MARCH 7, 2020


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Many men can't take it this rough and I tailor scenes to the need and
ability of the prisoner.
But for those who can, here's a testimonial from a very experienced ex-Marine captive
A night to remember

Lee's  STORY
A boy from England

I  had a man come to me who had run his own training facility for prisoners for many years. He had always been a top and loved training the men who came to him from all over the world. He contacted me for his first scene as a bottom. Here's what he wrote: 
A boy from Wash.

This fellow came to me first in 2009, after a lifetime of suppressing his BD/SM desires. I get men as young as 21 and as old as 87. John was neither. But he had led a full, rich life before he arrived here. This is his story, in his words.


Where DO I Sign  Up?
A Newbe from N. Cal
A boy from the Caribbean came to me for his first session with a man. He was here for 5 days and had quite a good time. Here is his account of that:
My Story
A boy from the Netherland Antilles (Curaçao)




Subject: WOW
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2020 20:07:01 +0000
From: slavexxxx <>
To: Master Jack <>

i had 8 hours to think about my scene with YOU MASTER JACK on my return drive back to san francisco. it was the best 8 hours i've ever spent in my SUV. in fact i pulled off the road 3 times and jacked off i was still so excited. i've dreamed about a scene with YOU for many years but i could just never get my courage up to do it. but when i finally did send YOU my request, i was so charged up. then YOU said we would have to talk on the phone after YOU got my application. that was hard for me since i am married, but i took YOUR suggestion as YOU know and got one of those cheap supermarket phones. i was still so nervous i almost didn't answer when YOU called. but then i heard YOUR voice. it was so calming and reassuring i knew i had made the right decision. the rest is history. YOU fulfilled all my dreams, and then some. i'll relive this scene in my head over and over. the next day when i was having breakfast with my wife she said, "that must have been a hell of a conference. i haven't seen you in such a good mood in years. you'll have to go to more conferences." boy, how i want to! thank YOU, SIR.

Subject: my scene
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 10:23:01 -0600
From: BradXXXXX<>
To: Master Jack <>

I've thought about what to write for a couple of weeks. The whole experience was so over the top, I didn't know where to start. Should I talk about the time in the prison cell when I was tightly chained and forced to contemplative my very existence?  Should I talk about how much I looked forward to the scenes in the dungeon which were mind blowing?  Should I talk about the camaraderie I felt with you and Guard T? Or the "Last supper?"

I'll start with the prison time which was revelatory for me. Never have I enjoyed spending so much time contemplating my navel, so to speak. It was like a Zen experience which what you told me another man who used to come to you had said. He had, you told me, had a leather straitjacket made for his scene with matching hood and then wanted to spend 3 days straight in it, except when allowed to crap, in a porta potty still in the sj. That was something. It inspired me. Maybe I can work up to that. But perhaps what was even more inspiring was your acumen. I felt if I ever was about to "snap" you would anticipate it and accommodate me. I never did "snap."

Your ministrations in the dungeon took me to new emotional heights. I was receiving to much sensory input I was close to overload. But never was. It was a perfect balancing. Anyone would think of these scenes of being the pinnacle of their experience. But really they are just a reflection of the "perfect ride."

And thank you doe a wonderful "Last Supper." Prime Rib yet. A time to reflect on my experience  and get to know a little more about you and Guard T. You complement each other so well.

So, thank you...thank you so very much for one of the most memorable times in my life. I hope you can continue to give so much pleasure to so  many men, as you have done for years.

slave brad

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Subject: A Prisoner's Reflections
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2019 09:25:13 +0000
From: Sean  <>
To: Master Jack <>

Hi sir,

Finally found some time to sit and write you a proper message to reflect on my time spent as your grateful prisoner last weekend. Work has been crazy since I got home, which makes me long for the quiet and solitude of the cell.

I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive in the days leading up to my incarceration (a mix of fear of the unknown and worrying about whether I could take what was in store for me), but from the moment you and Guard T picked me up from the shuttle station, it felt right.  And then, moments later when you pulled over and Guard T ordered me to move over to the other side of the back seat, where he joined me, and told me to lean forward and put my hands behind my back, I couldn't wait to find out what else was coming . Although my hands were cuffed behind my back and legs shackled within minutes after meeting you, I felt no fear, only incredible excitement.

What followed was one of the best weekends of my life even though most of it was spent in a small cell, handcuffed and legs shackled at all times. I've never had a problem with being alone so the time spent in the cell with just my thoughts was perfect for me. I was also a well-timed trip as the long stretches in the cell allowed me to (almost) completely disconnect from the world.  really needed that. I also quite enjoyed the ritual of prisoner transport from the cell to another room in the house (such as the dungeon) i.e. going from hands cuffed in front to behind the back, the addition of a gag, a blindfold or extra straps, legs always shackled. Absolutely LOVED my interactions with Guard T. He kept me hogtied with cuffs and leg irons for 2 hours in the cell on the Saturday and it was amazing. Wish we'd had more time for additional shenanigans. 

Going in, I was expecting some time being bound with rope but that didn't happen and I didn't miss it at all! Who knew I would love the handcuffs as much as I did! And the dungeon... so. much. fun. First time in a straight jacket and leather hood and I spent 5 straight hours in them! And shot a huge load too lol. Oh and the e-stim... very nice... definitely want more of that.

Thank you again Master Jack for inviting me into your home, for the great food, for the great conversations, for helping me fulfill a fantasy years in the making. I really hope I get to do it again soon. There is so much more I want to experience. Say hi to Guard T and Baron for me.

Take Care,

Prisoner Sean


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Subject: Re: my trip
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2019 15:11:02 -0400
From: William <>
To: Master Jack <>


Thank you for a most enjoyable experience. As  I told you, I have wanted to come and partake of the pleasures of your dungeon for years. Finally I made it and it was everything I had hoped it would be.

But perhaps the most surprising aspect was getting to know you. You have known so many men and from that, apparently learned a lot. Certainly you seemed to know me and you offered very valuable advice. Our chats were not only sometimes amusing but always informative. I'm sure many men have gained valuable knowledge from you... I have already and look forward to staying in touch to discuss more. My recent divorce has allowed me more freedom to do what I've always wanted to but with that freedom comes choices. I plod on with some trepidation and yet you have given me the self assurance to try.

The whole perception you offered me was an epiphany. I now know the direction I wish to go. You have wonderful talents with bondage but even more as a mentor to men such as myself.



(I'm sure I needn't say this but please do not give my full email address if you do decide to publish my note to you.)

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Subject: My scene
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2019 15:24:31 -0400
From: andrewxxxxxxxx<>
To: Master Jack <>

Sorry It's taken me awhile to write to you. I sat down to do so several times, but just stared at my computer screen. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to say. It was that there was just too much to say.
I have dreamed my whole life about being tied up, gagged and left to suffer. You fulfilled all my dreams. As I lay on the bunk in the cell, bound up tighter than hell in a leather straitjacket, gagged but easily breathing, feet hogtied to my butt, alone, I wondered, "What in the hell have I done?" I struggled furiously...hopeless. I knew you could be listening. I knew I could utter the magic "three grunts" and help, of some sort, would arrive. I thought briefly I wanted it to stop. And then I knew that I didn't. I knew that if I uttered the emergency call I would be ruining my own desire. I never did. I just took what came. And what came was me. Over and over. I've never had auto-cums before. They were probably more intense than fucking cums, at least for me. So that was my fate. I spent so many incredible hours bound and gagged in scene after scene with respites from the tight bondage only long enough for me to recharge my baton's battery.
There, I've said it all. It was wonderful.
Thank you.

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Subject: my scene
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2019 13:05:38 -0400
From: MrEricxxxxx <>
To: Master Jack <>

Thank you for   a wonderful experience. I had a different experience in mind but you showed me the one I could handle. When I originally wrote to you a few months ago. I was very nervous. Your voice was calming and reassuring. But most importantly you asked the question, "You've never been tied up before. Do you want to take breaks?"

"What do you mean?"

"Some men, particularly those who are very inexperienced, need to take sort of "time outs." You can set up the scene that way and we can determine how long and often they will be. But I don't like to have you tell me that you need a beak if we haven't set it up that way."

"I thought I signed a contract and there was no way out."

"That is the way I like to set it up, but some men can't take that."

As you know I thought it over a few days and decided for the break option. You were right. I needed that. You gave me long scenes and then when I was just pushed as far as I could take, I took a break. I was able to recharge my batteries and get to know you and Guard T better which was a great thing. So again, thank you very much. I had hoped to come back soon but we had a tremendous wind storm in Wisconsin and my resort cabin at the lake was badly damaged.

So I'm going to have to do a lot of repairs. Hopefully next year I can come again.


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Subject: Re: Tucson trip
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2019 19:23:49 -0400
From: JXXXXX <>
To: , Master Jack <>

Hey there, just want to thank the both of you again for the great time I had with you last week. Especially appreciate the Friday dinner and the car you hired to take me to the airport. It was a great way to transition to post-prison life, although I’m bound to commit another crime and be sent back to prison, if that’s ok with you (minus the nutra loaf) ��.


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Subject: Re: MY SCENE
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2019 10:22:03 -0500
From: <>
To: Master Jack <>

Coming to be your prisoner/slave I rank as being one of my 5 best decisions. You know how men dream of being bound and helpless, for who knows what reason, but we do,as you apparently did when you were young.  I did but did nothing about it for 40 years. Then you.

And what a lucky meeting it was. I don't know if I ever told you how I found you. I was in Frisco years ago for a business meeting.  I had heard there was a homosexual area of town called Folsom Street. On Sat. afternoon, late after the convention was over, I took a cab down there and just wandered around. I wasn't looking for sex and anything but was curious. Then I found this shop on some side street, Mr. S Leather. I went in... it was like I was a child again and in a candy store. "Look but don't touch." I couldn't buy anything.I was in a relationship. But I did drool. As I left, there was some area with some posters and a little stand of some sort with cards on it... yours was one...


I could hardly wait to get back to Charleston to my office and type in your web address. And there it was. This was where my dreams might come true, someday. After several, failed long term affairs,   I wrote to you in January and the rest is history.

 I felt I had nothing to loose. Nothing had really worked for me for I always wanted to get tied up and none of my partners were interested. I came for a three day scene and it was all I hoped it would be. You bound me up and left me to wallow in the leather straight jacket, hood and gag,legs strapped tighter than shit,  for hours. No sounds. No sight. Just the wonderful feeling of the bondage and helplessness. There was no panic as I was afraid there would be. I was helpless but I knew two things, if I asked to be let loose, you'd just tell me to fuck off. I'd signed a contract. But I also was sure that if I had some serious problem you would respond. That's all I needed to know. Various scenes were repeated and it was all I had ever hoped for including being locked in your prison cell at night, handcuffed and chained to the bunk.

It was Disneyfuckingland in Tucson Arizona for the best ride in the land. Thank you so much.


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Subject: Re: BONDAGE
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 11:32:53 +0000
From: xxxxxxrolph <>
To: Master Jack <>

Master Jack,

Thank You for renewing my faith in human nature. It has been almost 20 years since I came to you that first time, my heart pounding
as you picked me up in your (then) blue Mercedes and took me to your dungeon in a building outside of your home in the Bay Area. Some things change...your Mercedes is now dark green and both the dungeon and the prison cell are in your lovely home. But the care and dynamic force You and Guard  T exert are still professional and in perfect balance.
I know I didn't talk a lot during my scene there...partly because I was gagged(!!!!!) but mostly because I was afraid it would destroy the force of the scene. So now I will talk.
When I came to you in 2000 I was a lost soul. I had been married, unhappily for 20 years, had two grown daughters and a successful business to which I devoted all my time, since my home life was fraught with unhappiness. I had found your web page the year before and spent time drooling over it from my office commuter, afraid my wife would somehow  discover the pictures. I wish she had.

So after an argument with her over something trivial, I decided, "What the hell" and contacted you. A month later I was bound and gagged in your dungeon, experiencing the life I had dreamed of since I was a by, watching westerns on TV. How I wanted to be that cowboy, hogtied and poked by other cowpokes. I lay there, helpless and hogtied, thinking, "This is me."

So long ago. And now, last week,  I've relived it again from probably two of the best bondagemasters on the planet. It's been a long journey. After my scene with you 19 years ago, I went home and told my wife what I had been doing. She seemed to have suspected all  along there was
"something wrong" with me and asked if I would seek therapy. I said, "I've just sought 4 days of therapy and it's cured me of living the life I have.

We divorced and she was quiet about my proclivities. I think she thought her friends would think less of her if they knew about me. Then a year later a fellow contacted me from your BONDAGEMASTER site. I don't think I ever told you that. Sorry. It was love at first hogtie. We moved in together in Philadelphia. He was a lawyer and I ran my company, as usual. We had wonderful times together and then he was killed in a car wreck. I was devastated and wrote you some time later asking if you knew of anyone in my area. You recommended Dan the fellow from the Mainline. We got together at his house many times and he tied me up even though he really was a bottom, as you know since you had tied him up many times. And then another tragedy, he fell in his bathroom and died. That was some years ago. But I retreated, thinking I must be bad luck.
Then I saw some pics you posted on another site and that stirring in my loins came back. Weeks later, I arrived at your new digs. WOW. Best decision I've made in some years. . If you know of anyone else who is looking for a 63 y.o. boy, still in good shape and as you said, a "True Bondophile" send them my way. I'm ready and waiting once again.



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Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2019 21:31:55 -0400
From: Allan <>
To: Master Jack <>

Yes thank you. I got home OK. Yes things are awful here with all the flooding, but my area is not so badly hit as others.
I wanted to thank you for the experience of a lifetime.... at least my lifetime. Coming from a farming community everything I want to do
would be a disaster if it were ever found out here. I might lose my wife and children. Nobody would understand. I'm not sure I understand and yet, for the first time in my life, you made me feel that I wasn't a freak. Just somebody with different fantasies from all the people I know, or at know of. Thank providence for that conference in Phoenix subterfuge so I could come to you.
It may be OK for men in San Francisco to be into bondage or even Tucson where you are now. But where I live and my religion, it would be totally forbidden.
So it's for that I first want to thank you. I now feel like a man, not a freak. Do you realize how liberating that is!
But most importantly with your acumen you guided me through my 3 day scene. You had warned me, in advance, that being a total novice that I might find the times locked up in the prison cell in chains and leg irons difficult even though I had marked it a 10 on your form. "You can set up the scene to take lengthy  breaks if you wish, in advance." I didn't wish. And I didn't need it. I felt exhilarated to be held captive, knowing I couldn't get loose yet safe. Not abandoned.
And the hours spent in the dungeon in straitjackets... WOW. I had only put a 5 on your form. "Exploratory" you had called my rating. Now it's a 10. I sat for hours, floating as you called that. What a sensation. It was more than I had ever dreamed possible. I'm not going to list all the great things that happened. But I can only say it was the three best days of my life.
Your humble servant,
Note: Came for a 5 day scene as a prisoner but stayed for another 6 days to become a friend, from New Zealand.
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Subject: Thanks
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 10:44:49 +0900
From: Petexx<>
To: Master Jack <>

Thanks John and Terry for such a great time with you both, your hospitality,  friendship  and the awesome scenes - will take time to fully appreciate it all. 
Flight to Chicago was good but to white plains!!! Storms and snow when we landed.  3 inches next morning. 
Have attached some pictures. Hope baron isn't missing me too much! 

Cheers Pete

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Subject: Re: thank you
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2019 16:51:55 -0800
From: Ericxxxxxxxx <>

Dear Master Jack,

It's been eight years since I came to your dungeon for a weekend of bondage. It was, without exaggeration, the most intense sexual experience of my life. For many years, I have wanted to do it again. You and Terry are the only men who have ever truly satisfied my deepest urges in bondage.

My memories of the time that you and Terry spent with me are still vivid and erotic. The feeling that I was your captive as soon as you shackled me in the back of the car only got more intense as you locked me in the cell, ordered me to strip, immediately handcuffed me again, and kept me naked and in chains for two days. Even just calling up the memory to type this message makes me immediately hard. I loved the tension between wanting to escape, trying to escape, and realizing again and again that it was futile. The cage and the handcuffs, straining to pull the door open, pulling at the chain that padlocked my feet to the iron bar on the bed, left to stew with nothing I could do but tug against my shackles again. I remember the very first thing you did after Guard T strip searched me was to handcuff my hands above my hand and force me to hold my hard cock through the grate of the cage. Then you gagged me. I was already fired up with erotic tension just from this, but when you left me for an hour and returned just to force another cloth in my mouth and gag me even more tightly, it was mind blowing. I fell into a trance. I remember at some point I let my cock rest outside the grate and one of you, I'm not sure who, chastised me for not following orders. You asked whether I was a prisoner who needed punishment to correct my behavior and whether I needed a flogging. I wish I had been more brave and said yes. The idea of you dragging me upstairs on a chain to be flogged for my defiance is a fantasy I still play out in my dreams.

There were so many other things you did to me during that stay that I can still call on immediately when I want to jerk off. Things like the fact that you left me handcuffed while I ate my meal (I wish I had accepted your invitation to come upstairs—I'm not sure what you were planning to have me do, but I can only imagine what the differential of power would have felt like to have me eating naked and chained while you were both clothed and free, only to be sent back down again to the prison). Or the tight feeling and creaking leather of the straightjacket that you put me into. Or the way you strapped me to a chair in it and I could only strain, struggle, and thrash without being able to go anywhere. I think you realized at some point that this impulse to struggle and resist and know that it's futile was the true point of eroticism for me and you left me in your playroom hogtied and gagged. You finally rewarded me for perseverance by letting me cum, putting me through agony, with nothing I could do to stop you. I remember you saying that to me, "Oh, I know. You think I'm going to stop now that you've cum. You may want to get away, you may want me to stop, but you can't do anything to stop me" and, god, the feeling that burns inside me of how intensely I wanted to hear that. It's hard to put into words.

There was also something tender in the way you left me hogtied after that but talked to me about bondage, about my experiences and your knowledge of it. I felt trapped, but safe and protected at the same time. It was exactly the right thing after the intensity of the experience of finally cumming after a day spent trapped and building up a massive load.

It was amazing all the qualitative differences I felt within that single period of being a captive. Definitely pleasurable were the times I tried to fight and resist, but there were also contemplative times when I accepted I could do nothing to alter my circumstances at that moment and sank into a feeling of timelessness. Not bored, maybe a little horny, but mostly just calm. That happened to me the second day when you chained me in a hogtie to the bed in the cell. I was so surprised by that. I thought I would be furious with boredom, because in everyday life I'm a man who becomes bored easily, who has to keep himself constantly moving, learning, or doing to avoid boredom. But there, I was forced to just lie still with my thoughts and feelings until they drifted away. I think I could have spent many more days like that, prisoner to your whims, powerless.

I was also moved and filled with desire and longing by Guard T when he chained my hands over my head. I believe he may have jerked off and cum on me . I certainly would have liked that. It was such a relief, and I felt so vulnerable lying naked and unable to move or control what was happening to me. I regret that I didn't express how intense those feelings were to you and to him—it was a little like falling in love, and it was confusing. I certainly regret it if he felt hurt by my silence.

I narrate all this to say that I still think of you both regularly and wish I could come to your house again and hand myself over to you. I've grown a lot in eight years—I'm more sure of myself, more confident, and a lot more muscular, but I still crave the feeling of being held captive and losing control to two powerful older men who can do whatever they want to me. I want to be stripped of my clothes and chained up again, maybe just left in the cell wearing nothing but leather boots. I want to resist and struggle and fight against it with being able to break free. I want to be forcefully gagged—sometimes I've imagined a moment sometime during my captivity when a gag would be padlocked to my head and I'd be left to move relatively freely in the cell, but unable to take the gag out. As I said, I think I would enjoy some abuse, like flogging or manhandling, something to correct my defiance and force me into compliance. Anything with chains, padlocks, shackles, or handcuffs always makes my cock jump, but you also showed me that leather is a turn on to. Straightjacketed, strapped down in a body bag, or even left hanging from straps like a rack of meat. I watch the videos you produced yourselves with Boy Glenn constantly—it's really the only porn that I watch at all, in fact. Everything in those videos electrifies me with desire. I want you to hold me as your prisoner again.

I know it's been many years, and I wouldn't be surprised if you don't remember me all that specifically now among the many men you've had come to you. I attached a picture so that you have some visual reference for who's writing to you. I do hope you remember me, and that you would be willing to have me come again for some days.

