Being locked in a cell for a minumum of one week has been on my "bucket list" for many years.  I was finally able to do it thanks to Master Jack and Terry.  It was not only a much needed break for me, but also a learning expereince.  I can't say enough about how safe I felt in the hands of my captors.  They are extremely careful and take pains to make sure everything is safe and controlled.  They are also really nice people who understand this mindset.

My week locked in a Cell:  A true story

In telling this story, I have not mentioned some parts of the story which I do not wish to share, and have simplified some of the details of my prison time and the procedures.  I am also writing this from a memory that cannot remember every detail.  But I will share as much as I remember.

Day 1

I arrived by car to Master Jack and Guard Terry’s house.  I had been ordered to surrender at exactly 7:00 P.M.  I was to take my one bag and go to the front door.  I was not to knock.  They would open the door.  I was to put the bag down on the right side of the hallway and put my hands behind my head interlocking the fingers together.  My heart was pounding with anticipation as I came to the door.  It was opened and I did as I had been instructed.  Only seconds after interlocking my fingers at the back of my head, Guard T cuffed my hands behind my back.  A hood was put over my head so that I could not see.  I was searched and then was led to a wall and ordered to kneel down.  I felt it as leg irons were attached to me.  I was told to stand and I was led to the cell. Inside the cell I was told to kneel down against the wall.  The leg irons and hood were taken off.  I was to stay kneeling facing forward, still with my hands cuffed behind my back until ordered.  He slid the cell door shut and I could hear it lock.  

 The cell is located in a small room. It is a real U.S. Marshalls Holding cell made out of a very heavy steel wire mesh material.  The door to it slides and has a locking cuff door on it.  There is a metal bunk bed inside the cell.  The cell is a little over six feet long and less than five feet wide.

I was told to stand and go to the small pass through cuff door.  He unlocked and opened the cuff door and ordered me to put my cuffed wrists through so that he could take the handcuffs off of me.  Guard T had me remove all of my clothes and give them to him through the cuff lock door of the cell.  Once I had done this, he told me to put my hands through the cuff door in front of me.  He put the handcuffs on then told me to go to the side and put my arms above my head against the heavy wire mesh.  He used a single handcuff and attached me to the wire mesh.  Then he came into the cell and put the leg irons back on me.  He took a heavy chain that was attached to the leg of the bunk bed as well as the side of the cell and used a padlock to lock my leg irons to the chain.  I was now captured in such a way that even if the cell door was to be open I could not possibly escape.  He then put a leather transport belt around my waist and put a padlock on it so that it could not be removed.  My hands were cuffed in front of me and a high security black box was locked around the cuffs making them ridged and blocking access to any keyholes.  My wrists were now attached to my waist in front of me.  I was given water, and a bucket was put in the cell for me to piss into.  Guard T locked the cell door and left me.  The light in the room was never turned off.  I had to stay fully restrained with clothing restrictions and food restrictions for the next two days.  I had a terrible time trying to sleep that first night.  It seemed like it would never end.  Every minute dragged on.

Finally Guard T came in, probably late in the morning, and ordered me to get on my knee on the far side of my cell.  He came into the cell, un-cuffed my wrists, moved the transport belt around and then re attached my wrists behind my back.  I was ordered to lie on my stomach on the bunk.  He bent my legs back and locked them to my waist restraint and handcuffs into a hogtie.  He took some leather straps and strapped my legs together and my upper arms together.  Then he left and told me he would be back in a while with my breakfast.  I waited a long time, but finally he came.  He unlocked the door and put a plate of “nutraloaf” in front of my face.  Nutraloaf is a very bland mixture of meat and vegetables that is served to convicts who are under disciplinary detention.  Because I was in a hogtie, I had to put my face in it and eat it like a dog.  He gave me some water to drink through a straw and then he left me there locked in the cell still in a hogtie.  After a few hours I really needed to pee.  I called for him and he removed me from the hog tie, but kept the cuffs attached behind my back to my waist and the leg irons on.  I peed into the bucket.  I thought that I would be done from being in a hog tie.  But he told me to lay down on the bed once more on my stomach and I was put right back into the hogtie. 

