Master Jack

The dawn of a new presidency. I will make no comment except to say the right wing zealots who have been installed to run the Attorney General's office are rabid. No one knows what effect it will have on us. We will see. I would only say if you are thinking of having a scene here, do it soon. No one knows what the future holds.


It's been 13 years now and we can both say we think it's great here in Tucson, one of the most gorgeous places on earth. Very mild winters and very hot summers. But the heat doesn't bother us. Why would it? We have two air-conditioning systems for the house and a pool to keep us cool. The dungeon and the Marhsall's cell are both air-conditioned too. So, come to Arizona for your bondage dreams to be fulfilled.


So after 8 years of the Idiot's every attempt to bankrupt our country, he nearly succeeded. Everytime I see him (his visage is emblazoned on my brain, in nightmares) all I can think of is 

Don't worry, this isn't a partisan site. I have come to dislike Obamayama greatly too, for he surely has shown himself to be nothing but a windbag, my suspicion from the beginning. With both chambers in Congress Democratic, he couldn't get anything done in 2009 because he was trying so hard to please everybody. Are we sure his father really wasn't a porter on the Sante Fe Chief in the '50's? Even with the PARTY OF NO yapping at their heels, they should have been able to accomplish something.
So, we all suffer from another Do Nothing presidency. Why do I write about this? Because it affects all our lives. The economy is doing poorly with a real threat of its doing worse. So in the scene dept., we try very hard to help everyone to be able to afford a scene. We can't do this for free. We have to have a donation to keep things going, but we'll try and make it within your limits.

PS. If your response to all of this is, "Boy this guy is opinionated." You're right. I've spent a lot of time studying  politics and history. I read several newspapers, both national and international. But perhaps more germane is, if you run into a Master who is not opinionated, keep looking.



so, for those of you who have been coming to my site for 20 years, you see that the pics with dicks are gone. That is the royal edict of the grand inquisitor. despite the fact that I have never seen any man under the age of 21 in my life, I now have to have a picture ID and each person's signature if I publish his pics with dick, even if he's 80 and in a wheelchair.  so, I just won't publish dick pics, except for the  few who give me an OK with ID. For years men have come to me as an escape, not as as way to broadcast who they are. So, you can continue to do so. The grand Pooh-Bah will never know who your are. No dick pics unless you beg for them to be published.




i have seen a new dimension to men's escape into bondage since 9/11 and the Iraqi war. Since I started doing this in the go-go 90's, I had not seen this dimension before. Now there is more take longer to book time with me. Some  ask if I think it's safe for them to even contact me because of the govt's watching e/mails! So far as I know, we're not in the Russia of the 1950's or present day China...yet. In California, Arizona, bondage between two consenting adults is legal. But there is, I think also a sense of malaise omni-present...the sense that everything is not going as it should. In the 90's, the big flap was a presidential blow job. Big deal. Now, we're supposed to look for terrorists under every rock and report any "suspicious activity"---like what? People with exploding boots? My advice? Relax. Come to me for the escape of a lifetime. So far as I know the CIA isn't monitoring the dungeon---they're busy in the desert looking for WMD. Don't forget to enjoy life!


 New Millennium update

Below you'll find what I wrote almost 5 years ago. The webpage was an exploration. It was to see what could be done through "THE NET." It has been successful beyond my best expectations. I have had a steady stream of men come here to be my prisoner. Many have returned, some over and over. Some have met lovers...many playmates through me or through Bondagezine
This site led to the creation of Bondagezine, what many are now calling the best Bondage publication...ever.
So, enjoy the site, enjoy the ezine if you subscribe and maybe you'll enjoy a scene with me, someday.


July 1997
Bondage, the tying up of another human being, or yourself, has been a fascination for me since I was a very young man. When I was in high school, I found ways to get my athletic friends to play bondage games. I'd tie them up, tie a bandana around their heads through their mouths, watch them struggle, make them beg to get loose, then tease them for a while...and leave...not really leave--- I'd be close enough to hear if they really panicked or had a problem. After a while, I'd come back; they'd still be hog tied with a big wet spot on the front of their jeans. They'd act pissed off, but  a month or two later, they'd accept my next invitation for "spending the night." I'm still friends with every one of those men---one a farmer, one a banker, one a plant supervisor and the last and most frequent  visitor (then) -a minister.  For some of you, this may seem pretty tame. But it was Kansas, the mid '60's and queer was a word not in the lexicon. You might think it, but never do it. Fraternity hazing, "snipe hunts" and kidnappings provided the only bondage play during my University hijinx days. Then came the Army --- a pit of frustrated males to be bound, gagged and played with. You had to act carefully because some were really frustrated and dangerous. but I established a small group who really loved to get drunk, bound and "relieved." 

I didn't really become a "master " at bondage until the '80s. While living in Seattle, I broke up with a lover and started looking for a man into bondage as much as I. Every night I went to a bath house called the Zodiac--the SM place for the city. I got one of the big rooms, put on my leather, laid out my bondage gear, and played with my dick until some young bondling fell into my web. Never missed a night...never missed a victim. But I was not finding what I wanted--most were "married" and the lover couldn't satisfy them. So I started running ads and meeting more and more men. 

Then I moved to San Francisco. Several affairs later, and hundreds of men bound and gagged, I met my life mate---lover by day, slave by night and weekend. Into our world, we invite others who crave bondage as much as we do.  With this Web, we hope to entangle more men who want to submit, be bound , kept helpless and to form relationships with those men. We also want to act as a conduit for those all over the world who are genuinely into bondage by offering you links to other men I know or with whom I have had lengthy correspondence. The ball's in your court, boy. COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR MAIL PROGRAM