Wanna Play?

GAY, STRAIGHT OR BI- IT DOENS'T MATTER TO US. WE'VE HAD THEM ALL.If you know, deep down, that you're really into BONDAGE,  I might be interested---in keeping you prisoner. Leather men or Bootmen who love to worship boots. Slaves who love to be kept captive. Virgin boys who have never been tied up before. Bikerboys who love to be kidnapped and abused. Skinheads who love to be humiliated. Muscle-bound hunks hog-tied and suspended. Buttbeat boys who love to be whipped until their butts are bright red. Firemen in full rubber bound to  piss on themselves for many hours. Cops who have always wanted the tables turned. Escape artists cuffed and chained so they can't escape (and never really wanted to). All the way down to stockbrokers, bankers, accountants, lawyers and other weasels who love to be bound, gagged and completely helpless. I've seen them all and many of each type. My requirement? You gotta be into it--really. Not just a dabbler. That doesn't mean you've got to have a tremendous amount of experience. It does mean you have to have a tremendous amount of desire. Let me take you further each time. No choice while you're here. You can't escape. We'll agree, in advance what you want and what you definitely don't want. You'll sign a contract for your own imprisonment. Then you'll live with it---I promise. There needs to be a flame of passion burning inside of you for Bondage. You know if you have it.