Things change

scene from a scene

When I first started out to do this, I had the concept of keeping men bound up for specific periods of time, with periodic happenings. And I still do that, a lot! But other men, just as dedicated to bondage and needing it just as much, need it in another way. They need shorter periods of intense bondage with breaks. So I now offer several concepts. Also, many have specific desires, like rubber or leather or cages.
Below I show you a little of what might happen.

Also,yes, we are in Arizona. it's hot in the summer. we have three airconditioning systems to handle that for the prison cell, cage and dungeon.

As a separate point, I quite often am asked what kind of man I look for. There is no specific "type." I've had short men (5'2") tall men (6'7"), slender men (120lbs) heavy set men (375lbs), muscular men, tattooed men, 21 year olds to 87 year olds. It's the need and the spirit I look for.