A few hours later he came back with lunch.  It was the same bland nutraloaf and water.  Once again I had to eat like an animal, hogtied in the nude.  He used his boot to move some of the food closer to my face.  I liked the smell of the leather on his boot and he detected that.  He took my food away from me and wouldn’t let me have any more.  Then he took his boot and put it on my head and back.  He told me to put my face in his boot which I did as ordered.  This was the first time I had ever licked some ones boots.  I put my head against his boot and leg and started to cry.  Guard T asked me what was wrong.  I told him that I would probably never be able to have what he and Master Jack had together.  I wanted to feel a connection with a man in a way that they and other gay men had.  I was 55 years old and would never be able to have it.  I was grieving lost time and the realization that I would likely never have that kind of relationship because I was married and felt a responsibility to my wife.  He rubbed my head and back a little to console me.  We talked about it for a while and I got back in charge of my emotions.  He left me alone, in a hogtie, locked in a cell to deal with my bondage predicament.  He checked in on me from time to time to make sure that I was OK, but otherwise, I was alone.  I would get very uncomfortable and stressed on my stomach, so I was able to roll onto my side to relieve the pressure on my wrists and arms. I had two positions only, my side or stomach.  I don’t know how long I was in the chained hogtie, I would guess about twelve hours.

Day 2: 

Guard T came and took me out of the chain hogtie and restrained me as I was the first night.  My hands were cuffed in front and to my waist, my legs left in the leg irons, and attached to the cell by a six foot long heavy chain. Later he brought me in my plate of nutraloaf.  I was able to eat with my hands this time, but it was not easy to get my hands to my mouth since they were cuffed to a restraint belt.  A few hours after dinner, Guard T came back with a toothbrush where the handle had been cut off short.  I was allowed to brush my teeth.  I spent my second night again in full restraints with clothing restrictions.

Sleep was again difficult.  It seemed like it would never end.  Every time I moved, I could hear the chains that kept me securely imprisoned beyond any possibility of ever escaping.  Sometime in the morning, Guard T came with my nutraloaf.  I ate my boring breakfast in chains and cuffs then peed into the bucket and waited for what I needed to do.  When Guard T came back I told him that I would refuse to eat that prison crap anymore.  The result of that bit of rebellion on my part was that I got no lunch at all. 

Guard T made me lay on the bunk on my back.  He then attached the leg irons to the foot of the bunk through the steel mesh of my cell with a handcuff.  He took two handcuffs and attached each wrist above my head to the mesh apart from each other.  I was let out to pee a couple of times, but was always returned to that position.  I spent the entire day and evening until my late dinner in this position.  I drifted off to sleep several times, and at other times struggled to get more comfortable.  I spent a lot of time staring at the walls and ceiling of the cage that kept me hopelessly imprisoned.  Guard T told me that If I could go for four hours without making a smart ass remark or comment, and be perfectly compliant, he would give me good food for dinner and take me up to the dungeon the next day.  I decided to comply with all of his rules.  I did ask him if I was really imprisoned.  If I were to ask to be released, could I be set free from my imprisonment?  He reminded me that I had signed a contract and that I would not be set free until I had served the entire week of my prison time.  I decided to test him, so I flat out asked to be released.  He simply said “no” and left.

Day 3:

At 7:00 P.M. Guard T came in and restrained me with a belly chain and connecting chain to the leg irons.  My hands were cuffed in front.  He informed me that although my clothing and food restrictions would be lifted, I would have to continue to be in full restraints at all times for the entire length of my prison term.  I thanked him for the severity of my sentence and told him that as a convicted felon who had tried to escape, it was what I deserved.  He came back later with dinner and gave it to me thorough the handcuff door.  Dinner tasted so good after the nutraloaf.  It was a beef pot pie.  I had water to drink.  Later, after dinner I was instructed to come to the side of the cell where he cuffed my waist to the cell then entered.  He cuffed my hands behind my back and had me go to the end of the cell.  He started rubbing my hair and then put his hand over my mouth hard.  He put his fingers inside my mouth and then covered it again with his hand.  I was helpless, being controlled.  He suddenly grabbed my tits and squeezed very hard.  It made me scream in pain.  He told me that I better follow his orders or I would suffer the consequences.   He left me cuffed behind my back.  Later that night he chained me up again with the cuffs in front attached to the belly chain.  I slept a little better.  I was getting used to sleeping in full restraints.

