to my cock!

Slowly the sound of a motor began to drown out the air conditioning and suddenly my cock began to move by some external source. The soft noise of a pump became recognizable as the steady thump of the machine was transferred to the device attached to me. It pumped and stroked my now rigid cock and the lubricant that was earlier smoothed over me began to warm and ooze down my balls. As the surprise of the fitting gave way to the sensation of being mechanically masturbated I soon began to slip into a state of ecstasy. Up and down it went, pulling and squeezing my cock inside the unseen soft rubber bladder. Up and down, up and down. My cock began to emit that distinctive sensation as the cock head became stimulated by soft, regular friction. Up and down, up and down. I began to squirm in the seat and moan uncontrollably.

I shoved hard against the device trying to increase the sensation, fantasizing of fucking a tight moist arse. As I gave a huge
hard shove it flew off me and landed with a thud on the floor. I was absolutely gutted! Then I felt very nervous thinking I had broken Master Jack's toy. He came over, having been studying me from the far side of the dungeon, picked up the device and without any comment pushed it roughly back on to me. Again it sucked on me, up and down, up and down, as I settled back into its wonderful routine. I moved slightly and again it flew off landing on my foot before hitting the ground. Master Jack gave a very loud tut before once again sliding it back on to me. "This is getting annoying!" he said. "We'll work with it later." I may not have the largest cock in the world but I can hold my own. If you get my meaning! Later the pictures of the scene published on BondageZine.com surprised me as to how large I actually got. Well chuffed! "There's an internal adjustment to make in the machine and we'll do that later, " he said.

He cleared some space and began to remove my bonds. Once free of the chair Master Jack took me firmly by the front arm strap and the collar attached to the SJ. He hauled me from the chair and by surprise I found it
tricky to stand up. He pulled me forward before swinging me around and dropping me to the floor, on to the folded mattress I had slept on the night before. I heard the sound of metal against metal and suddenly my legs (spread several feet apart) were kicked closer. My booted foot was lifted and the first of the ankle shackles was tightly closed around my boot. My
boot was dropped to the floor and the second lifted from the ground before I was firmly secured by both ankles. Master Jack took a firm grip of the collar around my SJ and the chains of the shackles before he span me round to a final position on the mattress.

"I'll be back," he said.

Two hours had passed since Master Jack had left and I now found myself in another new position. I had been strapped to the bondoboard which was now pivoted on the two upright posts in the center of the Dungeon. My legs were tightly bound together and Master Jack had swapped the hood for his favorite gas mask. The Venus was once again covering my hard and expectant cock but before setting the device off Master Jack had bound my
balls in leather whipping which he now used to bind the tube to me. With the addition of extra support now tied to the straps keeping me bound to the board.

"OK boy, now let's see you get the Venus to fly off!" Master Jack said patting me firmly on the leg. "You're the only thing that's going to get off."  The pump whirred ito life and my cock was once again being squeezed and stroked. Up and down, up and down. Master Jack wished me a happy afternoon saying "That will keep your mind occupied, won't it boy?" I couldn't but agree with him now able to respond with much more vigor through the gas mask, now being spared the restraint of a gag. He left me alone for some privacy and I lay there for hours, cock on fire with that unmistakable tingle that a well stimulated cock head gives a guy! Heaven, pure bondage heaven!

The sensation grew and grew as I moved closer to the edge that would see me shoot my load into the tube and I was pondering if I should scream in ecstasy or stifle my orgasm so as not to worry Master Jack who would be listening over the intercom. As I began to enter the final stages of what I so desperately wanted a minor thought began to develop into a major concern. I was petrified that if I moved the tube attached to me would fly off again! The thought built inside my head until I found myself unable mentally to bring myself to orgasm. The sensation was amazing but my concern along with the slow steady pumping of the Venus, not quite at a speed that would guarantee a cum fest, kept me on the edge for what
seemed like hours. Master Jack returned with his now usual confirmation that I was enjoying myself. He searched for the control which I had managed to push from the raised board on to the floor.

"This really is a great device," he said, "when you can get the damn thing working!" I could do nothing but agree with him nodding my head in enthusiastic vigor. "It's great, look it has such incredible speeds," he said with a chuckle as he turned the dial and sent me into a full body spasm. He continued to crank up the speed until the tube, with my now rock
hard cock inside, was being flung around - probably in a blur. He pulsed the speed up for a moment before turning it down.
Ramping it up again then turning it down before turning it back up to maximum. I squirmed and squealed on the bench and
began to beg for it to stop. "Sir, please," I yelled through the mask, "I am on the edge but I just can't cum! I just can't Sir, please! Sir. I want to but I just can't!" "That's OK boy, it's not about you after all. I'm the one having fun here," Said Master Jack spinning the control dial as quickly as he could. "Please Sir!" I yelled once more, "PLEASE!"

It's amazing how your life can be turned upside in just a couple of days with such velocity that you are left breathless and rather stunned. If someone had asked me 48 hours earlier, no wait, 24 hours earlier, if my bondage fantasy had any connection to steel cages, I would have said...Er No. No, no, no, no, No. No offence to confirmed cageophiles but not my
thing. No, not me. I was a confirmed leather wrist restraints and collar man. Not that I had actually experienced, let alone owned leather wrist restraints. Now, I am going to say something very rare indeed. So rare I actually can't remember how to say it. Oh yes. I was WRONG! Now that took a lot more to write than you can ever imagine. Because I know everything and
nobody knows better than me. Well apart from Master Jack who despite my silence over the subject had no problem showing me the error of my ways by shoving me in his cage at every opportunity. So I was wrong and man did I love it!

Once again I lay in the cage in nothing but my favorite manacles and boots without knowing how long Master Jack was going to keep me there. For a short while I actually thought I was there for the night!

Master Jack had left me to rest and think long and hard about the day, happily banging the chains against the bars of my new home. The sounds and sensations of the day floated through my head and I could see the SJ hanging on its hook at the opposite end of the Dungeon. Sitting on my butt with my boots pushed through the gaps in the bars I began to stroke
my floppy and slightly warn out cock. I sat there just looking at the manacles on my wrists thinking, "Oh yes, Oh yes indeed!" I closed my eyes and gripped my rapidly hardening cock tighter and tighter. The stroking began soon after and the sounds of chains moving back and forth. Settled back and gave myself a bloody good Wank. After all, after a hard day in
the Dungeon I thought I had deserved it! 