Can I come to you and have you arrest me again?

With all sincerity,

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Subject: Re: MY SCENE
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2019 02:00:39 -0700
From: Bradxxxxxxx <>
Master Jack <>

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't think you can know what a great thing you have done for me. Since I was about 10, I've wanted someone, some man, to tie me up and just keep me that way. But  so many things got in my way.... My father, the stern Army Colonel, my mother the devout Catholic, then my domineering wife and after she died  my grown children who would never understand.
Finally, age 62 I said to myself, "Enough. I've lived for every one else now I'm going to do what I want for myself." So I wrote to you and came... the best decision, really, of my life.

I have looked at your site for years and read what others wrote. I kept wondering, "Can this be true?" It is. You knew just how far to push me, as you call it. The thrill of having you say, "No, I'm not letting you loose. Just simmer." I had really wanted loose for I was worn out but I didn't use the magic three grunts for I knew that escape hatch would end things. So I struggled and fought the straitjacket and then had an enormous cum in my leather pants. I will remember that for the rest of my  life.
My thanks to Guard T also. His handling  of me in the prison cell was very professional.
My very best to you both,



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Subject: Re: my scene
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2019 13:23:24  -0800
From: boundboyxx <>
To: Master Jack <>

Sorry it's taken me almost 2 months to write. It's not that i had a bad time. On the contrary, i had a great time. In fact, i think of my time as YOUR prisoner daily. 

But i have been traveling from one meeting to another almost from the time i left YOUR place.

Once i was sitting in a  board  (bored) meeting and i let my mind drift back to being tightly bound, head to toe in leather, tightly gagged, not  able to hear nor see anything, just "floating" as YOU call it. i had never done that. It was sublime.  I had a roaring hard on when YOU had me that way, (and when i was sitting thinking of it) but couldn't masturbate myself. That was exceptionally excruciating. YOU left me that way for hours, until i finally uttered the three grunts. i had to piss really bad and didn't want to soak YOUR  wonderful leather.

YOU told me i was a "natural" and when i asked what YOU meant, YOU said, "Not everyone can take it. They dream of being tightly bound and forced to stay that way, but they need dancing bears to amuse them. That's not MY scene. There is stimulation of course, but it's anticipatory. "

i knew then that i understood completely. The long hours chained in the cell always led to some great scene in the dungeon. i needed to control my mind during those times and i could. i was being punished, in isolation.... which was a fantastic escape from my everyday world of high pressure. There was no pressure, only anticipation of YOUR  demanding care.

i'm sure YOU know YOU and GUARD T are ones of a kind. i hope YOU can continue for many years.


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Subject: Re: BONDAGE
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2019 14:16:17 +0000
From: Jamesxxxxxx <>
To: Master Jack <>

Thank you for a remarkable time. For thirty years I' dreamed of being kept bound up, no way out. You fulfilled that dream handsomely.  I can't remember when I had a better time...doing almost nothing but struggling against my bonds. You have quite a collection of leather straitjackets and several fit me perfectly, as you know. But equally impressive was your vast collection of handcuffs and restraints which were used in various forms to keep me immobile when I was in the cell.
Let me add my unqualified recommendation to anyone reading this on your site , if you publish it, to advise, "Go for it. You'll not be sorry."



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Subject: Re: RESPONSE
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 01:17:46 -0500
From: AXxxxxxx <>
To: Master Jack <>

Hi Master Jack,

I just arrived at my apartment in Philly. Thank you and Terry so much for having me! I learned a lot about myself and what I’m really into. You’re also such an awesome chef besides being a great master. I enjoyed every single meal I had at your place.

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to the photos your took :)










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my scene
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2019 05:22:18 +0000 (UTC)
From: conradxxxx <>
To: Master Jack <>

Thank you again for a truly fantastic scene. As you know I had only gone a few hours before coming to you. I learned to wait quietly in the cell (that was a learning experience in itself) until you came to me for a scene in the dungeon. And then..ELECTROSTIM. Wow! I had never experienced anything like it. I suppose I could buy the same expensive equipment you have, but it wouldn't be the same. You know how to apply the stimulus and how to vary it Plus I never could duplicate that wonderful helpless experience. And how to push me. WONDERFUL.  I can hardly wait to return.


-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: HOME SAFE
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 11:11:53 -0600
From: Master Tim <>
To: Master Jack <>

No children, no wife living, no boy-presently. That, as you know, was my situation this xmas season. So why spend it alone and overwhelmed by all the xmas "cheer" of others. That's why I came to you and boy what a great decision that was.
I'm top 90% of the time. but I came to see how another man handles his scenes. I got a bonus. I got to watch both you and Guard T work your magic, and magic it was. I couldn't imagine I was going to enjoy spending hours in the jail cell...but I did. Hands cuffed and legs chained to the prison bunk, I was completely helpless yet I knew I was safe. You were monitoring and somehow that made me fall into a sort of nirvana I've never known. Then the fun stuff int the dungeon. You know your stuff and have great equipment.
The return flights home were pure torture and not the good kind. But I made it and now reminiscing as I type.
Thanks guys. Everyone should spend xmas tied up. It's a complete catharsis.

(for you) Slave Tim


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Subject: YOU
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2018 13:15:25 -0500
To: Master Jack <>

First I just want to say, thank you for being just what you say you are... MASTERS OF BONDAGE. I had studied your web page for years, wondering if it could be true or just another bunch of posturing that turns out to be a lot of baloney. Living in NYC and having answered a lot of Recon ads can make one very jaded. Then also being a top to boot :-), makes it really hard for there are so many pushy bottoms who pretend to be something they aren't. To turn myself over to anther "Master" for three days seemed almost impossible.

But there were so many letters from thankful boys, many of them tops, who had come to you, some returning. It still was hard for me. And then I ran into a fellow who contacted me from Recon for a scene. We finally got together. It was a great scene. It lasted about 4 hours-he had to get back because he was just visiting the City and was here on business. I asked if he would consider doing a longer scene with me one day and he said he would love to someday when he returned to New York and had the time. I asked if he had ever gone for a scene that lasted a weekend.

"Yes, a couple of years ago I had a scene with Master Jack and Guard T. It was one of the best times of my life. Complete escape from my normal world. Someday I want to go back but I work all the time."

So that did it. I came to you, still doubting. But no more. You applied pressure, just enough pressure for me to want it to stop while mentally begging it wouldn't. It's a fine art. You two have MASTERED it.

Thank you. 3 of the best days of my life.




-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: YOU
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 12:07:30 +0000
From: JF Ivan <>
To: Master Jack <>

I arrived well, thank you, this trip was perfect, I really enjoyed SF
Thanks for the photos

And Thanks again for the great time there, I miss your cell.

Now I just have to figure out the way to be Happy.

Best regards



-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: RESPONSE
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 05:13:55 +0000
From: Rick BonXXXXXX <>
To: Master Jack <>

Dear Master Jack and Guard T,

Have reached San Fran en route back to Australia, and wanted to thank you both for a great 3 days as your prisoner. Your setup in Tucson is very special, and you have a great knack for making a guy feel very horny once he's in that prison garb and locked by Guard T in the cell. I enjoyed the personal attention and the exposure to the great gear in Master Jack's dungeon. The visit to the concert and the great food were fringe benefits.

Hope you can send me some of the pics Master Jack took. Also happy to have a pic posted on your website if I can check there's nothing on it to identify me.

Steve, your driver, looked after me very well. Pity he was a dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporter!

Hoping to see you again on a future trip to Arizona.



-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: ENGINE AT 9000 RPM
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 05:21:11 +0000
From: Racyboy<>
To: Master Jack <>
Hi Sir.

Back two weeks now and still contemplate what a marvelous time I had.
You have a gift. You read people really well. You know when they've had enough and when to continue. In my case, when I was exhausted, you came in and said "Let's take a break." And we did. Within a few hours I was charged up again and roaring to go. Had you not interceded, I might have flamed out.
Wonderful, wonderful time. Keep it up. I know I shall. :-)



-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: scene
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2018 12:00:35 +0000 (UTC)

Master Jack <>


First Class! What else can I say? From the moment you picked me up in your spotless Benz to the Limo that delivered me back to the airport---everything was first class. Guard T provided the discipline I so desperately needed. No back talk or I was punished. The cell time was penitent. The dungeon time, with all its variations was something to look forward to. Never did I think to myself,, "Why did I do this?" I knew from the beginning I had made the right choice. You provided the escape from the world of decision making to a world of "What's next?"  Thanks. I understand why your returning prisoner John came back so many times. You two aren't 2 dimensional figures. You are complex  and actually brilliant at what you do.

-------- Forwarded Message --------


Subject: THANK YOU!
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2018 23:59:46 +0200
To: Master Jack <>, Terry Marshall <>

Dear Master Jack, Dear Guard T,

after safe return home, I would like to write to you in order to express my thanks and appreciation for the great time I was allowed to spend with you last week. It was again a great experience for me, and I do not regret a minute I spent as your prisoner in Tucson. I only regret - and I apologize for this -, that I could not live up to my promise to stay until Tuesday morning. I regret this even more since I know that Terry had organized an additional day off on Monday which would have allowed me to stay until the next day. Special thanks and apologies to you, Guard T! You know how much I value your professionalism as a cop/guard. And next time when I am allowed to return, I would wish I could time this in a way that keeps my information devices away from me and makes me surrender to the permanent pressure and the tough hand of my cop, ready to take tough punishment in case of non-compliance.

This time, objective pressures made this impossible. In fact, it was good and necessary to be in SF that Monday evening. So, from that point of view, it was the right decision, but I will continue to regret the early departure very much...

Thank you for your understanding!

All the best wishes!

Inmate Ben

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: My imprisonment
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 17:52:18 -0700
From: Herodxxxxxxxx <>

Master Jack <>

At the end of the day. your gift and that of Guard T is to offer a threatening scenario while yet making men feel comfortable in what is happening and will happen. It is a gift and one you both use wisely. There was no bravado,just the two of you being the two of  you.

I had a marvelous time and will return one day. It's now time for me to contemplate all that happened and wallow in the sybaritic pleasure of it. Imagine being held prisoner and wanting to be held prisoner. The dichotomy of that situation is delicious and  will keep me entertained for a long time. It's what I wanted. You gave it to me.


Subject: Re: my scene
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2018 14:07:18 -0700
From: jerryxxxxx<>
To: Master Jack <>

WOW! Never did I think 3 days would go so fast. When you first told me that the average scene was 3 days, I thought "I could never make it that long." I'm glad I did. At the end of the scene, I wanted more! You two are great!
Next time I'm in Phoenix on business I will definitely schedule a  scene with you.

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re:THANKS
Dienstag, 03. Juli 2018 um 20:02 Uhr
To: Master Jack <>

Sorry for the delay in writing. I was in China for business after I left your place, as I told you. Just back to Vienna a couple of days ago.

Thanks for a great time, as usual.  There's a Master outside London I see and like and another one also. But I have to say your place offers me what I love most...tight bondage, well done, evenly distributed so I can take it for long times or in heavy irons in your  prison cell. It's a complete escape from my daily, hectic life. And then as a bonus you have me another day or two, free,  to just relax by your pool, enjoy the tranquility there, have fine food and stimulating conversation. You both are interesting men.

So again, thanks so much. I'll be back.


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Thank you!
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2018 17:00:07 -0600
From: BradXXXXX <>
To: Master Jack <>

Greetings Master Jack and Guard T

  I wanted write and let you know I had an amazing time with the two of you.   The time I spent hooded in a straitjacket was a dream come true.  I had a great trip back home and had plenty of time to reflect on things.  I hope to get back down there in the future, as I am already missing the tight restraint of the straitjacket.

Thanks so much,


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: SCENE
Date: Sat, 26 May 2018 23:41:09 -0700
From: Tony XXXXX <>
To: Master Jack <>

Hello Master Jack,

Wanted to send a quick note to thank You both for a wonderful time this week!  I greatly appreciate the time and energy put into each scene, as well the great conversation and delicious food that was provided.  I’m now back in Portland, resting up this weekend.

It probably won’t come as any surprise to either of You that I’m actually having some withdrawal symptoms, missing the various restraints to which I very quickly became accustomed, including “Spike, the total dick” (anchor chain in the cell), the Czechoslovakian leg irons and cuffs, and the heavy irons used in the cage adjacent to the cell.
.  As you suggested, I truly am in a very fortunate situation where I can take as much time as needed to further explore various BD/SM experiences to find one that will ultimately meet my needs.

I’ll keep you updated as I move forward along this path, and will hope to have an opportunity to spend more time with You in the future.  Thank You again, from the deepest depths of my BondoBoy soul!





-------- Forwarded Message --------

Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 04:34:12 +0000
From: Samxxxx <>

Master Jack <>

God, what an experience! It may have been just another boy to you but for me it was a dream come true.You and GUARD T are truly great. I'll try and come back but it's hard for me to do as you know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: THANK YOU
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2018 13:10:26 +0000 (UTC)
To: Master Jack <>

Master Jack and Guard T:
Thanks so much again for an evening that made a dream come true, Sirs.  I very much enjoyed being in your cell, and the feeling of the cold steel cuffs on my wrists and ankles.  The chains connecting my cuffs to each other and to the wall were wonderful.  I also enjoyed being in the straight-jacket despite the slight panic attack and was glad to have tried it.  Sirs, thanks for letting me come.  I feel particularly privileged to have spent so much time with the very handsome Guard T; Thank You, Sir.
I had a wonderful set of short hikes in both parts of Saguoro afterwards and was able to contemplate my time with You, Sirs, and wanted to tell you how fulfilling it was.  Also, the desert landscape is truly stunning.  I did misunderstand your suggestion about Sabino Canyon; I had thought it was within the park and not a separate place.  So, having been in Saguoro already I did not make it to Sabino.  But your description of how lovely it is gives me an incentive to come back … if you’ll have me.

Thanks again, Sirs, for letting my fantasy come true


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 20:03:28 +0000 (UTC)
From: MartinNxxxxxx <>
To: Master Jack <>

I was overwhelmed at first. The prisoner processing was really professional and it just kept getting better. Some men might not like being chained up in a prison cell and then transferred to the dungeon to be placed in a straitjacket and kept that way for hours. I loved it. And even though I was helpless, I felt safe and secure.
I've done a lot of short scenes (< 8 hrs.) but nothing of them allowed me to "escape." About the time I felt I was "floating" the scene was over. In my 3 days with you and your immersion therapy, I did escape and it was the most wonderful feeling.
Thank you so much. I will definitely be back!
slave martin


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Return home
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2018 00:12:00 +0000
From: Jon7xxxxxx <>
To: <>

As I sit here in New York waiting for my flight to Heathrow, I have plenty of time to contemplate the past 5 days, particularly since the flight has been delayed by 8 hours. They have a Clubhouse for Virgin "Upper Class" so I'll be fed royally and maybe drink just abit too much since there is no reason not to. Even a spa with a "head massage" which I think I'll skip since my brain has been wonderfully massaged by you. I feel a little guilty for spending more on this one way flight by several times than the donation I made to you.. But you said on the phone that you offered scenes because you love doing them. I believe that. I don't think Virgin is that altruistic. When I get to Heathrow a Mercedes Limo will pick me up and take me to the Caledonian Sleeper in Euston where I've booked a 1st class Sleeper Room for Glasgow to visit my daughter. Then back to the investment world in London. 1st class all the way for that was my time with you. You gave me a marvelous escape from my business world. I'll be back to enjoy all the comforts of your facility, the prison cell with it's comfy padded slabs to be chained to, the  dungeon with all the hoods,  straitjackets and sleepsacks and who could forget the cage for punishment? All a sybarite could hope for. Cheers... from a grateful slave.


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: SCENE
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 20:53:12 -0500
To: Master Jack <>

I'm sorry it has taken me awhile to write and thank you for a most remarkable scene. I've had things pop up since I returned, not the least of which was my wife's early return from England. As I told you in my original email, she went to visit her ailing mother. But she returned early and that mixed with business problems caused me to be swamped. Fortunately, I was back home. I had told her I was going to our cabin in the Adirondacks because there is no phone service there. She might have driven up from NY to see me if I hadn't been home.
Now to the point: You gave me the experience I've always dreamed of, since college. I told you that that is when I first became interest in being bound up. I didn't tell you why. Here it is- I was in a frat and it was hazing week. The jocks loved to really haze the plebes. I forget how it happened but one of them tied my hands behind my back and they were razing me when another said, "Look at his Johnson. He's got a big hardon.' They all started laughing and dragged me to the basement of the frat house and tied my feet and legs tightly, stuffed a rag in my mouth and tied it there with another. As they pulled me into a closet, one yelled, "He's pissed himself." I had a big wet spot on my jeans but it wasn't from pissing. I had cum. They were drunk and laughing and locked me in the closet. I was there for hours. I was terrified and yet incredibly horny. As I struggled on the floor, on my stomach, I shot again. I was there for hours and wondered if anyone would find me. Finally the door opened and another plebe let me loose. I don't know how many times I ejaculated but the whole closet smelled of sperm. For years I would think of that night and jack off again. But I never acted on my fantasy, until you.

It was one of the best decisions of my life. Sometimes it was hard being chained up in the cell. Yet, it was what I wanted. The dungeon times were incredible. Sleepsacks, suspensions, whippings, electrostims, hoods, gags, muzzles, rubber, leather...I could go on and on. Everyday I wondered, "What's next?" I was never disappointed.

When my wife goes back to England I'll try and cum again.

Your slave,


You know you should give a TED talk! I think a hell of a lot of men would be fascinated.


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: Vielen Dank
Date: Montag, 20. Nov 2017 um 00:02 Uhr

Extraordinary is the only word I can think of. I have had scenes here in Germany and also England over the years. But nothing quite like what you offer.
I live, as do most people who come to be your prisoners, to be chained or bound and kept prisoner for prolonged periods of time. Other places have done this also. But yours is a sort of immersion therapy and it releases the bondage soul to be free. It sounds like a contradiction but its not. Being a professor here in Berlin most of the year I am constantly bombarded with tasks, schedules, responsibilities, meetings etc. Then I try to escape for just me. I was able to do so with you and Guard T. Wunderbar! I'll be back.


Subject: Re: Tucson trip
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 19:38:12 +0000 (GMT)
From: Jackxxxxxxx <>
To:  Master Jack <>


Thank you for the "hospitality".

I am safe now at home and slept almost 14hrs.

Thanks for everything.  

I was able to get fully erect once home and relaxed.   I think the stresses of captivity affected my stamina adversely.

If I could, I'd love to see any pics, of me, you are willing to share.

Your's as slave/prisoner always.

Guard T

Also Thanks!

You are great!

Big hugs!  

Your slave/prisoner too.


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: MY SCENE
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2017 18:16:14 -0400
From: slave jerry <>
To: Master Jack <>
Hi Master Jack,

I'm finally home after visiting family in NYC.
What an incredible experience you two gave me! Your dungeons scenes were all I could hope for and Guard T is a great disciplinarian, enforcing his prison rules in the cell. At first cell time was  a little hard but once I got used to it, the 5 days seemed to fly by. It was a curious reaction when my sentence was finally over. I was excited to be free but also sad that I was no longer incarcerated. Now I had to make decisions once again. I had escaped that for 5 days!
When I told a close friend (we used to play together) about my experience he said, "It's part of your Gilgul." Maybe he's right.

slave jerry


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2017 16:43:24 -0400

Master Jack,

Had a great time. That cell is something else. That cage is great. That straightjacket is great as well as all your hoods. Slave T is the best. I noticed in your video clips there is a matching collar for the irons. Do you have it?  Also do you have that metal head cage.   That really intrigues me a lot. To be locked up in the irons with the head cage on, WOW. I want to come back soon...



------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: Thursday
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2017 14:47:49 +0000 (UTC)
From: tater <>
To: Master Jack <>

Master Jack,
I wanted to again thank for a fantastic weekend. both you and Guard T were great. Please let him know his rope work and tough guard demeanor was outstanding. I look forward to seeing the pictures you took. I wanted to ask you what would it cost for a week long scene? And did you say you were busier during the cooler months, if so how far in advance would I need to request something like March or April?

