The Online Book of Bondage

I was a young boy the first time I thought about tying up another boy and taking him with me on a long car trip. Of course, there were problems with that thinking, then. First of all, I wasn't even close to being able to drive yet. Second of all, it certainly would have been considered "deviant" behavior at that time...and still is, probably, in many states of the U.S., not to mention  many other countries. But I had my dreams. I would float along in my grandfather's car, year after year going from state to state (my grandparents loved long car trips and we were gone a month or two every summer traveling to every state and state capitol since my grandmother thought it was educational). I would allow my fantasy of keeping someone bound and helpless to flow along in my mind as the scenery did before my eyes. By the time I was 16 I had seen every state capitol in the continental U.S. and my bondage fantasies were roaring to be fulfilled. But how to do it? Was there anyone else who had similar fantasies and wanted to be tied up? How could I find him?

It was years later that I started running ads and met my lover. That worked and I've certainly enjoyed 14 years of tying him up. A little over four years ago, I became involved in the internet and discovered what a wonderful sifting device it was. Suddenly, I felt like a man on a mission. I had a word to spread. Now I could help others, besides my lover and a few friends to enjoy the pleasures of Bondage, safely. I could put, in printed form, what I knew to be true...that two men can have safe, healthy fun through the pursuit of Bondage. I could help men meet. I could offer advice from experience. I could set up a system to allow them to tell someone about upcoming scenes so they had some security. And I could feature articles from around the world talking about bondage. 

Best of all, through the Net, and Bondagezine we have met hundreds of men from all over the who love to be bound and just didn't know where to go. They come here, are bound the way they want to be and return home, safely. Many return, year after year. Some have become close friends.

As a society, we have come a long way in tolerance. More and more people have come to realize that it's OK to do what makes you happy as long as both participants agree to do it, both are of legal age and both do not engage in self-destructive behavior. More and more TV shows (the mirror of our society's mores) picture gay sex and even allude to BD/SM, maybe as a naughty little secret...but at least not as something disgusting. That's progress, albeit slow.

I thought of that first trip, fantasizing about bondage, just this past weekend as I drove toward the mountains with my lover of 14 years at my side, chained up, a boy from Brazil (who has been back to see us four years running now) in the back seat, also chained up, and another boy beside him, from New Hampshire (a married man, two children and a complete first timer having never been held captive by another man in his life), also fully chained. All of us were living our bondage fantasies in our own ways. I thought of the wonder of it all, that things could change so much in the matter of a few years. I thought of how, just four years ago I had started Bondagezine, not knowing if it were a good idea, an idea that would be accepted or if we'd even make it a year. We have the answer now. Bondagezine has been well received by the BD/SM community and you, the subscribers, many of whom who have been with us from the very first issue. Thank you. Thank you for your interest and support for these past four years. Hopefully, reader by reader, we can help people realize that Bondage can be something wonderful and a positive escape when properly fulfilled.