Dinner was served not long after I had shot my 4 day old load in to a napkin I had saved from the night before. I thought it might be a little unsociable to spread cum all over the cage and I didn't fancy having to wipe it off myself with nothing but my hand. Master Jack shoved a large dinner plate and one of the metal bowls through the gap at the bottom of the cage and I'm sure he noticed the fucking enormous grin that was now almost permanently present on my face. "You having fun boy?" He asked giving me a good look over from above. When you're naked in a cage with your back at one end and your feet at the other your Master has a good opportunity to give you a good checking out! 

Once again I was distracted from bondage heaven by the second superb evening meal of the week. And it was at this point that another conversion took place, one that I really had not been expecting. You see up until then I had not been a huge fan of strawberries to such an extent that I can't really remember every trying one before. Just a silly, unsupportable dislike
from my childhood but there was a consistency in this, in that not for the first time, or the last time, I would be a convert.

The night before I had asked myself the rhetorical question "Could life get any better than this?" Tonight I sat in my cage, chained up, happy and eating delicious strawberries. If Master Jack had been a mind reader and particularly generous, he would have found an ice cold glass of Veuve Clicquot, and the answer would have been an ecstatic, Yes!

 Gradually daylight crept under the door and the conversation between
Slave T and myself turned towards the new day. Until then I had sat
listening to stories about Ed, another British boy, and his scenes in
this very dungeon. I had initiated the subject and was glad to sit and
listen to the exploits of one very interesting person told by another.

The change in direction of our chat began with Slave T expressing his
frustration at being held for long periods in the Dungeon when he had
domestic issues to attend to. He keeps house for Master Jack and takes
pride in his work along with holding down a full time job. The more I
learned of this man in orange, the more I came to respect and admire
him. For the third night he slept in the tightest of muzzles and short
restrictive chains. Yet I still enjoyed the freedom of my generous

As was becoming the norm the sound of keys caused Slave T to jump to his
feet. With a casual "Have a good day," from me he stepped out and into
the daylight before an unseen Master Jack once again locked me in. Now
returned to solitude I rested, taking the advice given by my Dungeon
buddy to rest when I had the opportunity. Waking some time later I
cleaned up a little and waited patiently for Master Jack to bring
breakfast and news of his plans for me.

"Morning Sir!" I greeted Master Jack with a broad smile as he handed me
breakfast and let me know he would be back shortly. He returned holding
a large bullet shaped object with a thick black cable protruding from
one end. He dangled it in front of me swinging it from side to side. "I
have to sterilize these after use, which is why I don't keep them in the
Dungeon," he explained. It didn't take a lot to work out what was to follow.

Master Jack handed me the well lubricated butt plug with a look that
left me in no doubt but to shove it up my arse. I leant over the cage
and gave it a good hard push. It's a strange feeling walking around a
San Francisco Dungeon with a cable hanging from your arse. I wasn't the
first and I doubt I will be the last but it was certainly a new one on
me. Shortly after I was back in the SJ and being firmly strapped in to
the eChair except this time my legs were firmly bound together with
straps and my ankles secured with chains. Master Jack used a different
hood on me this time, softer, more comfortable but increased the
pressure with an even tighter gag.

Deep within me the spasm built from the top of the butt plug and shot
down to my arsehole as I tried in vain to pull my legs apart. Master
Jack had added to the bonds by using a nylon strap above my arms. Unlike
the cock work the day before I was unable to vent my discomfort by
squirming and stamping as before. This only heightened the effect of the
butt plug as I just had to sit there and take it. Master Jack stood over
me for a few minutes; his presence was unmistakable by now. The pulses
ran up and down my arse as I threw my head around yelping quietly. 

Master Jack enquired if the power was high enough before leaving me to
my spasms. As I began to get used to the sensation I found that by
tensing the muscles in my arse the intensity grew. As the pulses eased
and then increased with the program I could vary the experience and
occupy my time. But before long the sensation changed. I suddenly began
to feel a sensation running down my right leg. Thinking it was cramp I
tried to move my leg a little in an attempt to ease the discomfort. For the first time I felt that something was wrong and called for Master Jack. He came almost immediately and having explained the problem he took the decision to pause the scene. "We'll try it again later on different settings," he said.

I was allowed to rest on the mattress for a while wearing the shackles
but disappointed that the butt Stim had not gone entirely to plan.
Master Jack came in after a while and checked on me before telling me
that he would soon move me to his garage where I would spend the
afternoon strapped to the bondage table. We had to wait until his
gardener left as he didn't want to parade me in front of an outsider or
put his help in a difficult position. Outside I could hear the lawnmower
and after Master Jack left I lay there waiting for the noise to end and
for my first trip outside of the dungeon in three days.

Master Jack led me towards the garage as the hot Californian sun beat
down on my naked body. I hobbled along in the manacles obediently
following my Master across his yard and stepped through the door to see
the bondage table laid out ready for me. The manacles were removed and I
was sat on the edge of the table facing the Holding Cell. The last time
I had seen this it contained Slave T who had been held there for over 5
hours on the day of my arrival. With a final check of the dozen or more
straps complete, Master Jack pulled a hood over me and took extra special
care to tie it tighter than he had done before. As the week moved on he
would consistently increase the pressure he was putting me under very
subtly. More straps, tighter straps, larger butt plugs, longer duration
with an extra special surprise for me at the end.

Blinded again he put his hand on my head and pushed me backwards until I
was horizontal on the table. He moved around the table starting with the
straps across my chest and stomach. Each time he tightened a strap with
the plastic clips he would trap my flesh for a moment. He took my right
arm which I had placed by my side and pulled it up above my shoulders
securing me to the table with three straps. I was soon completely
helpless on the table and my cock was taken firmly in hand and my balls
bound in leather whipping. Master Jack then moved around the table until
he stood over my head. He leaned over and I could sense him hovering
over me. Suddenly my nipples were being pinched between his fingers and
he gave them a good hard pull. He released them temporarily before
pinching them again even harder. The shock made me strain against the
straps with such a force that they actually began to slip. Noticing that
I was breaking free Master Jack released my nipples and went around each
strap once more pulling any loose one even tighter. I lay there with
sore nipples unable to defend myself and began to notice my balls were
beginning to ache a little. The strapping was much tighter than before
and it felt different but the sensation only made me harder and I
started to tense my cock and make it move from side to side. This act
must have caught Master Jack's attention as he leaned over and yanked my foreskin back. Giving my cockhead a good hard squeeze between fingers. He ran his finger down my cock and took hold of my balls with one hand and began to stroke them with the other. Unable to resist he patted them slightly, making me jump and yelp in surprise and delight.