Yours Truly,


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: MY SCENE
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2017 09:21:14 +0000

Master Jack <>

Thanks for another great scene last month. As you know I would come more often but I can only come when there is a conference in Phoenix, which is every few years. Explaining why I'm going to Tucson would be impossible, But as you must know by now, it is the highlight of my year. You and Guard T are real Pros. I love losing control and yet know in the back of my mind that I won't be harmed. You provide a service for those of us really into bondage which is probably unparalleled in the US if not the world. Thanks for being there! Until next time... James


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : link for WU
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2017 02:30:15 +0000 (UTC)
From: <>
To: Master Jack <>

Hello Sir.

Sorry if I missed your call earlier.

I will most likely get in touch in the coming weeks when my schedule eases a bit. 

Thank you again to you and and guard T for the wonderful experience.

Wishing you a pleasant weekend.



-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: My experience
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2017 11:20:45 +0000 (UTC)
From: johnxxxxx <>
To: Master Jack <>

Thank you for a remarkable time. That really says it all but I want to say more. For years I studied your site and kept asking myself, "Do men really do this?" Yet there were all the testimonials and it seemed like they were real. I can add mine to that now. Everything was as it was promised including your arrival in your Mercedes, your taking me to a "remote location" and restraining me for the ride to your place, to the prison cell, to the cage, to the dungeon, to all your straitjackets and hoods and paraphernalia... but most of all to your care and attention to detail. I felt overwhelmed at first and then I settled into your routine which became mine. I experienced things I had no concept of and enjoyed almost all and the few I didn't you ceased immediately.

Thank you for being what you are. You provide men like me a place to escape and live our fantasies. It was a dream of a lifetime and you made it happen. I'll be back. Slave John


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: Thanks
Date: Sat, 27 May 2017 21:56:08 +0100
From: Williamxxxxx <>

Master Jack <>

Back in London and off to Berlin tomorrow so dropping you a brief note to say thanks for a truly marvelous time. Who knew being chained up in a prison cell could be such a blinding great time. Nothing to do but struggle and did I ever! You applied just the right amount of pressure. 3 days seemed like 3 hours, almost. And who would have thought I would love straitjackets- leather and rubber? Wow! If only I had someone here to put me in one!

I'll be back! Best to you both.



Another heartfelt message from Sergio:

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Please read.
Tue, 23 May 2017 10:58:06 +0000 (UTC)
Sergio xxxxxx <>

(The first part of the message was very personal an not published.)

Finally I ran into your site. I was so afraid of everything but something told me I had to do this. 

I drove to Arizona. I was anxious and afraid. As you know I love dogs and I saw Baron outside, staring at me kind of inviting me in. I walked in and man was I afraid of Terry. I thought "OMG he looks like a real guard". I'm sure my body language gave it away but I was terrified. I also had never looked into anyone's eyes for as long as I can remember. I looked into Terry's eyes and I felt safe which was something I hadn't felt in a long time. Then talking with Jack was just as scary until I noticed you were trying to calm me down or something. You put on the straight jacket while talking to me I didn't even pay attention that you were putting it on. I just trusted you two which is not something I do so easily. Then the straight jacket came on and I was tied to the chair. Best 5 hours of my life! Then we talked in the cell and I had time to think all night. Then back to the strait jacket on the table. The next best 5 hours of my life.


Well I got back from Arizona and for the first time I smiled and laughed in the shower. I forgot what happiness felt like. I also took​ a huge risk. I talked to my sister and Mom and visited them as soon as I felt comfortable.

2 days ago my sister invited me out to hang out. We were talking and I kept being bothered by the thought that I had to tell her I was gay or that I was going to lose my mind if kept it a secret from her. Well I told her....and she hugged me and said that she didn't care. She said that I was always going to be her little brother​ and she loved me and was sorry that I had hold that in for so myself. She asked if I wanted to tell my mom alone and I told her I was scared. She assured me that my mom would be supportive. We were driving to my mom's apartment and I was shaking and breathing hard. She asked "what's wrong?" And I said "I have​ something important to tell you". I told her I was gay and she started crying...she started saying "I'm sorry I'm so sorry you had to keep that hidden for so long please forgive me. You needed your family and no one was there for you. I know I wasn't a mother but I love you and always will and thank you for trusting me."

 I was free... Finally free.. after suffering for 24 years Im free!

Jack. Terry.
I am forever grateful for what you did for me. I consider both of you as part of my family. The only family I have.  

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Thank You So Much!!
Date: Mon, 01 May 2017 11:54:11 -0700
From: SergioXXXXXX <>


Hello Master Jack and Guard T. :)

I made it home safely. I would've written as soon as I arrived but I knocked out as soon as I hit the bed. I wanted to thank both of you again for taking the time to give me such a great experience. Thank you for the hospitality as well. It was a one of a kind experience and though I was afraid at first I'm glad I made the trip. Also, thank you for your words of support.

I wanted to let both of you know that ever since I met you both I have started to truly be happy, beyond happy actually. Guard T was right in that I should not suppress who I really am. His words have helped me so much. Both of you will always be in my heart and I feel my heart can finally start to heal from all the hurt it has endured. Also send my love to Beryn? Berin? I don't how to spell his name. :l

I hope to see both of you again.

I hope only the best for all of you~*

Thank you!!


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: My Visit
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2017 23:06:30 +0100
From: Charles xxxxxx <>

Master Jack <>


Master Jack,

“It is now nearly two weeks since my second visit to you, Guard T and Baron. Since then I have booked another trip to Tucson to see you at the end of the year, but I have not yet been able to write back to you with my feelings about my visit as I seem to have been busy with all sorts of other stuff.

Well first I want to thank you both for looking after me so well and for becoming such good friends. As you know, I am not so much into long bondage, isolation or sensory deprivation sessions, but rather into BDSM sessions of two or three hours and you both tailored some great scenes for me – E-stim and bondage in the dungeon, tough executive prisoner/guard sessions in the cell and the cage and two great afternoons chained to the whipping post and punished by Guard T. What I really enjoyed was our ability to move in and out of role so naturally. To talk together over the dinner table, then be chained up and collared for the night. To be released in the morning for a long walk with Guard T and Baron and then to be returned to my cell for further punishment and discipline.

And of course, Baron, who remembered me from 8 months ago, was wonderful. He insisted that I play with him whenever I was out of the cell and when I was incarcerated he demanded my release! But even more than him, I miss my chains. I look forward to continuing my adventure over Thanksgiving.”






-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Thanks!
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 07:31:14 +0000
From: Douglas <>
To: Master Jack <>

Master Jack,

I'm back in Canada, very tired, but wanted to thank you for the experiences and your kind words (as well as the link) over the past couple of days.  I quite enjoyed the leather straightjacket and electro-stim to say nothing of the jail cell.  Guard T did an excellent job watching over me and certain knew how to use a prisoner when the time came.

Very tired, but am looking forward to the pictures.  And will give thought to your words.





Subject: Re: Tucson Trip
Date: THURS, 20 Apr 2017 00:46:21 -0500
From: Bob XXXXXX <>
To: Master Jack <>

I got the pictures, thank you Sir.  Yes of course I think of the scene fondly.  I had a great time.  And yes I would be honored to be shown on your website.

Thanks again.


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Merci
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2017 11:37:49 +0000
From: Jeanxxxx<>
To: Master Jack <>

Thanks for the great experience. I was worried that the language might cause a barrier. But you can understand me well and I could understand some of your French. Between the two we were in harmonie. At first, 3 days seemed like it would be eternity. But then I "got into the flow" as you say. It was, after some time, exhilarating. No worries. No decision and best of all when I was tightly bound up, complete freedom. I must to rely on you both for everything.

This is an experience I will never forget. I hope to return when my company again sends me to America.

Merci beaucoup!

Your slave,



-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Last Visit
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 20:07:42 -0600
From: PaulXXX <>
To: Master Jack <>

I wanted to take the time to thank you for last weekend. I had a great time, despite my issues. I would like to come back at some point.

Thank both of you for your kindness.

Also, where about to find that Dakota 1 video, and What was he arrested for if you can say.


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: Master Jack
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2017 05:53:00 -0300
From: El senorxxx<>
To: Master Jack <>

First Master Jack I want to thank you for taking me. I know when I marked "Top" 100% on your form you said it wouldn't work. But as I told you, at home in Argentina, I am only a top. But I came to Tucson to learn. And I did! I learned how to control my need for constant input. I learned to live with my condition, in chains or straitjacket, in the cell or in the dungeon. It's hard for me. I am always in control in Buenos Aires. Always whether at the university, at home, or in my Dark Room. This was a wonderful experience. And the feeling of helplessness and the need for someone to care for me was...sublime. Everything you did was a journey into darkness... I would never trust anyone in Argentina to do this to me. But you made me feel safe, although threatened by lack of control. Wonderful.


Subject: my slavehood
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2017 11:46:23 -0500

-------- Forwarded Message --------

I have looked at your BondageMaster webpage for almost 10 years. I finally took the plunge. It was a life altering experience. Now I know that I truly am designed to be a slave and I will make a diligent effort to find a Master for a relationship like the one you have with Guard T. I have wondered for years if it was possible to have such a relationship and now you two have proved it is and not only that, proved that I can handle it. Thank you so very much for this wonderful time in your prison cell, your cage, your dungeon and also your home where you treated me so well after my scene was done. You're an inspiration to us all.

-------- Forwarded Message --------

From a very brilliant young man (20s) He came with NO experience and handled everything extremely well. He deserves the accolade "Bondee."

Subject: Re: Dear master Jack
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2016 23:48:01 -0800
From:  KEN <>
To: Master Jack <>

Thank you very much for having me for two days. I arrived home safely after long layover .. I had a very good time, exploring new things. I'm really glad that I decided to contact you, and I'm very grateful that you accepted my application. Also, the swordfish was so good that I had to buy one for my dinner tonight after I came home as well. I couldn't cook it as well as you sir, though. Thank you Guard T for telling me "Relax and be yourself." Somehow that came to me very emotionally, releasing some tension I always had between what I want and what I think I should want. Regarding my remark after chained in the cell being "getting bored", I thought that scene was actually good. I said I felt bored because I had to take a piss and that made me out of mind a bit and wanted to try another thing. I was quite nervous the first day and the piss bucket was filled very quickly. I was surprised and I thought I should drink at least that much to not get dehydrated. 

Hanging long time in the sack in the dungeon, which was the first time doing something like this, somehow I felt my mind is clearing up from busy thoughts about work. Tightness was uncomfortable sometimes, but it was very interesting experience. No pain, no gain in some sense. I managed through bondage better than I thought. I thought I might panic if immobility gets prolonged. I think you timed it right for me and allocated good rest times between scenes. I was not so sure if it was ok to feel less blood flow in my hand or should I call Master Jack. Thank you for considering my health, letting me sleep rather than bringing me to the dungeon the first day due to my lack of sleep before arrival and giving me Tylenols for my headache in the morning.

I really liked the cell and the uniform. There was a button for panic attack in the cell, but I felt very comfortable and homey in the cell separate from the outside world. I'm not sure if that is what it was meant to be, but I liked being in the uniform in the cell. If I can visit next time, I will not ask for photos and simply put none of my belongings in my sight during the stay to truly be separate from the outside world.

The conversation over the dinner made me think about my career, too. After being in the cell and all the scenes in the dungeon, I think somehow I gained my energy to move on in my career and get my confidence back. Now, back to the normal life. I hope I can say hello in your normal lives sometime later as well. Being discreet.

Thank you very much.
Happy New Year!



-------- Forwarded Message --------

Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2016 16:35:02 +0000
From: Richxxxx<>
To: <>

Sorry I haven't written sooner. As I told you when I left, I had to travel a lot but I'm finally home (with wife and kids). These escapes I have into your wonderful land of bondage are a life changing event. How many is it now? Four or five of them? Always just after Thanksgiving-just. 3 days of bliss. Bound, helpless and no release. It's like recharging my batteries to handle my very stressful life. You used to say you were going to create a bondage haven. Well, you have. Hope to be back late Nov. next year.



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Subject: Date: From: To:
Subject: Visit
Mon, 10 Oct 2016 15:02:50 -0400
Master Jack <>

I wanted thank both you and Guard T for such a great experience these past couple of days. I can still feel the tenderness from the clamps on my nipples my shirt brushing against them will give a brief shiver of pleasure. I could go and on describing the pleasure from each activity but then this message would be too long. Please let Guard T know that he was right about my chain collar it does fit better shortened by 4 links. The only thing that I would like to see different would be the ankle cuffs if I could have had a break from them before wearing them to bed I don't think they would have caused too much pain and could have been used during the second day.Every few minutes I think back on the experience and once I got home I didn't feel right wearing clothes and missed the feel of being in wrist cuffs am looking forward to a time when I can come for a longer visit in the future

Subject: Date: From: To:
Subject: Date: From: To:
-------- Forwarded Message ----
Fri, Oct 7 2016 13:07:58 -0000>


My third visit! How I long for them. You give me a place that is home to all my bondage desires.

I wonder if you realize how important these trips are. You probably do. You and Guard T are so empathetic. I can hardly wait for my next scene. I'll look forward to it every day.



Sat, 1 Oct 2016 01:14:20 -0400
Master Jack <>


Hello Master Jack

As I told you, before I requested an application for a session, I read most of, if not all of the comments other men had sent. They really seemed sincere. But as I read them I thought to myself, Well this is great but I'll never write if I go.

I was wrong.

My scene with you and Guard T was everything I had hoped for... and more. Someday, I hope to come back. I went home happy I had fulfilled a dream I had had since I was a young man, but never acted upon because I felt my wife would never understand and I would never do something like this without telling her. But she died two years ago and I had new freedom, albeit with sadness.

So I came, I saw and conquered my fears. Still no real reason to write as so many others have done.

Then a most extraordinary thing happened! I try to golf with my son once a week. We are very close and I have no secrets from him... except I was not going to tell him of my experience with you. I was sure he wouldn't understand.

Last Saturday we went golfing. After a few holes he said, "How was your trip to Vegas? Did you have a great time?"

I had told him and his wife as we had dinner before my trip that I was going to Vegas to play golf and gamble. It wasn't a lie really since I did stop in Vegas on the way back and do both.

I paused a long time before I answered. I didn't want to tell him of my real reason for going to Tucson, and yet I did. I don't like lies, even half lies. I think they tend to drive a wedge between people.

"Actually, I did go to Vegas but that wasn't the real reason for my trip. I think this may astound you, but I went to Tucson for a bondage/prison scene with two guys who are really  experienced in such things. It was something I've thought about for years, since I was young. It was a fabulous experience."

He stared at me for a minute and then finally addressed his ball...not me. We played many rounds in silence. I was sure he was going to say something like "I don't ever want to see you again." If that 's what he said, so be it. I wasn't going to continue to lie. On the last hole, he went to hit the ball and finally turned around, dropped his club, came over to me and hugged me.

We finished our game and went to the club house and sat outside having drinks. We were far enough from other tables that no one could hear us.

"What you did and what you told me really shocked me. You see, since I was about 11 or 12, I used to go out to the garage next to that big old house we had then  and tied myself up. Then I'd jack off. Goddam was that bliss! I almost got caught once by that gardener you had so I quit. But I still think about it almost everyday. I can never tell Maureen. She'd never understand coming from that nutty family of hers. Dad, I'm really glad you lived your dream."

So, now I've written you. You see, not only have you made me happy, you've opened up a whole new world between my son and me. I am very grateful. I think you and your partner are one of a kind, perhaps in the whole world. I don't know.

Thank you. Thank you.

My warmest regards,


Our boy from Luxembourg returned for another visit
-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Thanks!
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 01:34:47 +0200
To: Master Jack <>

Dear Master Jack, Dear Master Terry,
let me thank you very much for receiving me at your wonderful place in Tucson again.I enjoyed it very much - even the many, many hours locked up in the holding cell.I admire your work so much, and I hope I will be allowed to return! If yes, I would then try to organize my trip well in advance in order to make this compatible with your plans. I do not want to be too much of a burden to you, Master Jack, when you are alone in the house, and on the other hand I would appreciate to be heavily and constantly challenged, disciplined, educated, manhandled and - if necessary - punished by you, Master Terry.
Again, many thanks, and, please, allow me to return next year!

Your obedient prisoner Benoit

A new boy from Kent, U.K
Subject: Date: From: To:

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:
Thank You Masters!
Fri, 19 Aug 2016 21:55:50 +0100
Master Jack <>,

Dear Master Jack and Guard Terry,

I have been home in England for about 28 hours now and after a long sleep in this morning and a nap this afternoon I am feeling almost human again. The trip back all went to plan with no delays. Apologies for getting a bit stressed on Wednesday, Master Jack. As you predicted, check-in and security at Tucson airport were incredibly easy. The woman at security even gave me a card saying that I did not have to take off my jacket, belt and shoes – I should have kept it to give to Guard T next time we meet!

Wow! What an amazing experience I had with you both, something I really never expected to have a few months ago! As you both saw, it was the cell time with Guard T and being chained up for the night by him which really floated my boat. Funny, I feel so enhanced in my masculinity and manhood after submitting to you for those five days.

What was also so good was the way you welcomed me into your lovely home and looked after me – the breakfasts and dinners were all wonderful whether eaten upstairs or in the cell. Actually, learning to eat with a plastic fork whilst naked, chained and handcuffed was in itself very erotic. Not to mention pissing in the bucket during the night!

I am really looking forward to a return visit next spring if possible and am buzzing with lots of hot and horny scenarios, including handcuffed trail walks with Guard T and Baron. I hope he has not been pining for me, though I certainly miss him. Guard T, do let me have some dates when you will be free to look after me next spring.

Finally, I wish you both a great trip up north and happy birthdays later this month.

Much love and thanks from a very happy prisoner,


-------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Date: From: To:
Thank you!
Sun, 24 Jul 2016 01:45:26 -0400

As I wrote to you originally, I had thought of a scene for many years. Finally I hit "send" and asked for an app. One of the best decisions I've ever made. You arrived, as stated, in your Benz and Guard T was there with handcuffs and legions. I think it was the most secure I've ever felt in a car. :-) And we were off to the trip of a lifetime for me. Everything was just as seen on your site and couldn't have fulfilled my expectations better. The times in the cell were..."freeing." I was chained and helpless, but I felt as though I had escaped...escaped from the strictures of my daily life which are quite demanding. Nothing to worry about...nothing I could do. You have no idea how liberating that is...or maybe you do. The times in the straitjacket and sleepsack were even more enabling. As you know, I "floated" in both. You said that not everyone does that, but what a feeling. It's almost like an out of body experience. I was helpless and yet I knew, secure.

I can see why many of your prisoners have returned over and over. You may count me among them. I'll be back next year if you'll have me.



7 Jul 2016 17:33:48 -0400
Master Jack <>

Hello, sir! I had a great weekend last week, and I'm hoping to get some photos to remember it by. Can you and Guard T send the photos you took to this email address? Thank you! Michael

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:
ThankYou, SIRs
Tue, 5 Jul 2016 19:07:17 -0400

Master Jack and Guard T, 
Well, SIRs, this pig doubts many people would consider it a vacation to spend 80+ hours in an extremely small cell. Even fewer would think so knowing it included being on 24 hour per day lockdown with a full complement of restraints at all times. But, to this pig, it was the perfect vacation break from the day to day grind and an escape into a world where fantasies become real. And, SIRs, immersing oneself so completely in the reality is so much better than the fantasy. 
Guard T's expert, methodical, meticulous, and consistent approach to all of the high risk prisoner policies and procedures was incredible. That pressed so many of this pig's 'bottom buttons' that it was like constantly being in pig heaven! So many of the pig's hottest prisoner fantasies and fetishes were made reality in that way, SIRs! And, of course, the times in the dungeon provided wonderful 'float' time for a real straitjacket pig like this one. 
Walking through the airport this afternoon without handcuffs, leg shackles, lead chain, gag, and bag hood, and without Guard T directing the pig when to stop, turn right, turn left, and when to go forward was very difficult to get used to, SIRs. Having such freedom of movement, let alone seeing where it is going, is very strange right now. 
Thanks so much for being so understanding about the pig's flight delays (and, of course, the pig's flight home is delayed as it writes this,) sleepless first night, and stomach issues, SIRs. Your care and concern for the pig's health and well-being was very reassuring, SIRs. 
Thanks again, SIRs, for such a great and thrilling four days. The pig looks forward to being able to return again to serve another sentence as Your incarcerated prisoner pig, SIRs (hopefully for an even longer sentence next time.) 
Thank You, SIRs,  pig

-------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Date: From: To:
Tue, 14 Jun 2016 18:48:23 -0500
James <>
Master Jack <>

Master Jack and Guard T,

Thank you again for your time and hospitality; I enjoyed spending time with you once again. No trouble getting through airport security with the wax  on my chest. Either it was not detected or they didn't care.

