Okeh, here goes. My story about what happened in
Master Jack's dungeon. A firsthand report of a
prisonerboy. I just finished a four day training
session, and oh boy, did I have fun, while learning
some things about myself.

Before I go any further, let me first introduce myself
a little bit. I'm 44 years old, and although I had
fantasies about being in bondage since I was 14, I
never did anything with it until the fall of 2000.
After a couple short sessions with some bondage,
forced shaving and cock and ball play, I met a guy who
was interested in training me as a slave. As right now
I do not live in the USA I visited him at his place a
number of times during the next year, sometimes for a
week or longer. Well, I learned a hell of a lot from
this guy, but one thing became clear to me, that this
situation, with this Master, was not the situation I
wanted to be in permanently, so I broke off with my
Master, be it with lots of regrets. And the big
question was, what then does work for me. My hometown
in the Caribbean is not really a place where you
expect a lot of bondage enthusiasts, so I decided to
visit the USA again to get some more experience. But
after a while I realized that what I really wanted was
to have a longer term experience in bondage and
submission to see whether that was something for me,
or not.

Around two months before what happened in this story,
I discovered Master Jack's website. After several
emails between us, I decided to go to his dungeon for
a period of 4 days. I explained Master Jack that in my
time with my former Master I used to try to influence
him. To me that meant that although I then got my wish
on that specific point, I felt cheated out of being
held in check by my Master. So I told Master Jack that
I would probably try to wiggle my way out of a
situation, but I expected him to do just as he wanted
and to ignore my wishes, unless of course for medical
reasons. He agreed to do just that. And it will be
clear that in the end he did!

The meeting was set on saturday at 14.00 in the lobby
of my hotel in San Fransisco. Right on time he
arrived, invited me to his car, and before he drove 
away, cuffed my hands. The four days had not
officially started because I would still have to sign
the prisoner contract, but even if I would not sign, I
was already depending on Master Jack to let me free of
this limited bondage.

As soon as we arrived, I was taken into his dungeon
and I signed the contract. I was then told to strip,
he put me in a straightjacket, placed a hood over my
head, tied some straps around my cock and balls and
connected an electro unit. Then I was gagged and told
to have fun as the electricity started to flow through
my balls but mostly my cock. Several times that
afternoon he came back, offered some water, and raised
the level of the electroflow. After every raise in
level, I fairly quickly adjusted to the new feeling,
and it was absolutely pleasurable. Could not move much
and blindfolded I was free to let my mind wander a

After a couple of hours I was allowed to rest, dressed
in prisoner orange, shackles on feet and hands, and
was put in a cage. That evening a continuation of the
afternoon session, but with ever higher levels of
electricity. It became more painful, but my mind could
still adjust to it, and transform it to a pleasurable
feeling. A nice start for my training period.

Over the next couple of days I had a number of
interesting scenes, some more than others. I am not
going to describe all of them or what else happened,
but from here I will concentrate to the sessions that
were most important to me and the feelings they evoked
in me.

Early in my training period I was placed in rubber
sleeping bag, hooded with a rubber hood and of course
gagged and if I had to piss I was free to do so, but
in the bag and all over myself. No problem there, it
felt like being in a diving suit, under water, and
then I always feel free to piss if I need to. But a
day later I was placed in a rubber coverall, with
rubber boots on. The amazing thing was that now I felt
ashamed to piss over myself, as now it would be
pissing in my pants, so apparantly against my feeling
of self worth. Of course in the end I had to let go,
but that was a difficult moment.

As I love leather and rubber clothes, Master Jack tied
me up in some of my own, once again in a straight
jacket, hooded and gagged, and beside a visit now and
then to let me drink some necessary fluids, I was left
alone for a number of hours. I realized in this one
and comparable sessions that I really like to be tied
up, as some time after the `warming up` period my mind
seemed to start to float. I lost my normal train of
thoughts about future tasks (calling a friend or so)
or past events, and just let the experience surround
me. And often I started to make very satisfied noises,
humming in myself.