I was really getting to smell badly of body odor and Guard T told me that in the morning I would get a shower and my prison uniform.  As promised, in the morning, Guard T came after my breakfast of toast and orange juice to take me to the shower.  I was told to kneel at the far side of the cell.  The chain was unlocked from my leg irons.  My hands were cuffed behind my back.  He put a gag in my mouth and then put a hood over my head.  He attached a lead chain to my cuffs and told me to back out of the cell.  I was taken into the house into a guest bathroom.  The leg irons were removed and my cuffs were locked in front of me with no belly chain.  This was as free as I was going to be.  I took my shower while cuffed and it really felt good to get cleaned up.  He handed me a towel and I dried myself off.  Then he had me face the wall.  The leg irons were put back on.  Then my cuffs were once again locked behind my back and the hood was put back on over my head.  I was led back into my cell.  I was told to kneel at the far side of the cell and the leg irons were removed.  I was instructed not to move until the cell door was closed.  Then I was ordered to put my hands through the cuff door.  They were taken off and for a couple of minutes I was locked in my cell free of all restraints. A clean orange prison jumpsuit was passed to me through the cuff door and I put it on.  It actually felt a little strange wearing clothing again at first.  As soon as I put on the uniform, he ordered me to put my hands through the cuff slot again in front of me.  Handcuffs were applied.  Then I was told to go to the side and put my cuffed hands over my head against the steel mesh of the cell.  From the other side, he cuffed my hands above my head.  Then he entered the cell and cuffed my leg irons on and the connecting heavy chain that secured me to the cell and bunk bed.  A belly chain and connecting chain to my leg irons were applied and my hands were cuffed in front of me.  He locked the door to my cell and left me there for the day.   Here I was, locked alone in a cell, not in any stressful position, just fully restrained and imprisoned.  The outside world was having fun while I sat all alone locked in a tiny holding cell.  All day long I sat, hoping that something more interesting would happen.  I wanted a more extreme bondage.  I was given a hamburger for lunch.  I was not put into any new stress positions or unique bondage.  I spent the day just waiting, waiting for nothing to happen.  Dinner was passed through the cuff door to me.  I struggled to eat with my hands cuffed to my waist.  Later the tiny toothbrush was given to me, and then he left.  That was my day.  I was expecting an imprisonment scene that was more from fantasy that involved lots of varied bondage.  I realized that what I was getting was something much closer to what real prison time might be like.  I had to deal with all of the down time where there was nothing to do but think, stare, or sleep.

Day 4

 I slept fairly well.  But I woke up early in the morning as usual.  I waited for hours until my guard got up and checked on me.  He told me that I would be taken up to the dungeon in the afternoon.  After my breakfast of cereal and orange juice I was ordered to go to the cuff door slot.  My cuffs were removed and put on again without being attached to the belly chain.  I was told to go to the side of the cell and put my hands above my head against the cell.  My hands were then attached that way.  He came in and removed the piss bucket to dump it, closed the cell door and left me for a couple of hours in a forced standing position.  My legs were still shackled and chained to the cell as always.  After about an hour, my arms started to feel the stress.  I could feel it a bit on my lower back.  After two hours my arms were starting to shake and I was dealing with some cramping in my left hand and fore arm.  But I was dealing with it.  I did not ask to be released from this, but he came in and did it anyway.  He made me come to the cuff slot and he changed the handcuffs from the front of me to my back.  Then he left me like that.  When my lunch came, he changed the cuffs back to the front again. 

I waited for hours anticipating going up to the dungeon.  After a long time, Guard T came in and told me that things were not working out for the dungeon today, and that it would be cancelled until the next day.  I was disappointed not to be able to experience it.   Dinner came and went, my toothbrush came and went, and once more I was left alone, all restrained to sleep another night in my cage.

Day 5

I slept on and off all night.  As with every night and day, each time I even moved a little bit, the chains rattled.  Again, after many hours of waiting, my guard came in and gave me some cereal and orange juice.  I was then told to lie on my back on the bunk and my legs were chained to the base of the bed and cell as a couple of days before.  My handcuffs were attached above my head, but this time my hands were kept together and not spread apart using two sets of cuffs.  I stayed like that for many hours, only being released briefly to pee, and then put back.  I stared at my surroundings, and drifted on and off from consciousness.  I felt hungry for lunch, but no meal came. 

Finally, late in the afternoon, Guard T came down and released me from the bunk bed.  I was cuffed behind my back, a gag was put in my mouth, and a hood over my head.  I was then led out of my cell toward Master Jack’s dungeon.  In the dungeon, the cuffs were removed from my hands and I was instructed to put my hands behind my head and interlock the fingers and wait.  After a few minutes I was told to put my arms out.  I could feel a heavy leather straight jacket being placed on me.  Guard T took some duct tape and wrapped it around my gag to keep me from being able to spit it out.  I was told to move around and step back and up, then to sit down.  Leather straps were then attached to my ankles and the base of the “bondage chair” Straps were put around my arms and attached to the chair as well.  Some other kind of hood was put over my head.  It had a loop of some kind that he attached to something above my head.  I began to struggle in the chair.  I have been strapped or tied to chairs before and always struggle a lot when I am in them.  I began to work myself into a frenzy as I struggled.  Guard T told me to shut up and slapped my face.  I couldn’t help struggling and trying to get away.  I did not want to escape; I just wanted to make sure that I couldn’t.  After a while I settled down and even fell asleep for a minute or so.  Then I began to struggle again.  I don’t know how long I was in the straightjacket and “bondage chair” I would guess two hours, which was not long enough for me, but I was released and cuffed with my hands in front of me.