I arrived home at 10:00 this morning and have spent the day mowing. Getting a little break right now as it has started to rain.

I look forward to seeing the pictures that you took.



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Subject: Date: From: To:
Re: scene
Fri, 15 Jun 2016 06:26:29 +0800
Master Jack <>

Thanks for a great time. You asked if, at the end, I was glad I came, a question with so much potential.

Yes, I'm extremely glad I came. It was wonderful. More than I had expected.

I'll be back

Mr Remarkable

Sent from my iPhone

Our slave from Berlin:

-------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Date: From: To:
Fri, 10 Jun 2016 14:47:02 +0000
SLAVE PAT < GuillaumeXXX>
Master Jack <>

Just a brief note to let you know that I made it back home OK (I fell asleep while we were still on the tarmac in Tucson!) and to thank you and Guard T. for your extremely warm and suitably rigorous hospitality.  I think my favorite memory is - handcuffed to the side of the cell, blindfolded and collared - being fed toast and water by Guard T., one precious bite at a time; breakfast at home will never be the same!  One unexpected aspect of my scene was spending five uninterrupted days naked - except for the increasingly numerous accoutrements with which Guard T. outfitted me (up to nine different restraints at a time, if my count is correct) and which gave me a wonderful sensation of freedom amidst the bondage.
My best to Baron ,too

With humble devotion, the mandarin

-- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Thanks for the hospitality
Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 16:21:41 -0500

Howdy, Master Jack and Slave Master Terry:

I’ve been gone from your home for almost a month but home for only about a week. Your hospitality in food and 5 day scene was outstanding once again; I especially enjoyed the time in the cage, once I got used to handling the leg-irons and cuffs. I appreciate your putting them on once I was in the cage and taking them off before I got out. Like so many activities in scenes over the years (e.g., the vibrator, clips on tits and balls), the cage and bindings took time to get adjusted to.

Spankings/floggings were well applied and needed; just wish I had those more available in this area (the closest is about 500 miles away).

Thanks for the great food and the delicious grapefruit; I am still enjoying the latter since they kept in good condition on my way home.


Your prisoner,



Subject: RE:

Date: Friday, 22 Apr 2016 10:31:12 +0200

From: <>

To: 'Master Jack' <>


Sorry it took so long to write. My scene with you in Feb was perfect. As you know, heading up a large university takes a lot of time and energy. It was great to just sit in your cell, be bound up in straightjackets and do all the great things you do. At times I felt bored. And then I realized that being bored is part of what it takes to have a five day scene. Then I learned to live with it. THEN I learned to love it.

You and Guard T really are Masters of your craft. I'll be back. Jordan

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:
Re: my scene
Wed, 30 Mar 2016 12:40:30 -0400

At 67 I thought I would never experience my dream of bondage. But after my wife died, I was so depressed I felt I had to try. Running into your web page was one of the greatest things in my life. I didn't know that such places existed. So I came.

I can't tell you how you have fulfilled my greatest desires. The three day scene was perfect. I never tired of the bondage. I yearned for more. And you seemed to sense when to give me a break.

So all I can do is offer you my most humble thanks. I hope to return someday.
boy leon

\ Subject: Date: From: To:



Wed, 16 Dec 2015 04:10:06 +0000
Master Jack <>






Back in OKC.  Trip was uneventful and on time.  Always a good thing.  Find myself almost missing the ever present handcuffs.  I am missing Terry's "face the wall - on your knees".  Somehow I will manage to ready myself for lights out...after pissing in a bucket stowed under my bed, of course.

Outstanding trip....would be honored to be invited back....will fantasize tonight for certain.

Thanks again.


Subject: Date: From: To:
My stay
Thu, 10 Dec 2015 23:13:11 -0500
Master Jack <>

Master Jack and Guard T, I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed being with you the last four days. I experienced a lot of new new things. The long nights in the cell were difficult and recharging at the same time. Being in cuffs and chains the entire time I was there along with the constant discipline made me feel like a true prisoner/ slave. Thanks for your wonderful meals and constant concern for my safety. You are both very nice people. Ken

PS I didn't realize it but I have been rubbing my wrists all morning. Four people have asked me what is wrong. If they only knew it was from being cuffed for days! Thank Guard T for the memories. Ken

Subject: Date: From: To:
Act I, Scene II
Sun, 29 Nov 2015 13:02:24 +0000
Master Jack <>

I hope this finds you and Slave Master T in excellent health, and that you have enjoyed a satisfying Thanksgiving holiday.
I remain very happy with my regular bondage experiences with Master A in Berlin, as well as those with a second Master, Amalion, who has been trained by Japanese kinbaku and shibari experts and in turn has initiated me into the pleasures of rope bondage.  But the fact remains that every couple of days I awake (from a very convincing dream) in handcuffs and leg irons in your jail cell, submitting to merciless man-handling from Slave Master T, and loving every minute of it.  So I think it is time to book a follow-on scene.
I will be in the US for a somewhat extended period in the spring in conjunction with my 40th  reunion, and could visit you at that time, assuming that the dates work.  I would like to lengthen the experience to five days,  I assume that this second scene would be "harder" than the first, both because of the duration and because we now know and trust one another.

In my scenes with Master A, which last five very intensive hours, I am collared, blindfolded, and restrained as soon as my clothes have been removed, and remain that way for the duration.  I would be happy to enjoy a scene with you under similar circustances; the sci-fi mask we tried on the last day of our previous scene was a perfect fit and a great way to "zone out" my physical surroundings, focusing entirely on the psychological dimensions of my bondage.  I find that the blindfold (or hood or mask) enhances the element of surprise and the collar is a constant reminder of my relationship to my Master.  Our scenes in Berlin generally begin with me on my knees, hands cuffed behind my back, a chain attached to the D-ring on my collar guiding me to where my Master wants me to lick his riding boots.  After my tongue reaches the top of them he generally asks me to lick the knees, thighs, and finally the crotch of his tight leather jeans.  When the bondage session proper begins, a piece of smooth leather is generally buckled across my mouth (see note on gags below) and my dick is often locked in a chastity cage.  Three to five "segments" generally follow, in a variety of positions - standing, prone, hogtied, sitting, kneeling, etc., in leather, metal, chains, and other materials.  I remain naked throughout.  Master A does not have either a straight jacket or a sleepsack, so I particularly look forward to experiencing these once again in your dungeon and/or jail cell. 
I hope the above-mentioned dates are OK with your schedule, but if not we can explore alternatives.  It's still quite awhile off, but I look forward to surrendering body and volition entirely to your persuasive command and Slave Master T's decisive domination.
With humble respect,

the mandarin

Subject: Date: From: To:
Tue, 17 Nov 2015 18:30:33 +0100
Master Jack <>

Hello Master Jack, After arriving back in Germany I want to thank you again for the great time, enjoying the Sessions, the concert, the great Food and all the Talks we had. I hope everyone is ok. Greetings also to Terry and Baron. Oliver

Re: Dungeon Scene
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2015 15:57:04 +0400
From: Jankoslave<>
To: Master Jack <>
This from a true Bondophile from Dubai! Came over 8,000 miles for his scene.

A fellow from the Balkans who has lived and worked in Dubai for many years

Dear Sirs,
I am back home now. I'd like to thank you once again for a wonderful time spent at your place. Apart from a great bondage experience, I was pleasantly surprised with your hospitality and nice personalities. I really enjoyed every minute of it. Hope to come again some day.
P.S. I didn't have problems catching the connection flight in Denver. On the contrary, there was plenty of time.
Regards, Janko

Subject: time of my life
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 02:07:15 +0000
From: Larryxxxx <>

You know it took me 5 years after initially filling our your form to finally get to you. What a waste of five years! I had the time of my life. I really never knew how much I'm really into bondage. My partner isn't into it and all I've ever done was to tie myself up. That's OK but you took it to a whole new level and I will never forget it. AND I WILL BE BACK.

Your humble servant,


Subject: thank you
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 12:20:27 -0500
From: Davexxxxx<>
To: Master Jack <>

3 days was just right. I originally asked for one day. Then after talking with you I wanted 5. You suggested since I was new to all of it, 3. By the end of the 3rd day I was exhausted... I didn't want loose but I just had no more energy. You monitored things perfectly. Pushing me but never over the edge. What can I say? You are a real pro. As you know I only had one other experience with a "Master" and he had no idea what he was doing. That's why I waited years to try it again. So glad I did. And I have no doubt of your discretion. Heading up a large law office in DC demands the utmost confidentiality I can get. Everything was fine. I'd recommend you, but don't know to whom. If you want to post this email, it's OK but with nothing that shows who I am.

Thank you,


A message from a devoted slave from Luxembourg
-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:
Mon, 17 Aug 2015 20:43:45 +0200
Master Jack <>,

Master Jack, Guard T,
I just have arrived in SF after a nice relaxing day on the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice. In view of the fact that I was passive the whole time in Tucson and was either sitting,sanding, or lying lazily in the cell or was securely restrained into or to something, I am surprised about the fatigue that fell over me after arriving in LA. So it must have been quite an intensive time for me with you. And an intensive and exciting experience it definitely was!
Let me wholeheartedly thank you for your hospitality, for the time and attention given to me, for the two days that you, Guard T, even took off from work, and for one of the best experiences I ever had in the world of bondage. I was impressed by your expertise, clear dominance, diligence and care. I enjoyed every single minute!
Beyond that I thank you for the privilege to be granted a time-out from the captivity when you allowed me to relax in your pool and for the wonderful dinner I was offered on friday night!
May I say, Sir, that I really admire what you do for a realistic and appropriate perception of bondage and - as I said on saturday - for moving this fascinating activity out of the "dirty corner". This is urgently needed and appreciated. But now that I have had the privilege to get to know the two of you personally, I am not surprised any more since I liked your intellectual, and cultural orientation. And I appreciated very much your clearly opinionated stance on important political issues. It is encouraging to learn that there are people in America for which liberalism and responsibility are two sides of the same coin and that for sound education and good judgement there is still hope!
I apologize if I did not (at least always) satisfy your expectations and ambitions. I can say I learnt a lot, and if I will ever have the privilege to come to your house again, I promise to do my best to improve.
Again, let me express my utmost gratitude and wish you a speedy recovery from the burden of this curious and not always appropriately obedient prisoner. Also in this respect I will get better with your guidance and under your strict control.
Yours, Prisoner BENOIT




(Note: I don't post all notes to me from boys... quite a lot just write something like, "Thanks. Had fun," or some such thing. I post those I feel had something to say.) I also only post three or four times year. LAST UPDATE - JUNE 21, 2015

I had a fellow who's thinking about coming here. He wrote:

"As a follow up to the last message, one thing I did want ask regards treatment. One thing I've read about many of your scenes includes breaks with gourmet meals and times out of the cell/dungeon. If I can commit to something next summer, would it be possible up front to request stricter treatment (bread and water only for meals) and no time out of bondage or out of the cell/dungeon for the duration?"

The answer- Of course. All scenes are geared to what the prisoner needs, wants. Some need breaks. Others don't. As for food, the last night's meal is usually something special, but doesn't have to be. When Guard T is running a scene in the prison cell, he may opt for strict dietary control if that is the need of the prisoner. That means his homemade "Nutra Loaf"

The time outs are given only if the prisoner requests them in advance. Don't want- don't get. Many men, at the end of the scene, appreciate the camaraderie of a fine meal and our human faces as the start of their wind down. Others stay chained up until headed for the airport.

Other boys have said:
I post as I can. Some come in and I don't post for some time. Sorry. But there are so many, I doubt if anyone reads them all.

------- Original Message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:
Re: my time with you
Sat, 20 Jun 2015 20:15:18 -0700
Master Jack <>

I have thought of nothing else since I left your dungeon. I really didn't know what to think before I came to see you. I had read all the messages but I had to think, is this really for me? Everyone in the executive offices where I work would think I was absilutely crazy if they knew. But they don't and I do... I do know I had 2 of the most extraodinary days of my life with you. Such a wide range of emotions. I relished the pain, when it was given. Never too much. Just to take me to the brink. And straitjackets. I had marked them a 4 on your profile form. You said I needed to try. So I followed your command and have never felt better in my life. I felt helpless yet somehow protected. I knew you were in absolute control and yet the fact I had no control made me feel more.......trouble free than I have ever felt. Everything was in your hands... your quite capable hands. It's an escape from a world of such pressure in my life.

So, I will be back, like so many others you mentioned.

Thank you Sir. You certainly are a Master of your trade.


------- Original Message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:
Tue, 28 Apr 2015 17:42:13 -0600
Master Jack <>

It was way more than I expected. Way more. Perfect.

Your slave in bondage, forever,

Jason Almalgreve


Subject: Date: From: To:
Re: me
Thu, 2 Apr 2015 21:49:48 -0400
GJ. <>

Master Jack and Guard T
Thanks again for the fantastic weekend. You guys are wonderful hosts. It was a very memorable and exciting time and I hope to do it again sometime. If you have a chance to e/mail the pics I asked for, I'd love to put them on my Recon profile.
Thanks again and best wishes.


------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: response

Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 21:48:38 +0000 (UTC)

From: Sven<>

To: Master Jack <>

Dear Sir. Sorry that I have taken so long to write you. As you know I came to San Francisco for some work and I was very glad I could come to Arizona to be your prisoner. It is a life long dream of mine for I saw your web page many years ago. Then when I got the job offer in Silicon Valley, I jumped at it for I knew I could come and see you then. And I wasn't disappointed. The three days really went fast. I realy want to come back again, but now I'm travelling on several jobs. Someday soon I hope to return. It was the dream of a lifetime... and it came true.

Your slave, Sven

------- Original Message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:
Back home in NY
Sat, 31 Jan 2015 07:09:22 -0500
Master Jack <>

Back home in New York. Thank you very much for a great week. (And if you were wondering....I did not miss the shuttle. The shuttle pulling away when you dropped me off was NOT heading for the airport. The 4:30 shuttle was a half an hour late because of the rain, so I had plenty of time to catch it. :) )

Subject: Date: From: To:

------- Original Message --------

Update from M

Fri, 30 Jan 2015 02:03:30 -0600

Dear Master Jack and Slave Master Terry: Thank you for the great and meaningful  scenes, tasty food, fellowship, and shopping trips to the many stores in your area of Arizona during my recent visit. Thanks also for extending my stay a few days when my schedule was moved forward a few days. Sleeping in the cell was relaxing, even with the leg-irons; they are comfortable with those 8-inch leather combat boots I like to wear. The heater did a good job of keeping the area warm. I think the red wax was hotter than the white wax; but both are beneficial experiences. The whipping post is a unique experience...painful but needed. It is good to have something to “hang on to” during the spanking and flogging activities.

Father M

------- Original Message --------

Date: From: To:
Fri, 26 Dec 2014 17:39:21
 jebxxxx<> <>



Thank you Master, Sir. I'm back in London after a lot of hassles. I thought it would easy to fly Christmas day, but it wasn't. I got hassled at all the airports.

But it was all worth it. I had looked at your site for over 8 years. Finally I got up the courage to write and ask you for an application. Everything from that point was even better than I had hoped, from listening to your commanding voice on the phone, to the pick up and chain up near the airport to the great scene with Guard T in the cell and your expert handling of me in the dungeon.

I hope to come back next year if I can get away from my IT job. 5 days as your prisoner was not nearly enough.

your slave,


Subject: Date: From: To:
Giving Thanks
Mon, 1 Dec 2014 22:58:57 -0500

When I first wrote to you I wondered if I was just an old fool. Who would want to tie up a 72 year old man? I discovered you did. You are right. It's not the age; it's the candor with which a man approached this subject, bondage. When you recounted a few of the men you had seen over the years who were in their 80s and saw them over and over, I knew I had found my niche.

As I told you I hate Thanksgiving. My two children always squabble over which household I should go to; their children in both homes are little uncontrolled brats. The cooking at both homes is appallingly bad even though they both have plenty of money to buy the best(their mother was a great cook). The only blessing is that they keep a full bottle of Macallan Single Malt to anesthetize me. So instead I came to you. No need of whiskey with you and not allowed. I had the time of my life. Always dreamed of being bound and helpless but with a wife and children and a company to run, there was no time. Now I'm retired and the children are on their own as far as I'm concerned.

Believe me. I'll be back. I rank this as one of the greatest experiences of my life. I didn't know I could "float." Bound in that leather sleepsack, hooded, gagged ... I floated to a place I didn't know existed. It was an exhilarating experience.

So thank you Sir. Best Thanksgiving I've had since my dear wife died five years ago. I loved every minute I spent with her but now I've found a way to enjoy my own company.


Subject: Date: From: To:
Re: my scene
Thu, 23 Oct 2014 21:39:43 -0700
Master Jack <>




Great fucking scene! I loved the electrostim you gave me. I only marked it a 3 on your form because I was afraid of it. Never had tried it. But now I'm addicted to it. It's like I had never been charged up before. In the straightjacket, tied down, gagged with nothing to do but try to get loose, I was really mesmerized. Now, I'm totally plugged in.

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Subject: Re: Friday arrival

Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 20:37:31 -0700

From: <>

To: Master Jack <>

Hello Master Jack, I made it home without too much difficulty. My flight to Dallas was delayed about an hour but fortunately my flight to Austin was delayed about 25 minutes so I was able to make my connection. Thanks again for a fun weekend. I had a great time. Please send my thanks to Terry as well. You said to remind you to send the pics you took. Thanks, G

A boy from Berlin:

Original Message --------

Subject: Thank you!

Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 05:03:10 +0200

From: J. berliner <>

To: Master Jack <>

Sir, The impressions left on my wrists and ankles by the restraints have worn off, but the memories remain vivid and vital, from the initial click of the handcuffs in your car (a seemingly natural extension of our first handshake) to Guard T.'s dozens of applications and removals of handcuffs and leg irons according to a perfectly choreographed protocol that became our daily regimen. Many thanks to you and Guard T. for such a wonderful three days. Since the most profound experiences seemed all to happen in the cell, I thought I would share my impressions with you while they are still fresh. While Guard T.'s account and mine may vary in perspective, I expect they share the same intensity. - I was familiar with the in-processing routine from the video on your website, but the excitement begins where the video ends, with the physical examination. As Guard T. authoritatively moved his exploratory fingers from the inside of my mouth to the soles of my feet he left no doubt that - with my wrists cuffed above my head to the bars of the cell - I had yielded every centimeter of my body to his control. When he had finished with my feet he said, "I suppose you don't want me to start again with your mouth." I told him he could do whatever he wanted. He replied, "But surely you don't want me to put my fingers that have touched the dust on the floor inside your mouth." "You're in charge," I observed. He pointed at my increasingly erect dick and replied, "No, it seems that this is what's in charge." - For me the most poignant moment came on Wednesday morning. Guard T. had once again cuffed my wrists above my head to the bars on the side of the cell, and as a result the only way I could eat breakfast was for him to feed me, passing the tiny pieces of toast and the straw of the orange juice through the 2" x 2" spaces of the grid directly into my open mouth. He waited to do so until I had asked for another piece or another sip, the long pauses as he awaited my request accentuating and reinforcing my total dependence on him, but also expressing a tenderness that contrasted with the orders with which he commanded me. - On Wednesday you asked whether I had ever "floated" and I didn't even understand the term. Thursday morning, chained to the bunk in my cell, my hands cuffed behind my head to the side bars and leg irons cuffed to the opposite bars, my eyes closed and I began to see involuntary images, like an old movie, only they were places and people I had never seen before: an American town, ending in a service station selling $1.00 a gallon gas; a street in what I took to be some Gulf sheikhdom; white-walled streets with blue street signs painted in Arabic letters, perhaps somewhere in North Africa; close-ups of actors on what might have been a European or Latin American soap opera... I could neither stop nor rewind the images. Periodically one "film" would stop and another start, often in mid-stream. I don't know if this is what you meant by "floating" or the extent to which it was provoked by the prolonged period in handcuffs and leg irons, but it was surreal. - Finally, after your splendid dinner, when Guard T. had once again chained me to the bunk in the same position, my taut body completely naked except for the wonderful sci-fi hood, he pressed one hand firmly against my mouth , and with the other fondled my nipples, then inflicted a jolt of pain, then seemed to lick them, finally inflicted another jolt of pain (since I could not see, I could only imagine with what) (By the way, I finally did auto cum, in the middle of the night, with a big flourish, lining my orange jumpsuit with a milky stickiness, doubtless fueled by my fantasies of our next encounter, for I do hope this is an adventure to be continued.) Your humble prisoner, the berliner

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Subject: Maso

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 19:04:51 -0700

From: Maso <>

To: Master Jack <>

Waiting to depart from Tucson

Dear Master Jack Sir and Guard T, Words cannot begin to express my sentiments, but at this moment it's all that's available. It has only been a few hours since my release and I find myself feeling completely wrung out; yet my smile cannot be erased. At the moment I am enjoying a cocktail and waxing poetic on my incarceration. Sirs! You gave me a great gift. I admit my heart was in my throat when I was apprehended. When I was led to my cell and strip searched by Guard T, I was sure I'd made a mistake! I spent many hours in solitary, and while initially it was strange, I learned allot about myself and patience. I learned I enjoyed it! I also learned what it meant to have every decision made for me.. When I ate, what I ate, when I could use the facilities... And honestly, every session that You, Master Jack, and Guard T subjected me to, gave me reason to revel in my decision to be Your prisoner. My final session today Sir, left me exhausted but elated! You took me to new heights and left me to enjoy myself in darkness, hooded, gagged and suspended in a sleep sack. Time had no meaning, and when I begged for more, You graciously granted me the request. Finally, to have been granted a furlough, to enjoy your hospitality, your pool and a lovely home cooked meal of salmon with beurre-Blanc sauce, or the fettuccine carbonara was just beyond comprehension. At those moments I was an honored guest. The dichotomy of my experience overwhelms me still. One moment a prisoner, the next 5 star dining, then... Sent back to my cell! It is I who was honored by your acceptance of my application! I shall soon request another audience with The Master and Guard T! Thank you! Of course I will write when I have been safely returned to the east coast... A trip I make with a degree of forlornness. Thank you Sirs from the depth of my existence! Boi-sam

Subject: Date: From: To:
Tue, 12 Aug 2014 10:59:23 +1000
Charles <>
Master Jack <>


Dear Master Jack,
My apologies for not writing earlier I have been a little caught up at Stanford.  I wanted to thank you for the time I spent with you I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was a disappointed the way my body reacted (bad back) but that's life sometimes.  Thank you for your hospitality and sensitivity it was a pleasure.  I hope I can get a return visit sometime.
Best wishes

(slave from Sydney)

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Date: From: To:
Sat, 12 Jul 2014 19:12:11 -0400 (EDT)

Probably the reason so many men come to you, over and over, it that they feel they can trust you. You push hard, but you never cross the line. Thanks for a great time.

James (my second incarceration as you know)

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Subject: Date: From: To:
Mon, 30 Jun 2014 21:35:01 -0700

Guard T <>,

Master Jack <>





Gentlemen Sirs, I made it to Phoenix, and I'm in my hotel awaiting the arrival of my friend. I just wanted to take a minute to let you both know how much I appreciated the experience you created for me this weekend. It was a very enlightening experience for me, and I felt an awaking of some new perspectives on life as a result of this. I feel that I connected personally with Guard T. (Master Jack, Sir, Guard T should be promoted to Warden—he is top notch, Sir!) With Master Jack's permission, I'd like to continue correspondence with Guard T as a friend to continue my growth and development with regard to dominant/submissive relationships. Please let me know if this is OK. Thank you both, and I hope to visit you again soon.


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Subject: Date: From: To:
Re: home
Tue, 24 Jun 2014 20:23:54 -0700
Master Jack <>


I'm home. It's a funny thing, I actually wondered when I left if I would ever return. The mind plays all sorts of tricks. Once I was there under your control, I felt I was home there. Being bound and helpless under someone elses control is what I've dreamed of my whole life and you made it happen. Sometimes it was hard, but I was determined not to give up. At the end of the third day, I didn't want to leave. You gave me that wonderful dinner and then I was gone Monday morn, wishing I could stay. On the trip home, in the plane, I got this kind of warm glow. You told me I might. It was like everything was wonderful in the world. I think I must have been positively beaming happiness. I got to my house 12 hours later and I walked in, I felt a combination of comfort finally being there but also a yearning to be bound, gagged and under your control again. I will be some day.

Thank you so much,

Your boy fred

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Subject: Re: Thank You
Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 05:58:21 +1000
From: <>
To: Master Jack <>

Thank you Sir for the most memorable weekend of my far. I know you were hesitant to take me since I had just turned 21 and you thought I might be too inexperienced. As you know, I had only tied myself up before. But who could I get to do it, before you? I certainly wouldn't have asked anyone in my frat house. And all of the guys I met online seemed like flakes to me. But I felt I could trust you and I was right. I had a FANTASTIC time. Guard T was great for the prison part of my scene and you kept me helpless in that straitjacket until I just couldn't take it anymore. I guess that's why men come to you. You know how far to push them.

Thank you again. I hope I can come again one day.

Your leather boy,


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Subject: Date: From: Reply-To: To:
Re: my scene
Sun, 13 Apr 2014 10:28:06 -0700 (PDT)

As you know, this was my 5th visit to you. Singapore is a long way from you but as I come to the West Coast of the US on business, I can't help but come to see you, where my heart lives. If I could be bound up and kept prisoner in Singapore (without being kept that way forever) I would do so. But as you know any such "gay" behaviour is severly punished and is certainly not my dream. You make my dream come true, every few years. I live for these times. I think about it all the time, particularly when I return home from an adventure with you. Thank you so much.

- -------- Original Message --------

Subject: Date: From: To:

WebSite Contact

Fri, 7 Feb 2014 14:05:22 +1100 ()

11 years is a long time between scenes with you, but Australia is a long way from Arizona. When I came to you in San Francisco in 2003, I was really new to the scene. Sydney has a good leather scene, but few really good tops. I did find one about 5 years ago, Master Jason from Broken Hill, a mean mother fucker. Used to be a miner before he was laid off.  He had a place miles from anyone, a broken down house and some out buildings. If he dropped you into a hole and buried you, nobody would ever know. He allowed me to set limits, but he never observed them, saying they were for sissies. That attracted me to him like a moth to a flame, until he nearly burned me up. Last scene he chained me up really tight so I could barely move, tape gagged nearly my whole head, and put me in a shed, door locked. No windows and no air. It just kept getting hotter and hotter. Must have been at least 42 ° C! I screamed as I could,  and banged my booted feet against the door. Nothing.  When I awoke, I was in bed and had suffered heat stroke. I recovered but never saw him again, or anyone else for that matter, until a couple of weeks ago with you. I didn't know who to trust. So I went back where I started. You didn't disappoint. I like your facilities in Arizona even better than California and Guard T hits just the right amount of discipline without crossing the line. You've helped to rebuild my confidence.

I didn't tell you all of this before I arrived for I was afraid you would treat me as "damaged." So it worked out fine. I would have talked to you about it after the scene but there was no time. I had to catch the shuttle for the airport.

Thanks for a great time. You've helped to rebuild my self confidence and desire.


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Subject: Date: From: To:
jail time
Mon, 06 Jan 2014 14:21:40 -0700
Master Jack <>
gagme47 <>

this was my 5th incarceration. It just gets better everytime. Thank Guard T for me. He's a Master at it.

Subject: Date: From: To:
my scene
Thu, 19 Dec 2013 15:10:30 -0700
Master Jack <>
boybrent <>

Thank you Sir for a once in a lifetime experience...for I doubt I get up the courage to do it again. There are just to any complications at home. Everything went perfectly, more as less as I expected since I read a lot of the comments. You provide a great service. .. a place to come to escape the rest of the world and live out fantasies.

Thanks so much.


boy brent

-------- Original Message

A boy from Texas writes:

Thanks Again
Mon, 18 Nov 2013 22:37:49 -0600>

Master Jack and Guard T:

I wanted to thank you guys again for a great experience this past weekend. Again, I apologize if I caused any trouble, and I hope I was not too much of a bother.

I really did have a good time, and I hope you know I enjoyed my time in the cell. Somehow I lucked out in picking a date as the temperature in the cell was perfect.

The surrender/intake process, IE being cuffed shortly outside the airport (On the way back to the airport today, I looked, and found, the exact spot where you pulled over and Guard T cuffed my hands behind my back, exactly the way I like them, palms out), and even had a grin on my face remembering the start of the weekend. Being escorted into the cell and using the handcuff port for the first time, the strip search and dress out were all great.

I also learned a lot about myself. I really appreciate our conversation last night - there I was, in leg irons and handcuffs wearing a orange jail/prison jumpsuit, talking to you through the metal mesh that kept me from the outside world, and I was totally comfortable, not a bit embarrassed at all to be seen like that. More importantly, I appreciated your thoughts and concerns for me and how I might better deal with my desires to be restrained/locked up.

Best Regards

Inmate Scott

-------- Original Message

Subject: Date: From: To:
Thank you Sir
Sun, 3 Nov 2013 19:34:10 -0500

I'm home safe and sound, just as you promised, after a 5 hour airline delay, the worst part of the whole trip by far.

You know how hesitant I was to commit to being under your control for the punishment scene I had devised for myself. What finally made me decide to do it was your forceful yet soothing deep voice saying, "You won't be damaged. But you will get your wish to be punished." That's exactly what I've always dreamed of. Yeah, there were some times I wished I could end the whole thing, but I held on because I knew if I didn't I'd never forgive myself later.

So here I am now, home reliving every moment of my captivity with you. You told me I'd like the straitjacket. That was an understatement. I'd buy one right now, but who would put me into it? And the whipping... I'd always wanted that. You brought me up slowly and to the point I was actually high on the pain! What a trip. I know not everyone is into pain, but I am and you hit just the right level. I think I'll be on what you called a "bondage high" for weeks.

Thank you Sir. Thank you Sir.

slave will

-------- Original Message

You know, in this day and age, it's really pleasant to find something that lives up to its own hype. Frankly, you and Terry are better than you claim, for you don't really claim anything except what you post what others have said. You really do offer an escape from the real world and an escape which is everything I wanted. Bound, helpless, gagged a lot of the time (I loved it when I yelled through the gag you and just said, "Fuck you." I got a ragging hard on.) I knew that if I really were in trouble I could grunt three times, as instructed, and you would respond. As you know, I never did in the 3 days I was there. So I was left to wallow in my own misery... and that's exactly what I've always wanted! Keep up the good work.


-------- Original Message

Dear Sir:

As I had told you, I have looked and looked at your web page for years. Finally, I acted upon it... and am so very happy I did. As you know, I've been tying myself up since I was maybe 8 or 9. But NEVER trusted anyone else to do it to me. I married, had 3 beautiful sons and am now divorced. At 48 I decided it was time. It took me weeks to get up courage and hit the "send" button on my e/mail. But I did and it was the best decision I ever made. Talking to you on the phone before I came reassured me that it was the right thing to do. So I came... over and over and over! :-) What an experience... to be bound so tightly I could hardly move and knowing that there was no way out. I had signed a contract. "Live with it", as you said. And I did, basking in every glorious moment. You would come in am ask me, "well how long do you think it was this time?" I'd say something like 2 hours and you'd laugh and say, "Five." Before I knew it, the 3 days were over. Thank you too for the "last supper." It was really fine. And thank Slave Master T for his attentions, always happy to make me just a bit more uncomfortable. You really are a great pair...sympatico (I made a little Freudian mistype the first time, hitting both the "o" and "p"-"sympaticop".) Truly a great great experience. I shall never forget it and do hope I can come again.


-------- Original Message
Master Jack;

i just wanted to thank you for a great adventure in Tuscon Arizona. from the arrival to departure the scenery and activities were absolutely astounding. i had the mountains calling to me to come climb as i sat on the shuttle van. seeing things in real life is a thrill in itself. it was unfortunate your area had the cold weather: i hope the lemons and other fruit make it through. i think of Rex and look forward to seeing a picture of him sometime.
the entire stay wasenjoyable for me and packed full of surprise. i tried to imagine what it would be like and each and every session or scene or activity surpassed my expectations. my cyber buddy has a friend already asking about going there. i told him to send me an email and i will help him to start ther process and plan his trip with the airlines etc. i would not hesitate to return when things are in bloom as was mentioned. thank you Master Jack and Sir T for giving me a thrill of my life. it was real it was interesting and challenging. by far the best experience and establishment i have found in my journey.

------ Original Message
Master Jack and Guard Terry,

It is hard to believe that it has been a little more than one week since I left your dungeon. I want to thank you again for your time and patience during my visit last week.

I want to express my appreciation for the quality of my experience from the time that you handcuffed until the moment that I was released three days later. I appreciate that you put me at ease and, even though  I was vulnerable, I never felt that I was in danger.

You pushed without gong overboard and left me wanting more. I am proud of the fact that I never refused to try anything. I told you that I hated tit play and had sensitive nipples. Even though I flinched, pulled away and cried out when Guard Terry was playing with them, I never asked him to stop. The same is true of the hot wax; something that I had never experienced. It hurt but I was able to enjoy the experience. The electro-stim was another experience that was new for me. Previous electric play was simply torture and I found your electro-stim play to be a painful pleasure that I am eager to experience again. I especially enjoyed my time in the straight jackets and surprisingly found that the canvas and not the leather was my favorite! Sadly the worst torture of my visit happened on Spirit Airlines and not inside your dungeon.

Finally, every review seems to rave about your cooking. These reviews are absolutely spot on as I found to be delicious! This will be a Christmas that I will long remember. I am eager to see the pictures that you took and am eager to return as soon as I am able!

------- Original Message
My only regret is that I waited so long to come to you. I was 18 when I first found your web page. But many things, including my music career and my fear that someone would discover what I really thirst for would become public and who knows what would happen then. But that was 13 years ago. There is a lot of difference between 1999 and 2012. I'm not even sure my fans would care now. Even so, I know I can trust you absolutely to not reveal anything about me.
Truly, I think you may have changed my life. I have always fantasized about bondage, but never acted upon it. When I was in my teens I tied myself up, like a lot of men, you told me. Then I went through my Goth period where I could wear practically anything and did. My clothes hinted at bondage, never realized. Then when we gained a little popularity, I was too afraid to come out, not being gay---everyone knows about that. But I couldn't break the bondage barrier. Finally, I did. No regrets. In fact, you took me where I always dreamed of going. But I was never---terrified. I always wanted to explore and you did take me to my limits.
I'll return when I'm back in LA or someplace near. My schedule doesn't allow much time off, as I told you. I wish you were closer and yet somehow it's good to have you so far away---like an adventure, which it was!

-------- Original Message
Dear Master Jack, I had such a great time at your Place, not only the scenes but also our talking and the great dinner meal. I enjoyed it a lot. So thank you and Terry again for all you have done! It means a lot to me!
If I don't find it in Germany this way, I know that I find it at your place! It is not really next door but it is important to know that it exists. I hope that you can help many men like me and that they are as thankfull. I hope we can stay in touch! All the best from L.A. The rest of the Journey is Highway no 1 to S.F.
(Later) Back at home in Germany now. Thank you for everything. Stay with you was definitely the highlight of the trip.

-------- Original Message
Hi, Master Jack and Terry:

Thanks for the hospitality and great scenes during my visit to your city and home a few weeks ago. I got home only two days ago and am trying to catch up on my correspondance.

Your food and scenes and good advice are always cherished. If health permits, I will contact you for another scene next fall or sooner.

After leaving Tucson I spent time in Cottonwood, Sedona,  and the Grand Canyon area. Arizona has many beautiful sites. The weather was unusually warm for this time of year but it was very pleasant.

You treated me more as a guest with the fellowship and good food. The scenes, though painful in some ways, were good and much appreciated. The quiet time in the cell gave me opportunity for thought.

God bless both of you and, of course, gentle Rex.

-------- Original Message
Master Jack
As you know, coming from a small town in Georgia, I have to be very careful. My wife, my family, my practice would NEVER understand if they found  out about the real me. As I waited for you to pick me up at the airport, I was actually shaking. "What have I done?" I kept asking myself. "This is all just fantasy. It should be kept that way."
I nearly went back into the airport to catch another plane home. I'm glad I didn't. When I got into your car you started talking right away and your voice calmed me. It was the voice of someone who knows what he's doing- assured, determined and knowledgeable. I was taut as a violin string when I got in and sort of just melted into submission. I know my family will never read this so I want to tell you it was the best 3 days of my life. I have fantasized about a scene like the one I had with you since I was in Med School. But I knew I would never do it. Who could I trust? The day I found your website will always be one I remember.
I can't say I will return. I really want to, but there are other issues. I did this and "got away with it" once. I'm not sure I have the nerve to try again. I fear that if I keep doing it, it will be like a narcotic I can't shake... the opiate one always searches for and once found never escapes. I love my family and don't to want to ever damage that love. That's not to say I don't want to come back. It's just that I may have to live this one experience over and over in my mind as my personal escape.
That said, I do hope I can come back one day... perhaps one day when I can just say, "I'm gay and love bondage." What a day that would be.

-------- Original Message
Master Jack & Terry
It's a long way to come from Sydney, but this was really worth it. You made this rubberboy know that he MUST pursue his interests with all his heart, the way you two have done.
With Great respect,

-------- Original Message
As you know, living in Mississippi I can hardly walk around in a leather straitjacket. They might just haul me off, never to be seen again. So I lived my fantasy, spending days in your extensive collection of leather, rubber and canvas. There was never a moment that I wished I could leave. There were many that made me wish I could just stay.


-------- Original Message
Thank you, sir!  Thank you, sir!   Thank you, sir!

I had an incredible time on Saturday and really enjoyed myself.  I apologize for not emailing sooner, but I've been dealing with the drama generated because my phone was off all afternoon on Saturday (very long story short: car problems).

Now all I need to do is figure out how I'm going to do this again, but next time for a longer visit.

Thank you again, sir.
boy Jay

-------- Original Message
--------Master Jack, SIR!-

I'm a past bondage slave boy of yours. I just checked out your web site again and it's as awesome as ever. It's been some time since you've tied me down and had me obey you... perhaps 5 years or so (it was actually 9 years ago-MJ); but the time there, and lessons learned, will never be forgotten.
I was surprised to still find myself as one of your bondoboys! (045/056) and such a honor to be among the honored slave boys who've been captured over the years.
You picked me up at the BART station and I knew that once I got in your car there was no escape. I was yours, period.
We had one hell of a great time.  Your slave had a deadline and was unable to join in, but you did quite the good job at making me feel like the submissive slave I'm meant to be.
Just want to tell you that I've never forgotten.  I never will.
Thank YOU!
boy craig

Original Message
Master Jack, Sir,

This is in the nature of a personal communication. I do want to thank you, as I did on leaving, for the care and kindness and consideration you put into creating a few scenes that I might enjoy -- or learn from -- in my 24 hours with you

I did learn, more perhaps about myself than about the bondage, and to be sure, despite the occasional arthritic-related woe, I did enjoy. Still can't believe that that first leather SJ experience was five hours; no more than a couple i thought.
 Your kindness in inviting me for dinner, very pleasant, and breakfast, also was plus. A cold sandwich and donuts and milk could have been the sole sustenance under a captivity scenario...
My thanks again. You and Terry are nice folk...


Original Message
I had read all the messages from fellows who are totally obeisant in their praise of you. I had to wonder... does EVERYONE feel that way? Surely there are some failures and you wouldn't be human if there weren't. You deal in men's fantasies. Can anyone make everyone's fantasy come true?
Well, I don't know about everyone, but you did mine, even though it wasn't what I originally asked for. I wanted strict punishment scene of three days. I'd say I lasted about 10 hours, although I had no clock. But you picked up the pieces and turned what might have been a failure into a wonderful success. Thank you. I had bitten off way more than I could chew and when you saw that I couldn't handle it, you retooled the scene. I didn't even have to ask. You knew and that surely is your great talent. After all, any lumbering ape can restrain another man and force him into submission. It takes someone with a gift to know how far to push without crossing the line. I was about ready to scream, "I can't take it," when you came in, took me out of the straightjacket, gave me more water and sat down. You told me I needed a different type of scene, a scene with furloughs. If you had told me at that moment you were going to tie me up again immediately, I might have freaked out. Your words were soothing.
So you put simple restraints on my hands and legs and I slept, for nearly 10 hours. You took me outside with my leg restraints still on and we had a nice breakfast. Then back to the dungeon and more very tight bondage with electrostim. I was so charged up (pun intended) I could hardly believe that it had been 5 hours when you let me out of the e-chair. It seemed like one. A little bit later you took me out on your patio by the pool again and we had a wonderful dinner and then just talked. Your voice is soothing. I was ready for more. You repeated this pattern for the rest of my scene. I was never completely free and you were always in control, but you paced it just right.
So maybe you haven't had any failures, or few anyway. You really understand men who have a need to be bound and helpless. It is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.