One of my strong fantasies was to be hooded in
complete darkness for an unknown period of time. The
dungeon always has a very soft red light on, and also,
under the door I was able to see a very thin strip of
daylight coming in from outside the dungeon indicating
whether it was night or day. Therefore, the last two
nights Master Jack put a leather hood on me before
bedding me, and locked the hood on. That way I would
have to wait till he came back before I would be able
to see again. The first night I was kept company by
the other prisoner, the second night I was all alone.
That meant that for about 12 hours I would not see,
but also not be able to talk to somebody about my
feelings or fears or whatever. That second morning
after waking up, I started out just waiting for a
while. Then I got unrestful, so I started to walk
around the dungeon, nicely clanking in my shackles.
Then I started to sing songs to myself. But there came
a time that another feeling washed over me. This was
more or less the essence of the training period. It
was no longer about some scenes that Master Jack
played on me to let me have a nice experience. This
was me giving myself up, even if it only meant for
four days, to the responsability and domination of
another male. The only thing left for me was to obey.
What if Master Jack would come at his regular time and
tell me he decided I would stay hooded for the rest of
the day? What if he wanted to put me in the cage and
leave me there instead of giving me another scene to
experience? I was just his prisoner till he would let
me loose and until then he could do as he pleased, as
that was exactly what I had agreed. And when I
realised that, a feeling of rest and tranquility came
over me. So I just sat down and waited for my Master
to come and do as he pleased. And when Master Jack
finally arrived, for the first time in that dungeon I
got up on my knees and submissively waited for him to
do as he wished.

Some of my other strong feelings happened the times
Master Jack placed me in a straight jacket and
connected my balls to the electro unit or put some
metal dildo or strip in my ass and let me have an
electric experience. Every time I was hooded and
gagged, so the only thing left for me was the inside
of me. No distractions while looking around the
dungeon for example. One time, with a strip in my
asshole, the damned thing seemed to move a little
inside. Most of the time it gave a nice series of
short shocks, or a flow of electricity of a second or
more, and some stronger than the others, to the inside
of my asscheek. But just now and then, sometimes right
when it gave a strong shock, it touched my assring.
Master Jack will be happy that his chair is very
sturdy and that his straightjacket is of good quality,
because I can assure you, those last shocks made me
move BIG TIME. I probably would have loved to be
standing there in the dungeon myself and hear the
wonderful sounds emanating from this poor 'tortured'
boy. And I loved it. Another time, with a dildo in my
ass, I was really floating, with my mind running
around in space, humming interspersed with little
cries of pain.

Then there was a time with the straps on my cock and
balls, and after once again raising the electrolevel a
couple of times, it was so strong that it was not
pleasurable AT ALL. I was fighting the flow. After
some time I recognized the cycle so I knew more or
less when the strong shocks would come and I braced
myself for them. Ohooohoh .. here comes .. AAAAAHHH
One easily gets the idea. Then I felt this was getting
too much, I would let myself hurt too much, I had to
learn to cope with it in another way, as apparently
the transformation from pain to pleasure this time did
not come. So I focused on my totem animal, the
Leopard. (I am not going to explain here what I mean
by 'totem animal'. Suffice it to say that since
october of 2001 this animal has become very dear to
me, under others in helping me to cope with pain and
to be strong). I visualised my leopard brother in
front of me, saw him looking at me with beautiful
eyes, and within a couple of minutes the pain
dissappeared completely. My leopard and I, we kept on
watching each other, and I was able to just let the
shocks and flows go through my dick, and although I
still felt them, they were more or less a minor
nuisance. Then I could let my leopard go, and what
remained was a period of delightful feeling in my cock
and balls until Master Jack called time.

Then came the final session. The afternoon of the
fourth day. At the beginning of that evening I would
be set free. By now I had experienced about
'everything', or so I thought, and was getting a
little tired. Remember I already had that wonderful
experience waking up after a night with a hood on? In
my idea, this would be just a last one session for old
times sake. Of course I could not miss the chance to
point out some equipment that had not yet been used on
me, a muzzle instead of the regular hood and gag. And
Master Jack agreed to use it. So back to the chair,
straightjacketed, the ties around my balls, tied up,
muzzled so that I could only mumble softly, and then,
a twist, he tied the top of the muzzle to the top of
the chair, so unlike other times in the chair, I would
not be able to bend over if the feelings got too
intense. I also did not realize that with this muzzle
it would not be easy to say the least to get me a
drink during the scene. The muzzle would have to be
untied almost completely to do that. So once again
Master Jack wished me fun and left me behind my
blindfold. The setting was the same as the day before,
so I should be able to handle it.