With the hood still over my head, and still wearing leg irons, I was led to some kind of wooden post and my handcuffs were attached above my head to it.  At this point I knew what was about to happen.  Nothing happened for a minute or so, and then I felt a blow to the back of my neck and head with a flogger.  Then I felt several hard stinging hits to my bare back and under arms on my right side.  I screamed in pain through the gag.  It hurt like hell and there was no way to escape the punishment.  I had no choice but to endure it.  I took several stinging blows to my back, and a few lighter ones to my neck and head.  Then he stopped whipping me.  I heard him breathing behind me.  I knew it would start again, but I didn’t know when.  I tried to move away, but couldn’t because of the hands being cuffed above my head to the post.  Suddenly I felt another painful stinging on my back as he beat me several times on the same place in my upper back.  Again I yelled in pain through my cloth gag.  He stopped again for a few minutes.  I wondered if it was over.  I hoped that it was over, but then he started on me again.  I was getting punished.  Guard T had total control over me.  I was helpless.  He stopped again and I pulled my arms in so that he couldn’t get to my under arms as well, then I decided to be a man and just take it.  So I made a stance ready for more.  Guard T didn’t notice that I did that, and it was at that time that he decided to stop whipping me. 

I was taken back to my cell and ordered around a lot for the procedures involved in dealing with a convict.  I was completely compliant. I wanted to be, I liked being totally controlled.  I was wearing boxer shorts and I was told to take them off as I was being put back on clothing restriction for trying to escape and being too noisy while in the straightjacket.  I was ordered to lie down on the bunk and I was put into a simple hog tie using the leg irons and handcuffs.  My guard left and I laid on my stomach in a hog tie for some time. My body was feeling tingly and I was light headed.  Suddenly, I could feel some emotions coming.  I felt a tear and just started to cry a little bit, but it was strange.  I wasn’t sad or depressed.  I was high.  The few seconds of crying turned into a full-fledged uncontrollable laughing.  I couldn’t stop. Guard T heard it on the monitor and rushed in to see what was wrong.  I told him that I just couldn’t stop laughing for some reason.   This had never happened to me before.  He told me to be quiet.  I really tried, but I couldn’t stop.  Everything in the world seemed funny to me.  I thought about the people that I help in mental hospitals and it made me laugh even more.  Here I was, spending my time in a prison cell, getting a beating and being treated like shit as a vacation!  If they only know what I was doing! Ha!  I continued to laugh out of control and Guard T suddenly came in, opened the cell door and took off all of my restraints.  I was just limp as he put my arms to my side and I lay on my stomach like a slug laughing.  He told me that he was responsible for my safety and a hog tie could be dangerous in my condition.  Through the laughter I tried to tell him I was fine, and I promised that I would get myself back in control of my emotions.  He locked the cell door and left me unrestrained in my cage.  I felt bad that my restraints had come off, and worried that Guard T might end my imprisonment because of my reaction.  So I really concentrated on getting my control back.  After perhaps an hour of laughing, I finally got it down to small chuckles once and a while.  I felt good and happy.  I liked being controlled.  I liked being a prisoner with no rights! Guard T came back and put me in light restraints to ease back into full restraints. He put on a belly chain with the cuffs apart.  I was kept this way for an hour or so while I was monitored, then he came in and put me back into the full restraints that I was in for each night.  Once again my hands were cuffed together in front of me to a belly chain.  A connector chain led down to my leg irons.  My Leg irons were padlocked to the heavy six foot chain that was locked to the steel leg of the bunk and the mesh of the cell wall.  I was back in super-max security, and it felt nice to be so fully imprisoned against all possibility of escape.

As usual, I struggled to eat my dinner when it was delivered to me though the handcuffing slot of the cell.  Later that evening I had a visitor.  Master Jack came and sat on a chair outside the cell and chatted with me for half an hour or so.  He visited me for a while every night after that.   Later, my sawed off toothbrush came, and then I was alone once more in the cell fully restrained.