This note from a past BondoBoy from last year (2011). He came in 2010, also:

I am beginning to realize that vanilla just doesn't turn me on. I really don't get off on any sort of penetration. At best it's the S&M/humiliation aspect of it that's interesting. Being a bottom hurts ;) and being a top is somewhat boring. I love the physical form. It's beautiful and elegant. I think empathy plays a part since I can be whoever I see. It's a lot harder with women since I don't have the same physiology and don't have any frame of reference, however with another man I can become him and in fact become young again. I've only been out for about 2 1/2 years, but thanks to people like you I have been able to figure out where I fit in the puzzle.

The guy I met on recon had his brother over and therefore wasn't able to do anything for the past few weeks, however, we have been out to dinner several times. I found a Friend with Benefits on recon who is tying me up and pushing me to my limits. It's cool because I am really starting to discover mine. I really should have listened to you last year when you told me to get on recon, although I am not sure I was ready, because it's really been a great way to meet people. You also helped me get more comfortable in my skin. I am no longer afraid to tell people what I like, and I am willing to send them away if they don't approve. You really have done a lot more for me than you know. Regardless what happens, I do plan to come up and see you and Terry again. Sometimes people like you are considered the dirty little secret. For me you are the mentor who opened my eyes.

Life is wonderfully complicated and often we just need to get past the bullshit and enjoy the ride. You've often given me the impression that you've taken the entierty of humanity on your shoulders. You need to let that go and enjoy the moments you have; enjoy Terry and enjoy your experiences. Live your life and don't worry about what's going to happen next. What's important is the moment. Cherish that; it's the greatest gift you have. If humanity destroys itself, then so be it. Your moments will last forever.

Recently I have been the DOM in a situation. A light turned on for me and I realized that giving yourself to someone or taking responsibility for someone is an incredibly intimate experience. You showed me that I could trust you and I knew in the very depths of my being that you would not harm me. When I took on the other role I felt an incredible sense of responsibility for the person I was charged with. He was my responsibility and my job was to protect him and give him a great experience. I was shocked to see how it affected me emotionally. He became my charge and I wanted to protect him. It wasn't the feeling of a mate but more the feeling of a child that I wanted to protect. I now can understand and believe you when you say you genuinely want the best for me, because I felt exactly the same for the one I was charged with. Like it or not, you created a friend :) You and Terry will always have a special place in my heart.

Note: I used to post time and date. But my e/mail program changed so I don't with the ones above.

Subject:  Re: Oct visit
Date:  Tue, 4 Oct 2011 13:49:52 -0700 (PDT)
From:  dxxxxx<>
To:  Master Jack <>

Hello Master Jack,
I made it home with no problems.

Thanks again to you and Terry for a great visit !  I enjoyed both the active time and the quiet time.  Both are relaxing in their own ways.

Looking forward to my next visit.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  thanks
Date:  Sat, 20 Aug 2011 06:35:57 -0400 (EDT)

Once again, I'm writing to thank you and Guard T. Not only are the scenes a high point of the year for me, I always feel a let down when I get home, like after having a great vacation. I realize my "vacation" is not for everyone. But it is for me. And maybe even more importantly, you and Terry make me feel like I belong somewhere. I have lots of friends and some who are even into bondage, but none of them make me feel like I'm "family." Thank you so much for that.
PS. That's not to say you don't "punish" me just the way I want it. You do!

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  my scene
Date:  Fri, 1 Jul 2011 12:46:34 -0500 (CDT)
From:  Normxxxx<>

Sirs: Thank you Sirs for a fantastic time. this slobbering slave desires to tell you that the Two of You gave this humble slave the experience he has always desired. i have gone to several masters in London, as i told you. But they were a mere reflection of You Two. Your scene is complete. Pity you aren't closer but this slave will be back for another, even longer scene.

slave norm

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Your prisoner
Date:  Tue, 21 Jun 2011 12:04:50 -0700
From:  Samxxxxxxxxxx <>
To:  <>
10 years. As you know that's how long it took for me to come to you. I wish I had been braver, sooner. Now, I'll be back. There were moments when I was almost scared, but you got me through them. And as I flew home to New York, I had such a warm feeling. Almost a "glow." You said I might have a "bondage high." I was higher than the plane. So once again, thanks. And thanks to Slave Master T also. You two are great.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  fuckin' hot
Date:  Sat, 7 May 2011 02:03:49 +0000 (GMT)
you guys gave this skin one fuckin' great time. i as lookin' for a stud about my age, originally. yeah, right. guys in their 20's don't know shit. they're just actors, playin' like masters. gotta give it to two are the real thing. since we're all macho studs, can't tell my bros about this scene i had with ya, but i'll never forget. thrashin' around in that leathr sj for hours and not gettin loose was fuckin' great. fuckin' great...

Subject: thank You
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 21:01:14 -0700 (PDT)
who would have thought that the Mecca of Bondage was in AZ? I'm only 100 miles from you and yet it has taken me a lifetime to find you. A lot of men make great promises. But you deliver and the reason for that is you just do what you say you're going to do. Could that be more simple? But no one else I've found does that. I'll be back :-]

- Original Message --------
Subject:  Re: me
Date:  Sun, 13 Mar 2011 06:32:55 -0700 (PDT)
From:  TOP4u <>
So here I am, another drooling fool stammering my way into thanking you for the experience of a lifetime. I swore when I came to you that I wouldn't be just another slobbering idiot, begging to let me return. Slobber, slobber. The thing about it is, your scenes are so all encompassing that the slave/prisoner forgets about everything else. Do you know how rare that is? You probably do. I tie up guys all the time... I'm big, brawny and merciless. But I don't think I ever get them to that place you took me.
Thanks...hardly enough to say but what else?

- Original Message --------
Subject:  SCENE
Date:  Tue, 22 Feb 2011 02:55:03 -0500
From:  MARK <>

To say this was an amazing experience would be an understatement. I saw what you wrote on bondagemaster and since my business requires that hear the roar in the whisper I can't help but feel like I disappointed you. I hope next time I can do better. You really did take me to a place I've never been before and like all such journeys we often go kicking and screaming. At 44 you would think that you had experienced most of what life had to offer; surprises are rare. You and Terry surprised me and took me to places I've never been before. You all were my guide as I walked on paths unexplored. When I tripped you were there to help me and your compassion and firm resolve helped me to take the next step. You both truly are a master at what you do. Next time, if you will have me, I plan to throw my caution out and give myself fully to you; it will be your game not mine. One thing I will note is that when I came home and took my BP it was lower than I have seen in a while. 

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  thank you
Date:  Thu, 17 Feb 2011 18:22:46 -0800
From:  Ethan <>
To:  Master Jack <>

Dear Master Jack,

I just wanted to write you to thank you for the weekend. This has been long delayed, because immediately after that weekend I was slammed with work, but definitely deserved and I should've said sooner. From the moment Guard T put the cuffs on me in the backseat, I was hard, and I'm still jerking off to memories of the whole weekend. It was a really good combination of bondage positions and situations. I think I have a better sense now of what it is in bondage that cues my sexual drive, and you both helped me with that. Give my thanks to Guard T too.


Subject: thanks from Down Under
From: rubbrfreakxx <>
Date:Sat, 8 Jan 2011 21:03:43 +1100
thanks men. and thanks for havin' so much rubber for this rubber freak to get hot an' sweaty in. bein' bound up in your rubber and forced to piss myself over and over has been a fantasy of mine for many years. i signed your contract and you made me do it even when i pleaded to be let loose. you are men of your word and i'll never forget you for it. you make fantasies cum true!

------- Original Message --------
Subject:  RE:  dream fulfilled
Date:  Wed, 5 Jan 2011 00:00:38 -0500
From:  me <>
To:  <>
As you know, I've dreamed about coming to you for over 12 years. I finally got up my courage. As we discussed, one of my biggest fears was that maybe the scene wouldn't be all I wanted it to be. Then I wouldn't have the fantasy of coming to you, anymore. Not to fear. My scene surpassed even my wildest j.o. session. Sir, thank you Sir.


Subject: cummin' again
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 09:58:04 -0500
I didn't know if you took anyone as old as me and was surprised when you said you had had men from 21 to 87. A lot of men won't see someone as old as me. Not only did you "see" me, you treated me as I'm sure you treat all other men... equally. You pushed me but didn't baby me which would have destroyed the whole scene. Thanks Master Jack and SlaveMaster T. An experience of a lifetime. Glad I didn't miss it. I'll be back.

------------- Original Message --------
Re: my scene
Thu, 02 Dec 2010 10:53:24 -0800
Master Jack <>
And what a "scene" it was! As you know, I've seen Masters all over the world since I travel so much. I have a regular guy in Thailand when I'm feeling REALLY masochistic. He chains me up, whips the shit out of me and leaves me in solitary for very long periods of much so I've had panic attacks, which is not the goal. Another whom I used to see in Nice is in jail now I think for abuse or something. He was too extreme. As you know, real masochists want even more punishment than they can really handle. So I need to be careful. You hit the perfect balance. I was never in control, but I also never had a panic attack with you. I'll be back, for sure.
(Sorry about the slow response- I was in China for over 3 weeks.)
slave randy

RE: Merci
From: Jeanxxxxxxxx <>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 15:17:52 +0100
My dear Masters, you are in my dreams. I have want to be bound and held helpless for many years. But as you know I am married and my wife would never understood. So, I wait and wait. Then I find your wonderful website with so many men who are happy. Now, I am one of those men. I hope someday to come and be your prisoner again, but it is very hard to explain to my family why I have to go to the United States without them. Maybe another meeting like the one in Phoenix, this time.
Thank you so much. You have made this bondage boy very happy.

Subject: trip
From: "eugenexxxx <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 15:32:46 -0500
To: "BDMMASTER" <masterjk1@earthlink. net>

I made it home nearly on time. Thanks again Sir to you and Terry for your hospitality. Thanks for the bondage sessions, I learned a great deal about being confined. I hope you can send the pictures, I'am anxious to see how I looked and put them on my Recon site. Again very greatful for the experience.

To:  < Original Message
Subject:     thanks !
Date:     Tue, 5 Oct 2010 19:19:52 -0700 (PDT)
From:    <>
Greetings MasterJack,

Sir, I want to thank you and Terry for a fun weekend.  I enjoyed the cell time as usual and the cage time was an added bonus.  The paddling was also something I could do again.
Looking forward to doing all that again hopefully this spring.
Hope you and Terry have a good week.

Subject:  My recent visit Date:  Tue, 8 Jun 2010 10:59:00 -0400
 From:  prisonboy <
 To:  <

 My flights all arrived on time and I got home early this morning.  My three day scene being held in the cell and dungeon was everything I had hoped for when I first contacted you a few weeks ago.

 As a straight guy interested in bondage, I was a bit uneasy on a couple of counts before contacting you and deciding to visit.  Our phone conversation following my initial email satisfied me that I could trust you.  Our discussion in the car as we drove from the airport further eased my concerns but from the moment I was handcuffed in the car, I knew that I
 was inescapably under the control of you and Terry, exactly what I had wanted to experience.

 As the jail master, Terry was attentive to all details of eliminating any possibility of escape.  He also was quick to point out and punish transgressions by a  prisoner and to warn of more severe punishment for continued violations.    The brief pool breaks and the afternoon dungeon sessions provided just the right level of relief to the monotony of being confined in a small cell as well as an opportunity to experience new things. The restaurant trip the evening that power went out provided a  great opportunity to sample some local cuisine and was a surprise break from being confined.
 Being briefly allowed out of the cell on my final night to dine on the patio with you and Terry was also a welcome break prior to spending 12 or 13 hours in the cell before release.  By the way, the ribs you prepared were great!

 Thank you both for respecting my limits and also for your concerns about my well being while being held captive.  Terry was more concerned than me that I wasn't drinking enough water for the Arizona heat.  As part of my first discipline session, he took great pains to force me to re-hydrate.  After that, I drank all the water that was provided.  I wish that my sore arm hadn't required that I ask for some relief to prevent aggravating the injury, but both  of you went out of you way to provide the scenes I hoped for while trying not to further injure the arm.

 I hope that my circumstances will allow a  second visit next May and that you will accept me as a prisoner for 3 or 4 days at that  time


-- Original Message --------
Subject:     RE: I want to be your prisoner
Date:     Sat, 17 Apr 2010 15:25:02 -0400
From:     Ken xxxxxx <>
To:     'Master Jack' <>
You are a dream fulfiller. I've asked other tops if they could get into my scene and a few said yes. But then, when I got there, they'd just piss it away, so to speak. :-)
But you made me live my dream and I loved every minute of it. I'd be your willing prisoner for life, if I could. But I can't.
Thanks again, Master Jack

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:     Re: my trip
Date:     Wed, 17 Mar 2010 03:41:48 -0700
From:      <>
To:     Master Jack <>

I had to think about flying out from New York for weeks before I finally wrote to you. There are hundreds, if not thousands of tops here in the City. But I kept reading through the past boys experiences and thinking, "I've never seen anything like that before." And there was good reason for that. You are one of a kind. Not only are you a stern Master, you are also a caring one. When I had some trouble the second day, ready to quit, really, you nurtured me. You got me through it. I suppose that's one of the biggest differences between you and a lot of tops. They want to control for their own egos. That's probably part of yours too, but you have the gift of empathy... and it's a great one.
So now I'm back in my office, listening to others pour out their souls to me on my therapy couch. But I can't help but flash back to my sessions with you and lying on your "couch"--- the bondage table-strapped up tightly in the leather sleepsack, gagged, electrostimmed and floating off in nirvana. Nobody into bondage is ever going to really understand that experience until they have had it for themselves. It is a truly, truly a mind bending experience and one I shall never forget.
I'll try and return, but you know how difficult it was for me to get away for even just 3 days.

Very respectfully,
Your most willing subject, Jason

-- Original Message --------
Subject:     my captivity
Date:     Tue, 16 Feb 2010 17:31:37 -0800 (PST)
From:     John xxxxx <>
To:     Master Jack <>

Just one word:
Thanks so much,
Your prisoner, John

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  my scene
Date:  Fri, 29 Jan 2010 21:31:56 -0800 (PST)
From:  Jim xxxxxx <b&>
It took me three years to get up the courage to come and see you. Don't know why I waited so long. My scene was even better than I hoped it would be. I think about it every day, now. Thanks so much and thank slave T for a great time in the cell. I'll be back and it won't take 3 years.

prisoner jim

This note was sent to me from a member site I belong to. He was my prisoner about 10 years ago... a boy from the U.K. He's featured in Bondagezine this week as the Weekly Warrior:
"Hi Sir.
I was one of your Weekly Warriors a few years back when I flew to SF whilst on vacation in the US. Whilst scared as hell it was a defining moment in my life, and as my profile pix show I have blossomed from a timid skinhead to an experienced but still sub bondage lover. I am eternally grateful to you for your time and patience with me back then! Am now a devoted subscriber to bondagezine and couldn't live without it.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Re: application
Date:  Mon, 14 Dec 2009 18:30:12 -0800 (PST)
From:  Raymond <>
To:  Master Jack <>
From one top to another, you're the TOPS (no ref to Porter). 20 years of tying up other guys and makin' 'em do what I forced 'em to do and never been bound up once by anyone else. I couldn't believe how nervous I was until I got to know you and knew that you might make me hurt (for I had asked for that) but you'd never hurt me. It was 24 hours of fantasy realized. I'll be back, someday, but as you know it's a long way for me to come.
The best to you, for I'm sure you are the best.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Thank you for a wonderful time Sirs
Date:  Fri, 20 Nov 2009 10:13:56 -0500
From:  Matthew <>
To:  <>

Master Jack and Slave Master T,

I just wanted to take a moment and say I arrived home safely and had a wonderful time at your facility Sirs.  It is amazing looking back how much time I was able to spend in your cell and yet still somehow looking back I also spent a lot of time in your dungeon as well Sirs.  Slave Master T was a wonderful jail warden and Master Jack the perfect Dungeon Master.  In looking back on my time there are a couple of things stick out in my mind...not that every moment wasn't wonderful...but these moments messed with my mind more than I thought it should.  The first was the second night I was served dinner in the cell.  The wonderful chicken and rice dish.  What you have to realize is that I was leg ironed and handcuffed.  The handcuffs where attached to a belt at my getting my hands to my face to eat wasn't easily done.  Slave Master T brought me my dinner with a fork and napkin as always.  Here's the thing.  I've eaten out of bowls and off plates with my hands behind my back and have no problems going face first into my dinner....but the inclusion of that fork just messed with my mind Sir.  Had it not been there I would have immediately eaten face first from the plate...but its inclusion made me try to save my dignity and eat from the plate like a normal human...even with Slave Master T watching me eat and recounting stories of previous boys eating while hogtied and the like..and yes I did finally go face first into the plate to finish my meal...but that fork still messes with my mind Sir.  The second incident was the last morning as I was getting ready to leave for the airport.  After all the cuffs had been removed and I had showered in preparation for leaving.  After getting out of the shower I went to brush my teeth.  I nearly burst into tears as I looked down and realized I would have to put the toothpaste on my toothbrush myself.  Having gone for all that time with every morning and evening being led into the bathroom in cuffs with the toothpaste already on my toothbrush waiting on me...this was the sign that finally made me realize that yes it was finally over Sir.  I truly miss my time at the facility and I look forward to serving you both again in the future.

Keep up the good work Sirs,


-------- Original Message --------
           Sun, 8 Nov 2009 21:35:21 -0600
           Hal <>
           Jack <>

Evening Master Jack and Guard Terry,

I'm sorry for the delay in this email, however when I returned home... distractions. Now we are
looking to the Gulf of Mexico, watching and waiting to see what will happen with Hurricane Ida.
This is extremely rare to get a storm this late in the year. Luckily it is looking like it will hit the
Florida panhandle and only give us some wind and rain.

On a more positive note, I wanted to thank both of you for your hospitality and the incredible
learning experience. As you know I originally wanted a much shorter session, but thankfully I
listened to you and went with the 24 hours. In hind sight, I wish I would have done longer. I
must admit I was nervous upon ringing the door bell at your house, hoping i could last the time.
While I had always enjoyed my shorter time in bondage, I wasn't completely convinced how I
would handle the longer term. Over the next 24 hours I learned not only that I could take it
and enjoy it, but also yearn for what was to come next. I was amazed to learn that I had been
in the straight jacket for almost 3 hours along with the electrical device for however long it was
attached. I found myself go from tensing up in anticipation and dread of that next shock to
relaxing and enjoying the feeling it would bring.

It wasn't until I was brought down to the cell and Guard Terry came down and strip searched
me and cuffed me that the realization of what I committed to really dawned on me. I knew at
that point I was truly a prisoner with no control of what was to come. After a while I found
myself intently listening for the slightest movement from inside, waiting for that tell tale click of
the door that signaled someone was coming to my cell. It was not anticipation of release, but
the anticipation of what challenge would be next and the desire to prove I could take it.
Spending time in the sleep sack was a new and intense experience. The constriction and
addition of the hood left me to my thoughts. I was slowly realizing that I could really take this
and want more.

As you can see, this really was an enjoyable and enlightening experience for me. I realize now
that I can accept this and need this. I will need to experience more and yearn to learn more.
For that I am extremely grateful. Thanks again to you both and I look forward to spending more
time as your prisoner.