Master Jack released my balls and walked around the table running his
hand along one leg followed by the other. Giving my cock a good hard tug
as he passed he began to run his hand up my torso and drummed his
fingers on the hood. "So, what to do?" he said moving down the other
side of the table. Not missing an opportunity he grabbed my cock once
again giving it a good sharp yank. If I had been free I would have
rapidly moved in the direction of pull but in this helpless state all I
could do is shudder and squirm against the straps. Master Jack stood for
a moment and began to slap my cock with his hand before taking my balls
once again running his fingernails over the stretched skin.

As suddenly as it had started the attention on my cock and balls
stopped. I froze wondering what was to come next. My mind began to
picture all kinds of possibilities and I became very pensive as I
remembered seeing an array of whips and paddles hanging from the cross
in the Dungeon. The duration of the silence combined with my inability
to sense where Master Jack was added to the tension now building in my
body. Suddenly I was grabbed once more by the cock and the sensation of
my foreskin being pulled back once more. But my foreskin was already
pulled back! Then I realized that the sensation was the Venus 2000 being
installed on my cock once more. This time, for added security, Master
Jack was using the leather very tightly bound around my balls as an
anchor. The straps around my upper legs and lower torso were also used
to keep the tube firmly against me.

The pump whirled into action but the sensation was different than
before. What I didn't know was that Master Jack, unhappy about the
performance of the pump, had spent ages on the phone to tech support.
This did bring a smile to my face later when he told me. The Venus was
supplied configured for eight inches and nice though it would be this
was a little optimistic for my cock size. With the guidance of some
expert help the cogs had been adjusted to a more average cock length.
Master Jack later said, "I have seen hundreds if not thousands of men.
Only two percent, if that, are eight inches!" That made me feel far
more adequately equipped. If you catch my drift.

Pumping away happily Master Jack left me to my mechanical friend and
its gentle movement and I began to slip away into a hypnotic state of
mind.  More confident that the tube would not fly off and hit the floor
as it had done before, I thrust against it, ramming my cock deeper inside
the tube. For ages I lay there building to an inevitable orgasm when I
felt a sudden change in air pressure. The slightest draft of air against
my chest caused me to look up out of a sense of habit to look for what
had caused this disturbance. My temporary blindness caused by the hood
only added to the sense of menace. I lay back trying to hear what was
around me when suddenly the frequency of the pumping increased wildly
and as I shrieked with shock and satisfaction my nipples were grabbed
and squeezed with such force that I gasped in agony. I was consumed by the sensation of being on the edge of cumming and the agony of my nipples
being worked on. Released for a moment the pumping increased in
frequency still further as Master Jack returned his attentions to my
nipples and slapped them with both hands before grabbing them once

The intensity became too much and I begged for my Master to stop. "Please
Sir!" I yelled through the hood throwing my head upwards partly to show
I really meant it and partly in a feeble attempt to ram Master Jack's
arms away from me. He laughed with satisfaction as he pulled my nipples
away from each other before releasing them only to give them a series of
rapid slaps. Once more he grabbed them as I yelled for mercy and begged
for it all to stop. "Please Sir, PLEASE!" I yelled at the top of my
voice hoping that the volume would shock Master Jack into releasing me.
He twisted my nipples harder before releasing them simultaneously
yelling "Yeah!" I gasped with relief and tensed myself for the nipple
assault to continue but my head hit the padded table as the pump began
to wind down and shortly after came to a stop.

"Hey boy," said Master Jack. "Enjoy it?" he asked with an air of self
enjoyment himself. "Er...Yes Sir," I replied, not really knowing if I had or
not. I sucked hard through the single hole in the mask trying to catch
my breath. The tube was removed from my cock which by this time had
become so sensitive that any contact made me jump and squirm on the

"OK boy, you look exhausted," Master Jack said with a sense of irony
considering my face was still covered by the hood. He undid the straps
that held me firmly to the table and once free I sat up, swinging my
legs over the edge of the table. Master Jack took a hold of the hood and
pulled me forward reaching for the zip at the back. I almost fell from
the table as he pulled the zip open but was saved by Master Jack
propping me up with his body. My back felt cold now that it was no
longer in contact with the vinyl padding of the table. It was then that
I realized just how much I had been sweating. My back and the table were
saturated in moisture, a sign of how much I had struggled in the heat of
the garage. Master Jack took me by the arm and helped me from the table
and once firmly planted on both feet I began to lift my wrists to help
the fixing of the manacles to me. But my arm was not released and I was
pulled forward towards the holding cell. "In you go boy," Master Jack
said guiding me through the doorway of the cell. I stood staring at the
back wall, the view broken by two steel bunks covered in thin rubber
covered mattresses. The door slammed shut with such force that the
entire cell vibrated and hummed for a moment. I turned around as Master
Jack slipped the heavy brass key into his shorts pocket. "You rest up
here while I go for a swim in the pool. I'll serve you dinner in here
later. You'll be here when I get back, right?" he said with a wry smile
on his face. "Hmm, maybe Sir, I thought I'd go for a jog later. With
your permission, of course Sir," I said feeling very confident that
Master Jack would see the funny side. "You know, that would be a neat
trick," he replied taking my answer with the humor with which it had
been offered. "See ya later boy," were his final words as he walked
away, closing the garage door as he left.