And then, something went wrong completely. At first I
could manage, but after some time I felt like, Okeh,
Master Jack, it's time for my drink, and stop it. And
I imagined myself explaining that I was tired and
needed a break, and that it had been enough, he'd done
a good job etc. etc. But the damn guy did not show up.
Then I realized the implication of the muzzle and it
dawned on me that he would not come back, period. I
would be there for the timespan he'd decided on, no
break whatsoever. And then I tried to get the aid of
my Leopard brother, and I saw him coming, but keeping
his distance, as if he could not come close to me. As
if I was not really seeking his help, but just wanted
the fuck to do anything to get out of there. So he
left me alone from his distance. That hurt too.

And once again I tested the bonds. And now, for the
first time really, I got pissed off big time. I wanted
out, and I wanted out NOW. So Master Jack must have
enjoyed himself pretty well I'd think, hearing all the
noises of a creaking and groaning chair, the creaking
of leather, the muffled shouts and groans of one very
anxious boytoy trying to get out of his bondage. And
in the end it dawned on me, once again, just like that
morning with my hood on in darkness, I would have to
wait for my master. And the lesson this time was, not
only waiting when it is pleasurable for yourself, but
also when it is pleasurable only for the master, or
when he just feels like to have you undergo it for
whatever reason that is not yours to know. And then
once again I was able to rest in my pain, let the
shocks come over me, wave after wave, until they came
over the walls of my mental fortress and I was taken
on a mental ride of blissful pain.

At the end of that session, I told Master Jack a
little of my feelings when I realised that I would not
be able to bullshit my way out of this and that the
only other option for me would have been to grunt loud
three times (our agreed upon sign if anything went
medically wrong, like dizziness or something. I had
done that one time before during the training period
when I happened to be dehydrated). When I said that,
his eyes just looked up for a fraction of a second and
then he pointedly remarked: 'But then you would have
given up'. And that was exactly the whole thing. If I
could have talked myself out of it, I would have done
it, but I would have been very dissappointed in Master
Jack and myself, because then the main purpose of my
training period would have been lost. My bullshit
would have 'mastered' the master. Giving up on the
other hand, was never a real option to me. At the time
during the session I had realized this was the most
severe test, I would probably rather have let myself
faint than to grunt three times and give in to my

Anyway, after that experience I was allowed to put on
shorts and a tank top, and with leg irons and
handcuffs was put into Master jack's car while he went
around town to do some shopping. After the return at
the dungeon, I was set free of my irons and was once
again a free boy. I must admit, there are a lot of
things that I have to figure out, and I keep going
back to my experiences and my feelings. I do not know
what this will mean to me in everyday life. But one
thing is standing clear out to me, I really enjoyed
being a bondage boy, really enjoyed submitting to a
master, be it even temporary, and also realize that it
is not only a fantasy that I can dream about as I
discovered that even the long term bondage, like the
hooded 12 hours, did not faze me at all. If a master I
could trust would ask me to let him put me in a
bondage situation for an even longer period of time, I
would say yes immediately.

To finish this story off, I did only describe some of
my experiences at Master Jack's dungeon as far as they
were necessary to explain my feelings and thought
process. Anybody who wants to know what really goes
on, all the things that happen when at Master Jack's,
I can only advise them to do what I did, sign up for a
period of a couple of days. And very important, when
you fill out the profile Master Jack asks you to do,
there is a question about expanding your limits.
Please, fill in a 10. Just do it. Master Jack has
proven to me to be safe and sound, and if you only go
there to have your existing limits respected, you'll
miss out on the chance to get to know some new part of
yourself, or rather a part of yourself that is already
there, just buried too deep to recognize now.

Master Jack, thanks for a wonderful time, and to
others, 'Enjoy yourselves, boys'.

Copyright BBH Ltd. and krioyoboy  All rights reserved.