Your Prisoner,

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  My ride
Date:  Sun, 25 Oct 2009 14:02:16 -0400
From:  Ken xxxxx <>
To:  'Master Jack' <>

That's what it was... a great ride. From the moment that you pulled up at the airport in your big, dark, shiny Benz, I knew I was in for a great ride. Guard T's handcuffing me and securing me in the back seat just reaffirmed that. And I was off, on one of life's great adventures, never knowing what was going to happen next. That's the beauty of it. Anticipation. Like having wind in your hair on a bike, going full bore around one mountain bend after another, never knowing what's waiting ahead. Loved it. You pushed me and I loved that too. I'll always remember it as 4 of the best days of my life. No regrets. Only sorry to see it end, when you took off the cuffs and released me at the airport again.
Thank Guard T for me also. He can be one mean fucker, but I loved that too. Give me for a ref (privately) if you want. I'll tell 'em, "it's a great ride. Go for it."


Subject:     RE: your scene
Date:     Thu, 1 Oct 2009 22:09:03 -0600
From:     JM <>
To:     <>    References:

Hello Sir,
Now that I have been able to spend time and think about how things went, I want to email you to say Thank You.  In the end, you left me with no doubt about what my interests are and with no regrets about coming to visit you.  Although my like of handcuffs has gone done a fair bit - it seems that the more I wear them the more I dislike wearing them - my love of straight-jackets (and now sleep-sacks) has never been higher.  I do have one request though, I think you took pictures of me hogtied, I was wondering if I could get those, I'd sort of like to see what one of the more uncomfortable positions I've been tied in looks like.

Note: Been getting a lot of military boys lately... relieving the stress of war while bound and gagged and unable to do other words, safe. No mortars flying. No snipers. No release... :-). This fellow came all the way from Kandahar to have a scene! Jeb, below, was returning to Afghanistan. BTW... all the names are changed to protect the guilty. :-) Master Jack

------- Original Message -------
Subject:  arrived home
Date:  Tue, 13 Oct 2009 08:13:23 -0700 (PDT)
From:  abnerxxx<>
To:  Master Jack <>

Hello Master Jack,
I'm back in Austin.  Except for a minor flight delay all went well.
Thanks to you and Terry for the session, I really enjoyed it.
Looking forward to my next visit.


---- Original Message --------
Subject:  thank you
Date:  Wed, 19 Aug 2009 21:13:02 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
From:  eras <>
To:  Master Jack <>

Thank you for the experience this past Monday.  I was pretty nervous when we began (especially when you started to fasten those first straps), so I appreciate the fact that you made everything just the right intensity and that you created a comfortable and safe environment.  It took alot for me to give up complete control like that, especially to a stranger.  I haven't had internet access until now, so I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you.
Best Regards,

- Original Message --------
Subject:  Re: scene
Date:  Sat, 8 Aug 2009 11:28:44 -0700
From:  . . <>

It took me a few days to write since I didn't know what to say. Me bein' in the military n' all, it's really hard for me to find anyone to tie me up. Most of the time, if I find anyone into "real" bondage, they want me to tie them up. I can. But that's not what gets my rocks off, as you saw. The feelin' of bondage, knowin' I can't get out and that you won't let me loose until our agreed time is up is the biggest turn on in life for me. And I loved it when you told me the 24 hours was up and THEN refused to let me loose. WOW. I really fought the straightjacket then, but I couldn't get loose. When you finally let me loose I was goin' to chew ya out, but found out that it was just 24 hours then! Nobody's played that mind fuck on me before. You are a fuckin' Master.


Got this nice note from a boy in England and even though he's never been here I decided to publish it.
 From: Roy <>
Subject: thanksDate: Jul 22, 2009 9:21 PM

Hi MasterJack
For many years I have sat behind my pc screen admiring your webpage and the accounts of your visitors. It has been so long that the pics were not censored and with dial up I stayed watching as each brilliant one appeared complete with its caption! Your accounts and passion for bondage gripped me every time I read them and craved each update, your visitors experiences make for the most exciting reading, real bondage, and real accounts far better than any story I have ever found.
The scenes you have done from milking, electro and sensory deprivation as well as extended scenes is what influenced me, I had a craving deep inside, the sight of the infamous wooden chair and knowing that the guy strapped in must be in pure ecstasy. It was this which showed me what was in the bondage world, electro and milking were things I would never have thought of or dreamed existed.
I’m a 23y/o slim sub (switch) in England with an appetite for leather, rubber and electro.
Since staying up and discovering your page then I have tried many things, brought some pieces for myself and made some great friends here. It was yourself which influenced me so much, I still read the accounts and wish that I was the author and that it was me bound in your dungeon.

-------- Original Message -------
Subject:  Re: scene
Date:  Tue, 9 Jun 2009 18:28:52 -0500
From:  ANDREW xxxxxxxxx <>
To:  Master Jack <>

Hello and Good Evening Sir,

This is my formal thank you for everything. I first want to thank you for picking me up and dropping me off at the airport. Next, I wanted to thank you for the awesome food that you prepared while I was there, I really appreciated the care for your prisoner. Then I would like to thank you for the privilege of allowing me to go out to dinner with you and T; I REALLY enjoyed the ride home from the restaurant (in leg irons and handcuffs).
I saved the best for last: THANK YOU for the awesome / mindblowing scenes you planned, each scene just got better. I really enjoyed the leather and the restraints. Please also thank "Officer T" for my prisoning training, I learned and enjoyed my cell. I will remember my training for when I come back, please keep a collar ready for when I return.
Thank you for taking good care of me. I had an awesome time and will be back soon.

Thank you both again for everything,

prisoner 060409

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Re: Yesterday
Date:  Sat, 23 May 2009 22:23:37 -0700 (PDT)
From:  frank <>
To:  Master Jack <>
So it took 2 years for us to get together and it was worth it. It should have been sooner, but you know my family situation. I think that's one reason it worked so well. I knew I could trust you to be very discreet so that gave me the confidence just to lie back and "take it." And boy did I! Thanks for a great time.

Where DO I Sign Up?

Original Message --------
Subject:  Incarceration
Date:  Mon, 23 Mar 2009 23:17:59 EDT
Thanks for a great incarceration. Bound in chains, handcuffs, legirons, in your prison cell and forced to beg for mercy. It's what I've dreamed of for many years. But how to do it safely. That was always the question. As you know my delicate situation with a top security clearance, I have to have absolute discretion. So I had to wait until I found someone I could trust. That's you. This scene was even more intense than the first. How far can I go? I can't wait to find out.


- Original Message --------
Subject:  our scene
Date:  Sat, 28 Feb 2009 19:11:52 -0600

As you know I was so paranoid about coming to see you. I was sure I could trust you but I've been terrified for 40 years that someone would find out I was really gay and even worse that I love to be tied my wife. She'd leave me in a minute. But after I got there and you got me calmed down, I couldn't believe what a truly wonderful feeling it was. I hope to get away from the university next fall and I want to see you again then. I really, really appreciate what you did for me. I was "high" for days afterward.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Re: rubadub
Date:  Sun, 22 Feb 2009 22:27:00 -0800 (PST)
From:  jr subman <>
To:  Master Jack <>
I really didn't think I could make it 24 hours straight in rubber. But you made me do it... twice! I didn't even think I liked straightjackets. Now I want to live in one!
My humble thanks,

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  visit
Date:  Fri, 06 Feb 2009 16:21:01 -0500

February 6, 2009
Master Jack,

Got home about midnight Wednesday after a drive that was both beautiful---and freeway hell-to Idaho.

Want to tell you again what a wonderful time I had during the visit.  Was powerfully aroused during the scenes   I came in the uniform... Want to do it again soon while I still can.  Next time would fly and rent a car.

Attached is a photo of my iron bondage collection.  Terry may find it interesting.  The heavy leg irons definitely go over boots.  The silver shackles have setscrew closure; have worn them for days with additional chains connecting here and there.  The bean cobb leg irons and handcuffs are a little rusty, have been much loved.  The collars are too small for me now, the largest being a size 16; they each have only one attachment.  If you want them, these will all be yours.

Thank you again for everything.

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Subject:  WOW!
Date:  Sat, 10 Jan 2009 17:27:10 -0700
From:  Donxxxxxx <>
To:  Master Jack <>
Need I say more?

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Subject:  Visit
Date:  Sun, 21 Dec 2008 21:27:44 EST

Master Jack and Terry -

Thanks for being such great hosts on my visit last week.  I had a great time in and out of the sleepsack!  I had a great time and enjoyed your hospitality.

Hope it is the first of many visits.


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Subject:  Give Thanks
Date:  Mon, 1 Dec 2008 21:39:00 +0000
From:   <>
To:  Master Jack <>

Well, I shall give thanks my entire life that I met you. It was an unforgettable "Thanksgiving." Who would ever believe that I spent Tday bound and helpless, waiting for my meal to be served to me by a Master, when in fact I was trussed up tighter than the turkey. I loved it that you left me in the straightjacket, forcing to eat my turkey dinner, out of a metal bowl like the dog I am. You have a great sense of irony and it wasn't lost on me.
Keep up the great work. I know of no one who does what you do so well!

Your humble slave,

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Subject:     home
Date:     Tue, 21 Oct 2008 21:02:17 -0700 (PDT)
From:     dogxxxxxx <>
To:     Master Jack <>

Greetings Masterjack,

I made it home with no trouble !
Thanks to you and Terry for a fun weekend, sir It seems like each visit gets a little more intense (for me :-) ), but always fun.
I'm looking forward to my next visit, hopefully next Spring. I will take into account breaks I might need, though I think it is more of a break from the intensity (for me) more than the bondage itself. Handcuffed (in front) and leg irons provide a break for me. However, the walks were very nice too !
Hope you have a good rest of the year !


(A boy from Wales)
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Subject:     Re: visit
Date:     Tue, 14 Oct 2008 21:28:47 +0100
From:     Jonxxxxxxxxx <>
To:     Master Jack <>
Hello Master
Just to say that is am home safe and sound. Flights were all good
Thanks very much to you both for a fantastic week. Your kindness and hospitality were beyond expectation.
Me and my hood will be cozying up tonight for sure. I hope that you enjoyed both yourself as much as i did.
Give Rex a pat from me.
Take care and thanks again. Lets hope we can do it all again next year.
Bye for now


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Subject:     Re: Application form
Date:     Sun, 3 Aug 2008 15:03:28 +0100
From:     dr.jxxxxxx <>
To:     Master Jack <>
It's been 8 years, hasn't it? Eight years since I first came to you and was bound up for just 24 hours. What a step that was for me! And what ecstasy I felt then... and have ever since, coming to you once a year, every year... now for 3 day scenes, a perfect time for me. Instead of listening to my patients and trying to bring them back to some realization of reality, I can escape completely into the womb of your protection, making me completely helpless, with no choices. What ecstasy, real ecstasy that is.
This year, as each year before, we have taken my daughters on a summer's trip. This year it was to Disneyworld, their fantasy land. I watched with wonder and amusement as they played, as you must watch me struggle. A week later I came to you on my "business trip." I can't tell you how much I look forward to this experience each year... for the whole year. And now it's done for another year.
All I can say is, thank you. Thank you so being Master Jack and giving me a safe place to go to be myself.

Dr. John

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Subject:  prison
Date:  Sat, 19 Jul 2008 16:42:37 +0200
From:  fredslxxxxx <>
Prison Master:
Who would ever have known that 3 days of incarceration would fly by so fast?! Slave Master T was perfect and you
always added the special touches. I've spent my whole life dreaming of being chained up in in a prison cell, no way out
until my "sentence" is up. 3 Days was perfect. The other choice of becoming a criminal and being put away for months or
years really woudln't work for me! :-) Thanks for making it happen.

Prisoner 0071908

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Subject:  Thank you Sirs!
Date:  Tue, 23 Oct 2007 00:09:08 EDT

Master Jack Sir,
Guard T Sir,

       Just wanted to tell you again how sincerely grateful I am for this past weekend.  I'm still at a loss for words.  I've never been locked up this long before, and although I was initially uncertain about my ability to complete the scene, your orders to increase the time were just what I needed.  Thank you so much Sirs -- your talents have filled a big void in my life over the past three years.

       The flight home went smoothly...  Back in NY it took 2 hours to get home among the world's rudest drivers, and I was wishing I was in your cell instead.  All day at work today I couldn't think of anything else.  I'm already looking forward to next year.

Again, many many thanks.


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Subject:  My Testimony-Can Be Shared
Date:  Thu, 6 Sep 2007 19:52:26 -0400
From:  <>
To:  mj <>

September 2007

Master Jack Sir, I wanted to thank you both for the 5 days I spent at your place in Tucson.It was a great experience.

I told you that I am married and live in a small town and there aren't many chances to experience bondage here. If anyone out there has a deep desire to be kept helpless in long term bondage, I would strongly suggest that they contact Master Jack and he will send you a profile to fill out. Tell him what your fantasies are and he will work with you.

Master Jack's dungeon is monitored 24 hours a day. I will admit that I had to signal for Master Jack on more than one occasion; he responded immediately and he took care of the problem. Both Master Jack and his slave boy "T" are 100% safe.

Your boy


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Date:  Tue, 25 Sep 2007 22:57:00 +0200
From:   <swiss_slave@xxxxx
To:  mj <>

Hi Master Jack & Terry,

greetings from switzerland. i'm back home since yesterday morning, pretty cold here.

Thanks a lot for the nice stay with you last week, I really enjoyed my  time there very much.

I wish you a good time. keep in touch.


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Subject:  Me-Bound
Date:  Tue, 26 Jun 2007 10:29:03 -0400

Sir... and I say that with a lot of respect. I never call another man "Sir" in the BD/SM scene, since I'm always a top...almost. But I came all the way from New York to find out what all the fuss was about. "Yeah, right," I was sure my response would be. Couldn't have been more wrong. You did exactly what I asked you to do... kept me bound and helpless, sightless, virtually sensationless for the 48 hours I asked for. Everytime I came to the point of near panic, you calmed me. THAT'S your talent. You know people. I've tried to bottom several times and it always became a battle of egos. We never started there and you never let it go there.
So, I told Mich, the guy who had been to see you and recommended you to me, that he was right. It is a unique experience... one I'll never forget. I reached my limits, but you didn't push me past them. Thanks.

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Subject:  Thank you!
Date:  Sun, 10 Jun 2007 13:56:15 -0700
From:  JS<>
To:  mj <>

Master Jack, Terry, I had such a wonderful time. I thank you for showing me some things I've always dreamed about, teaching me a few things about myself, and especially I thank you for your hospitality at the end. I look forward to the day when I understand my limits better and/or those limits have been stretched so that I can return. Until then, I wish you both the best of fortune! J

Subject: Back home
Mon, 14 May 2007 17:54:08 +0000
Lazy Lucky <>

Hello Master Jack, and Master Terry:

Got back home safe and sound early this morning. Just drove straight home from the Airport, but started getting sleepy so took a nap for three hours. The whole trip was seamless.

Wow - what a great time. First, thanks so much to both of you for your hospitality and liberties you allowed me to participate in. The steak dinner was great, and taking a swim was very nice. I greatly enjoyed talking to both of you. You are two of the three people I've ever had any discussions with about my homosexuality. I guess to sum up the whole experience, I'd say that heading back I just felt more whole as to filling in a missing peice of my life - something I've been interested in for a long time and wanted to do but until I came across you never thought there was a viable venue.

I had to say that I enjoyed getting whipped the most. Terry set it up beautifully when on Saturday he said I had been a pretty good boy but still had done some infractions that would be taken care of on Sunday. That got my motor running - I love the the punishment/consequence aspect of it. I loved what Terry said Saturday. I had asked him if prisoners were allowed to self gratify - he said no, that it was an infraction to ask and another one to think about it. Great line. Sure, the whipping hurt at the time, but I wanted to experience that. I wouldn't have complained if I had received more. Being forced to express sounds of pain is part of being broken down, which is another thing about BDSM I like. When Terry came to get me and told me to take my shirt off I knew what was coming. I think that was as hard as I got the whole time. Even though being strapped to whipping horse and getting it in the ass would have been fun, I'm glad I was whipped in back because figure it hurts worse. Yeah, it hurt at the time but I know those type of whipping devices are designed to bring blood to the surface without cutting. The pictures were awesome. Nice before and after re: the redness. All the pictures were great. I'll definitely have some great "material" to jack off to.

The e-stim was an incredible experience too. I didn't know what to expect. Master Jack read me perfectly when he came in and said he wasn't sure if I was in extacy or agony. I told him a bit of both. I enjoyed the disciplinary aspect of it because I had to, per se, talk to myself re: being so tightly restricted and having the hood on. Knowing I couldn't do a damn thing about it is what makes it erotic.

Third favorite thing - had to be when I was taken to the dungeon and left there gagged with the chain from the shackles going back up behind me to where I couldn't get up without taking the chair with me. Getting to look at me like that in the mirror - well, I came damn close to cumming. I had to stop rubbing my dick else I would have went. I loved the whole prisoner scene - being in "orange" just like the prisoners I see every day. The waist chain was great, especially when it was tighter while I was chained to chair in the dungeon.

I'm glad you guys had fun too. In fact, when Terry was having a bit of his own "fun" at the end of the scene on Sunday, I almost told him that since he was pitching I'd play catcher. I was thinking "okay, gagged, spreader bar on legs, bent over the whipping horse - yeah. But, I thought introducing that could be inappropriate since both of you have a relationship with each other. I was so close to saying it. But, since I was still in custody I thought I might suffer  consequences. Okay, so it's killing me - what would have happened had I said that?

Again, thanks so much to the both of you. I feel like I've filled in a peice of my life that had been incomplete. It was a great experience.


Subject:  Re: dungeon visit
Date:  Fri, 11 May 2007 18:14:58 -0700
From:  Jockguy  <>
To:  mj <>
Master Jack,

sorry to have to leave so early today. i had to be back in las vegas to meet up with
someone, and meant to tell you that 10am was when i had to leave when we talked last night.

i had a great time under your authority Sir. Terry is very nice and helped me.

thank you very much for the hospitality SIR.

could you send me some pics and movies of what you captured SIR?

oh, i had a weird thing happen on my drive toward phoenix. there were
2 cop cars parked away from each other on the freeway clocking
speeders i guess. i was going about the speed limit, but when i saw
them, i braked fast going down to about 60.

i drove on for a while, no problems, but then one car came behind and
trailed me then pulled up beside me and drove alongside for a long

then pulled behind and turned on his lights, so i pulled over.

2 cops came up to the window and asked for my license and reg. 1 white
guy -maybe 25 with flat top and military looking, 1 black guy more
stocky who didn't talk, but watched.

the white guy said that he wanted me outta the car, beside the cop
car. then he said i was getting a warning for changing lanes without a
signal. so he started to fill out papers- the warning. i was using my
signals though.

the weird part was that he started to talk about how i looked- 'man,
you really are in great shape', and i thought wow, were is he going
with this onez? i thought maybe this is turning into a visit to the
cops backroom rape place- or maybe a dessert road with these 2 guys
and me? he said more things and complimented me more about my body.!

he wanted to know what i do, where i went, where I was going...

but then he gave me the warning and it was over....

Subject:  RETURN
Date:  Sun, 25 Mar 2007 13:34:45 -0500
From:  STEPHEN <>
To:  mj <>

 Master Jack,
                     Thank You for a most enjoyable experience and
                      allowing me to enter Yours,Terry's  and
                      of course, REX's World.
                      I hope sometime in the Future You will allow
                     me to Return to experience more of the
                     same and to perhaps Expand and Experience
                     New Horizons of Bondage.

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Subject:  Thank you again Sir
Date:  Tue, 7 Nov 2006 14:29:52 EST
Master Jack Sir,

       I want to thank you and Terry once again for a truly wonderful time this past weekend.  Physically I'm exhausted -- I got no sleep on the plane coming home -- but mentally I'm still in a state of euphoria.  I keep replaying the scene my mind, and it makes me hard just thinking about everything we did.

       During my first visit last year, despite the fact that I had made a decision to trust you, I couldn't completely eliminate a lingering fear of the unknown.  This time, with total confidence, being led into the cell was like coming home and the experience was even more intense than the first one. You and Terry do an outstanding job of making my dreams become reality, and for this I'm deeply grateful, in addition to all your fine hospitality with dinner, driving to the airport, etc.  I'm already looking forward to seeing you again.  My only regret is that we're so far apart -- if you ever get tired of living in that warm Arizona weather, please consider New York!

Again, many thanks for everything.