Dinner came as promised a couple of hours later. I had stretched out on
the bunk staring at the steel underside of the one above. It's true what
many have said on Master Jack's website, those who have been held in his
cell really do check to see if the door really is locked. It is and what
is more important is that this is not some home made cage but a real
police cell. Its heavy gauge steel construction leaves the occupant in
no doubt that there is no escape. I was passed the food through the
feeding chute in the door and ate on the bunk. As I finished the third
excellent evening meal of my scene I decided that impressive though it
was, the cell was not as comfortable as the Dungeon. When Master Jack
returned to collect the dishes he offered me a choice. The night in the
Cell or the Dungeon. I jumped at the chance of returning to the Dungeon
and shackled once more was led back to the familiar surroundings
of the small building next to the house.

Bedded down for the night I waited for the return of Slave, who was
duly brought in wearing his familiar orange clothing and ratting his
chains. Once we were firmly locked in and Slave T seemed settled on his
bed I leant across and said "You are a very lucky guy in my opinion."
"Why?" Slave T asked. "Because you are a guy who doesn't have to
think hard on what to wear each day. Orange is definitely your color."
Slave T paused for a moment before we both broke out with laughter. I
guess you had to be there!

"I'd like to stake you out in the hot sun and spread dog shit on your
balls so flies can find you!"  The jovial conversation came to a
screeching halt after Slave T delivered that personal fantasy. I
suspected he kind of liked me, but I hadn't realized my presence had
that kind of effect. "Really?" I said not really knowing how to
respond. "Any old dog shit or pedigree?" I asked trying to make a joke
of it. "No, just any old dog shit and spread pretty thick too," Slave T
replied without any sign of emotion. "OK, anything else?" I asked,
trying extraordinarily badly, to change the direction of the
conversation. "Yes, I'd like to grind your balls into the ground with
the heel of my boot," said the voice in the dark. My attempt to steer
where this was going was proving miserable.

Becoming overconfident in relatively new situations is a big mistake I
make on a regular basis. It was the morning of the 4th day and up until
that point I had convinced myself that I had this Bondage stuff sussed.
Slave T brought me back to earth with a fucking big thud followed by a
metaphorical kick in the balls. "So what's the most sadistic thing you
have done in the dungeon?" I asked trying to encourage him further
having completely given up on changing the subject. He told me and all I
will say is that it involved the ErosTek, a boy from Wales, the cage and
a very heavy pair of boots. I rolled over and held my balls for a while
- partially out of shock and strangely turned on, which was the first of
several surprises that day.

Master Jack took Slave T away as usual and as he left I wished him a
happy morning collecting dog shit. "If it's a hot day don't forget to
come and get me," I said thinking I was being OH SO fucking funny! What
a twat I was becoming.

The earlier taste of eStim up the arse had not gone according to plan
and to be honest I was both glad that the scene had been ended earlier. Master Jack is very watchful of his captives' physical health and this is a heavy responsibility. Others might decide to just keep pushing until some real harm might have been done. He had asked me how I felt about what had happened and he decided he would give it another go but not in the same way. He didn't offer an explanation to what he meant and I didn't ask. 

Having been fed that morning and waiting patiently for the day's play to
begin I sat in the eChair clanking my chains together as Master Jack
entered the Dungeon. I had for a long time been getting to my feet out
of respect for him and it was becoming natural now. The sudden burst of
daylight had blinded me temporarily as my eyes could not adjust from the
dim light that normally barely fills the Dungeon. The door now shut and
with my eyes once again able to see in the nearly inadequate light,
Master Jack could now be seen standing at the opposite end of the space
holding an absolutely fucking enormous steel butt plug. "I think this is
the solution to your 'ARSE' problem," he said a little sarcastically. We
had jousted a few times over his description of arse as "butt" and my
description of the butt as "arse." "There is less chance that this will
move around inside you," he said swinging it from side to side by the
cable attached to its base. "There is even less chance that it'll go up
there," I said, not convinced my tight arse would take it. Once doused
very liberally with lube I was stretched out over the top of the cage
and given the butt plug to insert myself. With eyes clamped shut and
more than a curse or two I managed to ram the thing up my hole and
frankly that was about all I wanted to do for at least an hour! I've
fucked more than a few men in the arse before but had never been a huge
fan of being penetrated myself. This thing was making up for that in a
big way.

During the journey from the airport on my first day Master Jack asked me
why I had marked 10 for leather and canvass SJ's and yet only a 5 for
rubber. I was honest and told him that I had been pretty ambivalent
about rubber with the exception of gas masks that had turned me on since
I had worn them in the Navy. He had decided that I would try rubber, for
him, of course and as he in control, I didn't make a fuss. From above
and behind the cage he unhooked his rubber SJ and I, perhaps a little
less enthusiastically than with leather, moved to make the process as
easy as possible for him. It was a strange feeling compared to the
leather that I had become used to. It was much smaller than the leather
equivalent,  I hadn't realized that this was part of the point of
rubber, and as I squeezed into the jacket I thought to myself, "Oh this
is comfortable, isn't it?" in a private state of sarcasm. It took several
attempts to zip the jacket and after a lot of wriggling around with my
arms and shoulders I felt semi comfortable. The SJ was secured by
several buckles at the back and the arms folded. Whilst Master Jack was
fixing the front straps I looked down and said, "Sir, no offence but I
think that I could rip this if I tried. I don't want to damage your
property." I admit it, I was baiting him as I was now becoming very over
confident which would prove a big mistake. "Don't worry about that boy,
I have something to stop that," Master Jack replied reaching for the
canvass bag.

I was taken by the arms and swung round, being made to stand facing the
wall while Master Jack prepared the remainder of his plans for me. He
took the rubber hood from its shelf and pulled it firmly around my face
before yanking hard on the zip. Making me clamp the cheeks of my arse
together to keep a good grip of the butt plug, Master Jack found the
matching rubber gag and stuffed it into my face. The bondo board was
laid out on the floor and once moved to stand on it I was ordered on to
my knees. At this point I knew that I was to be hog tied. Once helped on
to my side my ankles were strapped into something soft. These
definitely weren't the shackles used on me before and this time my legs
were secured together with a padlock. The sound of the lock being
snapped shut could be clearly heard over the noise of the gas mask's
valve. Now attached, my ankle bonds were grabbed and my feet pulled
behind me and up to my arse. The canvas bag that surrounded my torso
provided a good strong anchor for the leather strap used to keep my
feet high above my knees. With a good push by Master Jack's boot I was
shoved into the center of the bondo board before my head was lifted and
then dropped again on to a pillow. This was a strange position and
entirely new to me and I have to say not part of my previous fantasies.
I twisted around a few times to try and find a more comfortable position
but my efforts were entirely wasted as the first major shock rocketed up
my arse and my legs instantly tensioned against the strap.