Day 6

I slept fairly well in my restraints.  But after waking up, it was again hours of waiting until Guard T came in.  I had my breakfast passed through to me and afterward was told to come to the side of the cell.  My belly chain and cuffs were locked to the side of the cell and I was left to stand like that until he cleaned out my cell.  Then he just left me there to stand, cuffed and chained to the cage for a while.  It wasn’t too long, perhaps an hour, and he came back and undid me from the cell so that I could move around the cell in my chains.  Later, he came back in and locked some hinged leg irons on me.  My feet were now held together and walking around the cell was almost impossible.  Just before lunch, he took off the hinged leg irons.  After lunch I waited again, knowing that I was headed up to the dungeon again. 

Guard T came in and ordered me to kneel at the far side of the cell.  The restraints were changed.  I was cuffed behind my back and a blindfold and gag went on me.  I was led back upstairs to the dungeon where I was un-cuffed and ordered to keep my hands on the back of my head with the fingers interlocked.  I heard some noises then was told to get onto a table of some kind.  I was slipped into a rubber sleepsack.  My arms went into some sleeves at the sides for extra security.  The sack was zipped up to my neck.  Straps went over me to tie me down to the table.  The straps went over my legs, knees, and chest.  Then I felt a zipper open at my crotch.  An electro stimulator was attached to my penis.  I could feel a band around my penis. .  Less than a minute later I could feel the sensation of electricity on my penis.  At first it was gentle.  It felt like something was moving up and down the inside of my penis. It felt good.  But then it got stronger and sometimes hurt.  It just kept going and never stopped.  I sweat profusely in the sleepsack as I tried to move and shift.  After about an hour, I heard the door to the dungeon unlock and Master Jack came in to turn the electricity up.  The sensation felt even more erotic and intense.  It had periods where it built up to being quite painful, while at other times it felt very arousing.  After another hour of stimulation, Master Jack came back in and took off the e- stim unit.   I never felt like I was in danger though.  I fully trusted Master Jack and Guard Terry with my life.

After the dungeon session I was allowed to take a shower, and then given a fresh orange prison uniform to wear.  I was taken back to my cell and chained up for the night, and in preparation for dinner.  

Day 7

After the regular long wait for breakfast, I was put into auto restraints for a couple of hours.  These have a very short leg iron chain, and a short connector chain to the handcuffs so that you can sit with the legs bent with the hands down, or lay with the legs bend and hands down.  You can’t really walk very well with these restraints on. 

Later in the afternoon I took my final trip to the dungeon.  Guard T came in and while still in my regular restraints (belly chain, handcuffs, connector chain, leg irons) he put a leather strap around my upper arms behind my back further restraining me.  The blindfold and gag were put in place and I was led back out of my cell.  This time I was put into a heavy leather sleepsack and suspended in the standing position.  My feet touched the floor and I could move and swing around.  I am sure I spent at least two hours struggling and enjoying the bondage.  When I was released, it was too soon for me, but with me it is almost always too soon.  I seem to never get enough.  I was allowed another shower and change of uniform because of how much I perspired.  I was taken again to my cell.  It was very hot in the cell as I waited for dinner.  The plan was for me to be taken out in my uniform and restraints to eat my final dinner with Master Jack and Guard Terry.  I would be released in the morning to drive home. I knew that things were pretty much done except for an eighth night in chains in the cell.  I wanted to use my cell phone and felt that I needed a good night’s sleep before driving nearly eight hours home the next day.  So I called for Guard T and told him that I was pretty much done and ready for release, but that I didn’t want to be released until the full agreed upon seven days were up.  He went back in to consult Master jack about it.  A few minutes later he came out and told me that it was 8:00 P.M.  I had done one hour more than my week so it was time for my release from prison.  The cell door was opened and all of my restraints were removed.  All of my belongings and street clothes were returned.  I ended up eating with them on the patio a free man.  I slept in a nice air conditioned guest room that night with soft sheets and a nice pillow.

Parting Thoughts:  

I think that had I not known that I was about to be released, I would have been fine just staying in prison for an unknown period of time.  When I knew release was eminent, I starting thinking and planning my life again.  I was having to think again for myself and make decisions.  It was so nice not having to think for myself.  Living such a life in a minimum space with minumun comforts was so simple.  There was no worry about material things because I had none.  I think there are some of us who just have a "prisoner" mindset.  We feel safe when we are fully secured and controlled with no freedom or rights.  I know that I was always happier when more restraints were on me as opposed to less.  Anyway, I still have a lot to process still.  The bottom line was that I am glad I did it.  I miss that little cell that was my home for a week.  

If any potential prisoner want to contact me, you can do so through  Master Jack