The sensations I was experiencing were all different from before and for
the first time the pressure was being ramped up by my Master. Lying on
the floor made me feel very vulnerable, a great deal more vulnerable. The
canvass bag that held me was much tighter than any SJ and unlike leather
allowed no flexibility or movement. The rubber hood although softer than
leather had something about it that caused pressure directly to the
eyes. Even my foreskin was covering my cock head and although I was semi hard it was difficult to get it any stiffer. The butt plug was
delivering electricity both inside me but also to my ring which was a
world away from the smaller device used the day before. 

I don't know how long I had laid there and time was now beginning to add
to the feeling of vulnerability that was beginning to consume me. Time
was now a problem. Not knowing how long it had been since Master Jack
had plugged me in was one thing but what began to play on my mind was
how long it would be until Master Jack decided to release me. The eStim
was doing its job and as I twitched and squirmed on the floor I
considered trying to shit the plug out of me. With a half hearted strain
I tried to push the steel plug out but failed miserably. Trying
and failing again I began to feel dejected and uncomfortable. With no
choice I continued to lay there letting the tension in my mind build.

Master Jack returned to ask why I was making worrying noises with the
gag. During all the scenes the presence of the gag had reduced my
ability to swallow and clear my mouth of saliva. Rather than struggle
with it I just blew the slimy mess out of the hole in the gag like a
straw. Master Jack had mistaken the sounds I was making as an alarm and
had come to check. "How you doing boy? Have you got a problem?" he
asked me from the door. I explained what was happening and reassured him that there wasn't a problem but asked if he would release me as the
experience was becoming "wearing." I felt feeble and stupid saying it
but I was really just bored and a little pissed off. "Well boy, I have
to bring Slave T in a little later so I'll think about it while I get
him ready." He then simply slammed the door and walked away. "Hang on!" I thought getting more pissed off about the situation. The notion of
really kicking up and making some big noise occurred to me but then I
couldn't get past the thought that this would just make Master Jack even less likely to release me. For the first time since I had handed myself to my
Master the absolute reality of my complete lack of control dawned on me.
I was unable to move, to get up, to get the butt plug out of me. I could
hardly speak and had no choice but to lay there obediently until Master
Jack was good and ready to let me go.

The door opened and Slave T was led in to the Dungeon and the sound of
the cage door being slammed shut with such a force it made me jump. I
figured that Slave T must have been put in the cage and I began to
wonder why. Master Jack gave me a nudge with his boot to push my legs
back on to the bondo board. I blew some more liquid out of the gag
loudly as an act of contempt. I was beginning to show a really bad
attitude! Master Jack fiddled with the padlock to get the key into release my legs from the hogtie. Impatiently I lay there blowing liquid and even I thought it sounded contemptible. He pulled me over on to my butt and the steel plug was shoved harder up my arse which I really didn't like. Making an exaggerated yelp I began to just add to my list of audible complaints. The canvass bag was tricky to remove being so tightly strapped to me and the process seemed to take forever.
As the bag came off I made an attempt to stand up but Master Jack placed
his hand on my shoulder and said "Hang on boy, I just want to get some
more pictures."  Having taken the pressure off my arse the return to the
floor once again rammed the butt plug firmly into me. In hindsight this
was all ridiculous as I wasn't in any pain and if I am honest all that
much discomfort but just fed up. I sat there for ages while Master Jack
took pictures and although the process only lasted a few seconds it
seemed to take all day.

Master Jack helped me to my feet when suddenly there was an unexpected
and very loud "POP." I had managed to stand on  the cable to the butt
plug and by standing had simply ripped it out of my own arse. It hit the
floor with a loud thud and although we both found it funny it really
didn't help to change my mood. Master Jack removed the hood and SJ and
once out he asked how I was feeling. "Yeah, I'm OK," I said ambivalently
before setting myself up to be put back in the manacles. Normally after
a scene I would be allowed to rest on the floor in chains and I was just
about ready to spend some time loafing around out of bondage.

Master Jack ignored the manacles and pulled the small leather SJ from
its hook. "OK boy, let's give this a try. It's a little smaller than
the other but I want to change your restraint." "RESTRAINT!", I thought
to myself. "What the fuck!" was all I could think. I had just come out
of bondage and I was not in the mood to go straight back in. But I
couldn't bring myself to challenge my Master and before long I was in
the SJ and strapped in the chair. Thinking that I had enjoyed my last
experiences in the chair I began to calm down a little but my mood soon
changed again when Master Jack shoved an absolutely huge (and very hard) cock gag into my mouth. My jaw was pulled apart, almost to its widest
possible limit and it was tightened which such uncomfortable force
around my head. Next the eye holes of the hood were covered with a hard
blindfold and my bondage was complete.

Very quickly into this part of the scene I gave the alarm signal and
Master Jack came in to see what was wrong. I couldn't take the gag
anymore. It prevented me from swallowing completely and I became very
anxious about my  saliva build-up. The gag was removed but I was
kept in the chair and so thankful that I no longer had to suffer the gag
I was happy just to sit there. Shortly after both my arms began to feel
very stiff and my right leg ached with cramp. Despite trying to move my
arms and increase the circulation it didn't help. I hung on as long as I
could and once again gave the alarm signal praying Master Jack would not
be long in coming. "What's up boy?" he asked and my list of problems
was reeled off and I pleaded with him to be released. "I thought you had
a problem," Master Jack replied beginning to release my legs from the
straps. "I can always tell when the bondage is more than a boy can
really take," he continued as the hood came off and he lifted me from
the chair. I was staggered. Thinking that he had just left me in a
really shitty situation I realized that he had known all along that it
was only a matter of time until I would beg to be let out.

I will never complain about rubber gags again. I will never complain
about lying on the floor again, I will definitely not complain about
being held in rubber even if it is strengthened by canvas. I had hit a
bit of a low in the week and had learned a very important lesson. No
matter how uncomfortable I was feeling it could always be worse.

Master Jack decided that he didn't want me loose in the dungeon even in
shackles so told me to get dressed in a T-shirt and shorts and he would
take me outside to sit by the pool. I couldn't believe what I was
hearing! Moments earlier he had me begging to be released and the next
he was offering me a lounge by the pool. He left me while he went in to
search for his trusty old handcuffs and I was free to pull on my
leather bondage shorts and T-shirt. I glanced over to Slave T in the
cage and he was doubled over with his hands handcuffed behind his back
with a very short chain attached to the ankle cuffs around his boots. A
hood firmly strapped to his head and his usual orange prison overalls. I
was suddenly hit by a sense of weakness for as uncomfortable as my
recent bondage had been, his looked a lot worse.

"Hello," I said leaning over the cage and my greeting was met with no
response. No sound no movement of any kind. "Oh, I see!" was my own
response, feeling a little rejected. I was completely confused. Why was
Slave T in the cage and why had there been little if any dialogue
between him and Master Jack as he had been put in the cage. Why didn't
he acknowledge me as he always had done at night after being brought in
to the Dungeon to sleep?

Finishing off the straps of my bondage shorts I heard a faint tap on the
bars of the cage. Looking down a finger gently moved against the steel.
I don't know why I did what I did next but stepping over to the side of
the cage I put my leg right against the finger. The finger touched my skin
and began to run itself up and down before the hand opened and my leg
was grabbed and gently squeezed. It returned to a single finger and once
again began to run itself up and down my leg. I was on the verge of
dropping to my knees and putting my now hard cock into the inquisitive
hand when I heard the sound of Master Jack making his way back to the
dungeon. Thinking that my planned cock offering might not be appropriate
and that I might be interfering in a complicated situation I backed off
and stood in the center of the space. Later Slave T was to write about
this in his column "On the Cuff." My gesture was taken in the manner
with which it was offered and this was one of the most special moments
of my time in Master Jack's Dungeon.

I was led away from the Dungeon and to the crystal blue pool that
dominates Master Jack's garden. Being offered a sun lounger and a cold
drink I settled in the shade trying to figure out what was going on.
Master Jack settled next to me and as if he had read my mind began to
explain what was taking place. This was Slave T's weekly scene and
despite being surrounded by bondage all week it was sometimes a struggle
to fit in special time for each other. I began to feel guilty that I had
just rejected bondage when Slave T had to wait until Master Jack was

I sipped my drink and thought of Slave T hogtied in the cage and once
again realized that I had again made the mistake of judging what was
taking place around me from the perspective of my own inexperience.

Master Jack returned to his work after calling over his beautiful German
Sheppard dog. "Watch him boy," he said walking away towards the house.
The dog sat there staring at me with a sparkle in his eye and for a
while I had no idea if he would eat me or lick me. "He's just a puppy"
I had been told, but trust me he was almost as big as me and the thought
that this puppy was about to taste his first British Beef crossed my
mind. Without warning my four legged companion turned and walked away
only to return a few moments later carrying a well chewed ball in his
mouth. The next hour was spent playing ball and getting to know a very
intelligent and agile new friend.

Master Jack broke up the fun asking if I would like to go for a drive to
the local organic store. Once Slave T was finished in the cell I was put
in the car, handcuffed and shackled and Master Jack drove us to the
first of two stores some miles away. Parked up for about 15 minutes at
the first stop, Master Jack covered my hands to hide the cuffs and left
me locked in the car to get his groceries. Although a hot day and he had left the windows sealed up, the Mercedes has a special feature that allows you to push a button and the air-conditioning continues, not at full blast, but enough to keep the interior cool. So I could see out, people could see in, but  I was sealed in a clear crysalis.

A short drive to the next store and once again I was left, locked in the car, as people walked by with grocery bags on the way out and shopping trolleys on the way in. It's a very funny feeling being in bondage in public. Although unseen by the people around me, it's still a significant experience that, I have to admit, made me more than a little hard in the shorts.

The journey back to the dungeon went quickly as we talked about the week
so far and how I felt. The discomfort of the huge cock gag was the first
to be discussed and Master Jack noted my opinion before moving on to the
reasons behind the increased discomfort of the small SJ. He told me that
pressure on the elbows would cause such accelerated discomfort and I
began to understand some of the mechanics of bondage not just the

Arriving back I was taken back to the dungeon and told to put my shorts
and T-Shirt back into my bag. The door of the cage was swung open and
with some surprise I was guided inside. The few hours relaxing by the
pool and the drive to the store had caused me to almost forget that I
was in long term bondage. I climbed into the cage and the door was shut
behind me. Settling back into my usual position in the cage, Master
Jack told me to push my feet through the bars.   As I did he took a large
pair of leg irons and secured my boots by the ankles. My feet were now
secured outside of the cage reducing the possible positions now
available to me. I was told to push my hands through the top bars of the
cage and they were tightly secured with Master Jack's favorite antique cuffs.  Thankful that I was not as tightly bound as Slave T had been earlier inthe day, I thanked my Master and watched him walk through the door and
out of the dungeon.

Lying naked and partially trapped inside an increasingly well used cage,
I settled down as best I could putting the discomfort far behind me and
happily clanking my leg irons against the bars of the cage.

The morning came on my last day held in the dungeon. The routine, now
well known to me, of the removal of Slave T from the dungeon followed
later by breakfast, came and went. The small chink of light from under
the door became more intense and the temperature slowly rose. These are
the only indications that the time was coming close to the arrival of my
Master. The sound of keys and the door being flung open and the day's
play was about to begin.

Throughout the scene Master Jack had taken photos to use in the
BondoBoy section of his website. "I want to get something else," Master Jack said leaning against one of the wooden posts in the Dungeon. "It's a look I really like and it will add to your collection on the site. It'll only take a couple of minutes," he assured me.

"Yes Sir, sounds interesting", I replied wondering what he wanted to do.
Shortly I found out, as he pulled a chair against one of the posts. I was wearing my bondage shorts and a shirt.

I sat down as instructed and Master Jack took my favorite shackles from
the wall and began to secure my ankles. Pulling the chain under the
chair before securing my wrists behind me. "This won't be tight and I
might use a hood," Master Jack said pulling the chains upwards towards
the securing points on the post. "Not tight?" I thought as he pulled
and yanked me firmly back in the chair. He moved off and selected a hood
and soon I was blind once more. Then, without announcing his intentions
more pressure was applied to my head. He was strapping me up with Slave
T's muzzle. This on top of the hood and as tight as he could pull. My
cheeks were being squeezed together and my jaw was being compressed.
A little stunned I sat there trying to get comfortable but my head was
grabbed and pulled against the post. More restraints were being used to 
clamp my head rigidly against the wood.

Testing the restraints by moving my head from side to side and then away
from the post only confirmed what I thought. My head was firmly clamped
against the upright and there was little, if any movement. 

Suddenly my shorts were unzipped exposing my slowly hardening cock.
Master Jack grabbed me and pulled my balls firmly out of the folds of
the leather and began to bind me with an old boot lace. Unlike the
leather whipping used before this was a lot more painful as the skin
became trapped in the circles of the lace around me. I could hear the
sound of the drawers being opened and closed until footsteps towards me
were followed by a huge downward tug on my balls. Master Jack had tied a
cast iron weight to the boot lace and left it swinging between my legs.

"It's only for a few minutes," I thought, as Master Jack admired his work
and then began to photograph me. More sounds of the drawers being searched followed until my nipple was grabbed through my shirt and an incredible pain went through my chest. I was now wearing tit clamps of such a strength I wanted to leap out of the chair. Then the second nipple was
crushed by the clamp and Master Jack turned to leave.

"Please Sir! Please, this is too much!" I begged in near agony.
"Honestly Sir this is fucking painful, it's too much!" I yelled in real

"What, it's only for a while!",he replied standing over me.
"Honestly Sir, please!",I begged once more desperately trying to
convince him that this was agony. He pulled the tit clamps from my chest
and tossed them on to the top of the drawers. "Shame," he said, "I thought
you would be into that." And then, he simply walked out. "A few
minutes!" I cursed inside the hood. "He tricked me! I've been had!" But never knowing what is going to happen and not being able to control what happens is one of THE biggest turn ons!

The largest single indication inside the Dungeon that the sun had begun
to set is a gradual drop in temperature. During the day the air
conditioning is mandatory as the sun beats down on the roof of theDungeon and the internal temperature begins to rise. At night, the A/C makes the
room far too cold and if left running the room slowly becomes very cold.
The lack of any method to tell the exact time and variations in the
daily routine left me uncertain how long I would have to wait to be fed.

I had sat in the chair for hours and had struggled for most of that
against the chains. Eventually with patience the bonds holding my head
to the post were broken free and I had full movement of my head once
more. This might have gotten me into trouble but my mood was defiant.
With difficulty it had been possible to stand and with a sense of
rebellion against staying exactly where I had been put, I had managed to
swing myself and the chair around 90 degrees. This gave me a whole new
view through the pip prick holes in the hood. Instead of a grey door to
look at, the vista was of a grey wall. The thrill didn't last long and
with some more maneuvering more to the left I managed to lean forward and rest my head on the top of the cage. 

On and off I had been tapping out tunes with the chains against the post
and stamping my feet. I thought that if Master Jack had to listen to the
noises from the Dungeon for safety, then perhaps I could annoy him
enough with the din to come and release me. It was possible of course
that I would be put in an even more confining and uncomfortable state of
bondage, but this was more of a desire than a concern. Tap, tap, bang,
bang, rattle, rattle, as the probably unrecognizable rhythm of The Great
Escape theme tune was repeated over and over. After many, many
renditions no sign of my Master, which made me think that he was either
not hearing me or not prepared to play my little game. So feeling a
little concerned that my shifting position, escapology from head bondage
(of sorts) and the noise would lead to something serious, I moved back
to facing the door and cursed my weakening defiance. I guess it was a
case of waiting it out, which as it turned out, was what it was. He eventually won.

Master Jack arrived with dinner and a big smile on his face, "You're
really having fun in there, aren't you boy?" he said pushing the plate
and a bowl of sliced fruit through the bars of the cage. "Yes Sir, I am
but I really don't know why. I hadn't thought much of the idea before."
I replied trying to find a way of balancing the plate on my legs.

It had been an hour since being released from the chair restraints.
Master Jack had not been overly impressed by the musical entertainment
and hadn't recognized any of my poorly recited tunes. Instead I was
stripped once more and shoved in the cage while dinner was finished.

I had eaten several times before in the cage but had always been able to
pull my feet up and cross them in front of me making space for the food.
Now, unable to do that and finding the plate too hot to rest on my skin,
I had to hold the plate at its coolest point, eat with a fork and all
this in handcuffs with no chain between them. This subtle increase in
pressure almost went unnoticed until Slave T came into collect some
items for Master Jack. "It gets harder, doesn't it?" He said with a wry
smile. "You wait until you have your hands behind your back or are in a
straightjacket. gets real fun then!" he said grinning as he walked

Master Jack returned to collect the plate and cutlery and took a seat in
the eChair to ask how I was doing. We talked for about an hour about the
increasing confidence for my desire for bondage, my unexpected like for
the cage and Master Jack asked if I had any special requests for the
following day. This enquiry confused me as we had arranged for the day
before my flight home to take as a rest day out of bondage. But not
really wanting it all to end decided not to question the plans for the
final day. 

It's hard when there is so much more that could happen to single out one
particular fantasy that I could turn into reality during my scene. I
asked if Master Jack had a leather sleep sack and he disappointed me by
saying he didn't. This became understandable as he would have to keep 10
or more as size is so critical and this was just not feasible. "Try the
rubber sleepsack," he suggested. I looked above me and from my location in the cage I could see the two rubber bags hanging on the wall. They really
didn't excite me and had never figured in my fantasies. "Try it, I know
you will like it," Master Jack insisted and I felt no choice but to both
obey and trust his judgment.

I was released from the cage before being once again locked in the
shackles and chains. I had missed them and felt very comfortable once
more. Being bedded down for the night in advance of the inevitable
arrival of Slave T, the now familiar habit of gently pulling against the
chains returned. Before leaving Master Jack had stood over me and said,
"You did well today, we have a prize for such efforts. We call it a
coupon day." He didn't need to say anymore and before long I cashed my
coupon in a very big way!

Strange how it is that naked & chained captivity was so easy to adapt
to. This experience never before figuring in a fantasy but part of the
control demanded by Master Jack. Since the scene was formally over,  I had gotten a "pass" like a "trusty" in a prison. I had been warned not to abuse the privilege.

It was odd then to temporarily return to normality for a hot Sunday morning breakfast of omelets and coffee by the pool. For the first time in 5 days I found myself holding a knife, eating in a chair and without handcuffs. A pleasant start to the day which, after dragging out a second cup of coffee, I was returned to thedarkness and coolness of the Dungeon.  The "Pass" had expired.

Now was the time for rubber and as the morning sun grew hotter and the
air conditioning struggled against the heat, Master Jack inserted me into
his medium sized bag. Zipping his gas mask to my head and then
strapping me to the bondo board on the floor.

The restraint was more intense that I had expected. Rubber being
flexible seemed a soft option in terms of restraint but being physically
on the limit for the medium bag had caused me to be clamped so firmly
that the only movement really left to me was my head and the ability to
bend my knees. As the temperature began to rise the moisture seeped from
me and an oily sensation began to consume my body as I began to squirm
inside the bag. Once again, as I had done on the first night, my mind
moved into another place and I found myself almost uncontrollably writhing. The moisture continued to build until I could feel it pooling at the bottom of the bag. By forcing my feet into the air the liquid would roll down hill and wash up my arse crack and into the small of my back.

It must have been hours. The sweat was pouring off me and the bottom of
the bag was swilling in my juice. So tight was the rubber against me I
had been erect the entire time. My foreskin had been yanked back as
Master Jack had zipped the bag and only the smallest of movement would
excite my cock to a rigid state. I was loving it.

There was a scraping at the door and a muffled bark from outside. Rex
was scratching outside, trying to get in. In my state of mental bliss I
cried out, "Not now Rex. Although I do feel like a rubber ball today."
Moments later there was movement outside and the sound of Master Jack
calling the dog away. The door flew open and Master Jack demanded to
know, "You got a problem boy?" "No Sir", I said, "I'm having a joke
with the dog." Master Jack leaned over me and said in a loud, agitated
voice, "I thought you were choking in here. You made me run over here in
this fucking heat! Don't fuck around boy!" The zip on the suit was
ripped open and my cock grabbed by a powerful hand. Master Jack pulled
hard on me and then reached in for my balls. Now fully exposed he gave
them a good hard whack with his hand. "Gotcha now boy! How you doing in
there? Want to get out? Gets pretty hot in there now the A/C's off." It
was then that I realized that the constant sound of the fan had stopped.
Trying to figure out what was going on Master Jack placed his boot on my
balls and leaned hard. Crushed against me my balls had no place to go.

"See, you've interrupted my flow boy and now it's gonna take me ages to
get back into my work.".He slowly twisted his boot against my cock and
balls while I squirmed inside the bag. The sounds of my yelps were
stifled inside the gas mask. The pressure was released for a moment but
my balls were jabbed again and again with the sole of Master Jack's

"Sorry Sir!" I yelled through the mask, "Sorry, I'm really sorry," I
begged. The boot was removed but my cock grabbed once again and given a good hard pull. "I think we need to occupy your time in there boy. I
think you're getting bored and cocky with me," Master Jack said kneeling
down next to me and hissing into the gas mask.

Silence followed, then the sound of movement behind me. Somewhere near
the eChair something was being pulled out. There was a thud next to me
as something heavy was dropped to the floor. Without any concern Master
Jack leant on my balls as he could be heard plugging something into the
wall outlet next to me. My mind began to race. Was he about to hook me
up the mains again and give me a shocking with the ErosTek to teach me a

I shuddered as a cold hard object was jammed against my cock. Something
rough was bound around me tightly holding this cold object to my cock. I
couldn't figure out what it was and began to feel not so much scared but
very anxious as to what was coming next. 

The straps holding me were lifted. Cord or leather was being used to
hold this object even tighter and firmer than anything else that had
been attached to me so far that week. Whatever it was, and whatever was
to happen next, it wasn't coming off and I was helpless to see or do
anything about it.

"There," Said Master Jack standing over me, his handiwork done. "That's
going to occupy you for a LONG TIME!" he said sounding satisfied once

The jolt that followed caused my entire body to shudder and I yelled out
in almost terror. The vibrator now fixed to me leapt into life and
Master Jack ran it up and down in speed laughing out loud. As it hit
what must have been its highest setting, my cock seemed to be on fire.
The peeled back foreskin had allowed Master Jack to fix the thing
directly to my hyper sensitive cock head. Up and down went the speed.
Again and again until finally it settled on a low constant hum.

"See you in a while boy and if the dog or anything else breaks your
concentration, just learn to ignore it," Master Jack said shortly before
slamming the door behind him. I lay there unable to move, the
temperature rising and my cock alight. The speed not even close to
making me cum but high enough to produce the slow frustrating torment it
had been designed to do.

It must have been an hour.  Try as I might to relieve the constant yearning to cum I couldn't. The door was pulled open and two heavy footsteps announced the return of Master Jack. 
Not a word, not a single word was said as the speed was increased. I lay
there with spasms rocking my body as the increased sensation brought me
closer but not enough to orgasm.

The strapping was adjusted.
Tighter, more of it. It was staying put this time as the speed increased
again. I was getting close and I remember saying something to my
tormentor. Even today I can't quite remember what I said but it could
have been me begging for it all to stop. Higher still the climax was
coming but not yet. Master Jack was enjoying himself, unseen and
unheard. The temperature in the suit had risen considerably since the
A/C had been switched off. I was soaking inside a rubber bag that was
holding me prisoner to the tormenting vibrator.

Higher still as I came to the edge of orgasm and then, as my body spasmed
uncontrollably I shot my load inside whatever was binding me to the
machine. I yelled out and doubled up with the freedom allowed me to
almost tuck my knees to my chest. I tried in vain to push the device off
me and I begged constantly for the sensation to stop.

If you want to know how it ended, you'll just have to see the video cumming soon to a computer near you! 

Lee van Drafft