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RE: thank you
Date: 9 Oct 2006 21:02:57 -0000
From: jasonxxxx@nyc.rr, com
Once again, I'm home and wishing I was there. It takes me about 2 weeks to recover...not physically...mentally. I want so much to spend more time bound up in your dungeon. It is the high point for each year for me. Three days is just not nearly long enough. Thanks for showing me around the area, too. It is really beautiful there and it was good to take a day just to unwind before I had to get on an airplane. Next year I want to stay longer.
Thanks again,
Your boy, Jason

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Re: thoughts
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:48:22 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
From: Begboy <>
Yeah, you're fuckin' right. It is hard for me to submit. Sorry I made it hard for you at the beginning. The way you do things is so far different from anyone I've ever known, I couldn't get used to it, at first. I expected all that Master/Sir stuff to get in the way since I'm normally a top. But you don't even bother with it. You just make the boy submit, slowly, with the power of your personality. No huff n' puff stuff. That was new to me. The few times I've let someone top me, they had to make a big deal about being superior to me and what a lowly piece of shit I was. Not you. You just wore me down, quietly. I learned something from you. I can't say that about almost anyone else. I'm really glad I came. It was hard. But I did learn. If you ever get to Canada, I'll be happy to return the favor :-)

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Subject:  Re: trip
Date:  Wed, 6 Sep 2006 16:41:54 -0700 (PDT)
From:  <>
Reply-To: <>
To:  MJ <>
So I made it! You talked me through it. I never would have if you hadn't. 3 days of bliss. Sure there were some low points, but the highs were so many. I'll be back! Great time.
son of sam

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Subject:  Re: request for return session
Date:  Wed, 23 Aug 2006 15:20:55 -0700 (PDT)
From:   <>
To:  MJ <>
Hello Master Jack,
 Sir, just wanted to let you and Terry know that I had a great time on my visit.  I especially enjoyed the cell time and hog-ties sir.
Three days was the right time for me sir.  Time for heavy stuff (for me) and time to relax.  Eating light seemed to help but I need to make sure to drink a little more fluids, sir, on my next visit.
 Looking forward to seeing you both next year, sir.

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Subject:  RE: Bondage
Date:  Sat, 01 Jul 2006 19:43:22 +1000
From:  Ray <>
Hey, mate! Thanks for letting me loose! You had me worried for awhile. But that's what I asked for and you served it up. No regrets. In fact I can't stop thinking about it.


Subject:  me-gagged
Date:  Fri, 23 Jun 2006 02:37:25 EDT
From:  xxxxD666
I begged for it and you let me have it. I've never been gagged so long so many times in my life. For me, being bound very tightly so there is no way, absolutely no way to get loose and then tape gagged so nothing but a muffled cry can come out is what it's all about. You gave me my dream. Nobody can do more.
"muffled thanks"

Subject:  AW: repeat
Date:  Wed, 24 May 2006 00:39:20 +0200
From:  <>
Thanks you Master Jack for letting me to return. I had a great time the first time I came to see you during Dore Alley. But tihs second one was even better. I think the desert fits you. Makes you meaner :-) Could not want more! You understand me...

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Subject:  Re: scene:
Sun, 30 Apr 2006 21:20:24 +0000
I never thought I would have a panic attack. But how would I know? I had only tied myself up for 30 years. So when you bound me up tight and I really knew I couldn't get loose, my mind went crazy. But you talked me down. You kept me tied up even though I really wanted out. You brought me back and I'll never forget that, because if I had quit then, I might never have tried it again with anyone. It was a fantastic time. You're right. I really am into it. As you said, no one travels 3000 miles to get tied up unless they are "driven."
Thanks again.


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Subject:  BONDAGE!
Date:  Thu, 23 Mar 2006 11:17:18 EST
Boy is that ever the subject with you! I've never been tied so many ways for so long in my life! I'm only sorry I only put a "5" on your profile form for straitjackets. Once you got me going on them, I wanted to try everyone you had! (I'll be back) I never knew what a wonderful feeling they have since I always just tie up my boys with rope. But being trussed up in a sj, legs tightly strapped together, tightly hooded for hours...what a rush! As you noticed, a shot over and over in your rubber straightjacket and pants. I'm still jacking off to that scene. Wonderful!


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Subject: Bondage
Date:  Tue, 14 Feb 2006 09:29:53 +0000
Hi Master JackI would just like to send you a big thank you for the time I had out there with you.The cell experience was great and fulfilled one of my fantasies. In fact last nightwhen I slept it still felt as though I had handcuffs and manacles on (or was I just hoping)!Thanks also for your hospitality in showing me around the area and even remembering my birthday really touched me.I have to admit I cried a bit at the airport as I felt really sad at having to leave.The weather here is really gloomy  in London, cloudy and dull 6C - what a difference!Anyway I hope if I can save up enough to be able to come againand maybe without all the worries on my mind next time you couldpush me more to the limit.Look forward to seeing the photos if you could email me.Best wishes to you and Terry


Subject:  Halifuck
Date:  Mon, 09 Jan 2006 09:57:40 -0500
I'm back in Halifax, shivering my ass off. Much better to have you warming it with your paddle and me tied to that horse! Or me in a leather sj. Or me in the rubber sleepsack. Or me hooded and gagged. Or me anything under your comtrol again. I may never do that type of thing again in my life. Not because I don't want to but being married, with children and a professor does limit my ability to get away. One thing is for sure, I shall always remember my three days of bondage with you as being the best three days of my life. What else can I say:
"Abyssus abyssum invocat..." "Carpe diem!"

Subject:  Thanks for the memories
Date:  Sun, 11 Dec 2005 04:22:30 EST From:
-Master Jack,

First, I want to say that I had a very good time. You could not have been more responsible or careful. My special favorite, I think, was the time in straight jacket tied very tightly to the chair, with the electricity. I could have lasted several more hours than you allowed.

Both expeiences in the bondage bag were amazing. I was so pleased to have lasted several hours rather than my previous limit of one, and the second use was especially pleasurable with the use of the electric toy. I now think I can deal with the bag for quite extended periods, at least tied in the way you did it.

The time in the cell was fun. I liked a lot the hog-"tie" using the combination irons with wrists behind the back plus a chain attached to the cell itself, all while hooded. Fun for the kinky.

Although the session with Terry was limited in time, I very much enjoy his strictness, orders and demand for obedience. The whipping, with wrists attached to the post, though not extensive, was also great. The bondage in the straight backed chair was relatively demanding and very pleasurable, mentally and physically. In retrospect.

I was certainly well fed and well cared-for. I appreciated the opportunity to have dinner with you and Terry not just once but twice. Thank you. You are a very good cook and you are Terry are fine company.

I also appreciate your patience with my medical regime, which I know interrupts things and must be a pain (it is for me!).
It's always fun and stimulating talking with you, as well as being bound by you. I think, and hope, you felt more confidence in the rigor I could handle. I assure you I can and would tell you if I couldn't.

All in all, a great time of much pleasure and stimulation. My thanks to both you and Terry,

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Subject:  Thank you!
Date:  Wed, 14 Sep 2005 04:20:45 EDT

Master Jack Sir,

       I can't find sufficient words to thank you and Guard T for the incredible prison scene you gave me in your cell and dungeon.  It was simply magic - an experience I'll never forget as long as I live.  From the moment I arrived I was controlled and restrained, and while you made sure that it was impossible to escape, you also worked very hard to ensure my safety and well being at all times.  For that I am truly grateful.

       It took me five years to muster up the courage to come see you.  Now I wish I hadn't taken so long!  For anyone who is debating about trying a scene with Master Jack, I have two simple words: DO IT.  You'll be very glad you did.

       Once again, thank you Sirs for making my fantasies become reality.  I'm already looking forward to serving another sentence with you.


Subject:  Re:SCENE
Date:  Sun, 21 Aug 2005 16:04:22 EDT
Greetings Bondage MASTER,

Thank YOU so much for everything SIR. So many things that i enjoyed about the time i spent in YOUR control SIR. i think experiencing the electro butt play was the greatest, and i thank YOU for allowing me to receive that SIR. Second favorite was probably the rubber gag SIR. i'm learning that i am becoming a pig when it comes to gags SIR. i wanted to experience all that YOU have, but realize that would take some time. Also wanted to experience all of YOUR hoods too SIR. Finally i want to thank YOU again for allowing me to shoot. i'm hoping to get a chance to see how that looked on YOUR site SIR. <fingers crossed>

Date:  Tue, 24 May 2005 07:24:38 +0200
Thank you Sir for letting me  come to your home and be your prisoner. It is a life dream come true. I hope that you will allow me to come again. I can not hardly wait. You are really good at what you do.

Subject:  my fears
Date:  Sat, 19 Mar 2005 21:48:24 -0800 (PST)
I came wondering if I could handle what you could offer. I left knowing you could have done more to me, but you let me feel I had conquered my fears. I'll be eternally grateful.

Subject:  Yes, SIR!
Date:  Sat, 12 Feb 2005 18:53:51 -0500 \
I am doing as I was commanded. You said that if I ever wanted to return I would have to write and beg, grovel, really in order to get another scene with you. I'm begging. You gave me exactly what I wanted, SIR! Total humiliation. THANK YOU SIR!

Subject: this prisoner /slave
Date:  Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:37:31 -0700
From:  SJ <>
I have just returned from a beautiful ride following an incredible journey of three days.
Thank you for that journey.
I have presumed to leave my cap with a slice of my core spirit as a prisoner/slave [ps] contained therein. I would hope to rejoin that slice with the rest of the core in the future. I am certain the SlaveMaster could  accomplish that immediately after restraining my hands behind my back at  the wall. by using the hood and gag I wore to contain that spirit until the joinder was accomplished.
Again, Sirs, thank you.

Subject: Humbly yours
Date:  Thu, 9 Dec 2004 16:08:10 -0800
ron <>
To:  <>
I've sat at my computer (this modern marvel that's replaced real encounters with mere verisimilitude), intending to write to you, but not hitting a key for almost 15 minutes. It was that way when I first wrote to you. Then, I just couldn't be sure I really wanted to come from New York out to see you. Then you moved to Arizona and it seemed even more unlikely. But, by chance, I ran into a friend in the re-opened (and diluted) Eagle. I mentioned I might go out to have a scene with you. He said, "I'd sure go back."  I said, "You've been there?" He said he'd been to see you twice and would go again when he had the chance. That's what I had to hear.

I've been in the Leather scene for almost 25 years. I've been tied up by I don't know how many men and I've tied up a lot too, as I told you. So I've been around and seen just about everything, I thought. I was wrong. Your system, style, call it what you will, is completely different. It's like it was meant to be, I've come to think. I came with a lot of preconceived ideas of how a scene should be run. It's like you just tossed those out of the window and said, "This is the way we'll do it." After talking to you, when I was allowed to do so, I realized that you are just a naturally born BondageMaster. You didn't need to go to some school, go to meetings, seminars, HellFire's Inferno or be trained by anyone else. When you told me you had been tying up boys (literally in this case) since you 9 or 10, I could believe it. You took to dominance and bondage like Mozart to music. You make the others seem like comic opera and you're the real thing.
My (leather) hat's off to you. You gave me a scene like I didn't know I could have. There's still hope in the Leather community that BD/SM will not die off, after all, replaced by ersatz people in faux-cuir.
Who would ever have thought that such a great time could be had in the wilds of Arizona? It doesn't happen in the City, anymore.
With great admiration,

Subject:  trip
Date: 1 Dec 2004 22:24:13 -0000
From:  condemned <>
To:  <>
I guess I'm one of the few who doesn't care that you moved from San Francisco to AZ. You're about 800 miles closer to me now :-) But what the heck...I'd go another 8000 miles to have a scene with you again. I've always fantasized about being in "hung" bondage, but didn't trust anyone enough to do it, nor would I just do it to myself. If I couldn't get loose, I might:
1. Die
2. Be discovered by the wife and kids.
Disaster either way. But your expertise gave me the time of my life. I've wondered what drives me to want to do this to myself. You had the most perfect answer: "What makes some men lust after a woman's legs? We're all different. As long as you can do something, safely that gives you release and pleasure, enjoy it." I'll never forget that answer. You made me feel comfortable with myself probably the first time in my life. So thanks for making my dreams come true and thanks for talking. You're really good at that too.
Condemned prisoner

Subject: thanks
Sun, 14 Nov 2004 22:12:25 -0800 (PST)
Glenn <>
Hello Master Jack,
Thanks again, sir, for a fun weekend.  I enjoyed my time in the dungeon and the Marshall cell, sir.  I'm looking forward to my next visit and spending time in the cage.  I still can't believe the first day was six hours in one position, sir.  I guess time does fly when you are having fun, sir !
Thanks again,

Subject:  bondage
Date:  Tue, 4 May 2004 19:09:07 -0400
From:  <>
I sorta thought, on my way out to you, that , no matter what else, I'm not going to be just another one of those slobs who writes after a scene, blithering about how great you are at bondage. After all, I'm a top and have tied up a hell of a lot of very good looking boys. So I really came I think, more to debunk this tale of the great San Francisco BondageMaster. That's why I scheduled only two days, instead of the three you suggested. I figured I'd be bored after only one day but I'd give it two.
Well,  I have to admit, I was wrong. What you made me see is that it's not that the bondage that makes you great. I can tie up men as well as you, maybe even better, for I might spend hours doing it. But I don't "read" them as well as you read me. You knew from the very first moment that I got into your car at the airport, that I was not going to be pliant. Instead of making some big deal out of it or challenging me openly, you just proceeded, slowly to break me down. It was so deftly done that I didn't even notice until I suddenly was regretting that I hadn't scheduled 3 days or even 3 weeks instead of a paltry 2 days. You quietly put me in my place. I learned, without a lot of blustering from you, to obey. I can tell you it was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. As I told you, I work for a large company and do management training and goal setting programs. I wish that I could train men as stealthily as you do your boys. You just sneak up on them and suddenly they know they have to obey.
Slobber, slobber
PS. Let me know where you move. I hope it's not Barcelona. It's just too damn far.

Subject: our scene
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 18:00:50 +0100
From: rbbrbttm39 <>
To:  <>
You have, above all else, a great sense of empathy. Oh, yes, I loved the bondage, the whipping, the paddling, the Electricity, the hours in total silence, bound head to toe, unable to do anything but grunt for help if I truly needed you. I loved all those things. But when you left me tied helplessly in your bondage chair and put on the CD of Bach's "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme" and made it play over and over, I knew I had met my match. Over the years, I've had many men tie me up. Some were very good at it. But none were able to match my mind. You are extremely empathetic...take it from one who has listened to many confessions of lost souls. You listen to the confessions of your flock as I have shepherded many. You took me to a plane I didn't know that was possible. All the stimulation and bondage were wonderful, truly great. But you took me out of myself. As I was forced to listen to the Cantata over and over, you took what was so familiar and immersed me into it so that I was no longer inside of my own body. I didn't know what you meant when you asked if I "floated." Now I know. You have a great gift. When I asked, "Do you play that for all your boys?" and you answered..."No, only you." I knew you had understood me better than any man I've ever met.
If you do move, as you say you are planning to do, I hope it is to London. I know you said it is not on your list, but reconsider. Believe me, with talent such as yours you could fill Blenheim Palace with bondageboys!
Your faithful servant,

Subject:  WOW!
Date:  Thu, 22 Apr 2004 18:13:09 -0700 (PDT)
From:  barker <>
Man, you gave it to me and in spades! You used that profile form like a roadmap and gave me the bondage session I've always dreamed about. If you do move out of the Bay Area, it will be my loss. I wish I hadn't waited so long to see you. It just took a lotta guts for me to do it since I'm usually top. But you showed me I'm a groveling snout in the dirt bondage bottom dog. I'll be back. Don't move before July.

Subject: Thanks
Date:  Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:26:31 -0800 (PST)
From:  bndboinj <>
Sorry it's taken me a couple of weeks to write to you. As I told you, I had to leave for Switzerland on business almost as soon as I got back. It was one of the hardest business trips I've ever taken...I emphasize the word "hard." After spending 5 days as your complete prisoner, never leaving the dungeon for even a moment, being fed by slave t, kept in continual bondage, it was impossible to come down. I was in Zurich 42 hours after I left the dungeon. The next day I was in meetings...but I wasn't really there. My heart, mind and cock were still in your dungeon. I sat there in my business suit with a raging hardon. Fortunately, my legs were under the boardroom table, so no one could see. They couldn't have missed it if they weren't hidden. So I guess this is a pretty good indicator of what kind of time I had. I hope to find the time to come again, for it was the experience of a lifetime. I can never thank you enough.
-Your boi in NJ.

Subject:  home safe Date:  Mon, 22 Dec 2003 21:26:04 +0100
From:  Jxxxxxxxx <>
As I flew back to Amsterdam, I was amazed that I had had actually made this trip, almost 9000 kilometers from my home to be tied up! I can get tied up almost anytime I want in Amsterdam. I'm relatively younger, good looking boy who can take a lot. So why did I do it? It was because I had looked at your webpage for almost seven years and wondered, Can it really be as good as it looks? Well, this boy can tell you, it was even better. I will never, never regret this trip even with the problems with your crazy American douane- crazy to have to take off my boots. If I had the time, I would come to you two or three times every year. You do just what you say you will and enjoy it...but not as much as your boy does.

Subject:  scene
Date:  Sun, 14 Dec 2003 06:57:31 -0800 (PST)
From:  Travisxxxxx <>
I'll never forget the fear I had coming to you, meeting you at BART, having you pick me up in your Mercedes and how your masculine, warm voice got me to settle down. I knew immediately that you were someone I could trust and someone who would take me through my paces at a speed I could handle. I was right. It was the fantasy I had always had but never could get anyone to fullfil. Instead of the bondage being all about you, it was all about me. And I've never felt so controlled and yet safe in my life. I'm sorry it only lasted three days. It could have been three years.
Thank you, thank you ever so much.
Your boy,

Subject: your webpage bondage
Date: 10/21/2003 07:15 AM
I am still amazed that I flew half way across this country to have a bondage scene. But I'm certainly glad I did. As I told you, I was never comfortable having any such scene here for I was always afraid I would run into the person, at some point. But in San Francisco, I felt anonymous. More importantly, you made me feel wonderful. I don't know why I waited so long to come to you. I've been looking at your webapge for over 5 years. It was the best decision of my life. Thank you very much.


Subject: fuckin' bondage
Date: 9/08/2003 11:25 PM
I don't bottom, as I told you. But I guess I came as close as I want to to findin' a guy I could trust to tie me up, stick a electrified butt plug up my ass an turn the knob to high an make me beg for mercy. You did it man. I don't know I'll ever do it again, but you gave me what I asked for in spades! Maybe you'd like to come over to my playroom and let me get even! ;-).
Until later and keep that dial turned to high!


Subject:  Re: Your Website...Very Interested
Date: 8/18/2003 5:23 PM
I honestly don't know how you do it. You were out to the dungeon everytime I had a problem even before I grunted. That really is amazing. And as you know I had quite a few problems. But I guess that was to be expected. I was so nervous flying out to see you that I nearly caught the next flight back to Ohio after I arrived. When I got in your car, you sensed my worries immediately and before we even got to your house, I knew I was in good hands. The scene was everything I could have hoped for...and more. Now I'm home, with my family, a very happy man who has at least once in his life experienced what he has dreamed of since childhood. Thank you is not nearly enough, but it's what I can say to you. You do a wonderful job. I envy you that you get to do exactly what you want to do in life.

My sincerest thanks and I hope Secure haven happens quickly.


Subject: Thank you, Sir!
Date: 7/15/2003 9:15 PM
Thank you sir for a really good bondage session! I needed that! The "punishment electro-stim" is a wild scene and I really, really loved it. I'll get down and lick your boots anytime now. Until next time!!!

        RE: Visit
        Sat, 06 Jul 2003 12:23:04
There we were again, you standing over tied up tighter than ever before. Everytime I come to see you, you surprise me and do something different, or tie me tighter, or make me beg more. How could I stop cumming?
Thanks for another great scene.
Your Georgia boy.

        RE: Good life
        Sat, 21 Jun 2003 22:23:48 +0100
        "LeeXXX" <>
        "'MASTER JACK'" <>
As promised here's my story of my time under your control:
Lee's  STORY

        Re: Our scene
        Fri, 16 May 2003 17:58:52 -0700 (PDT)
        sam <>
        MASTER JACK <>
I didn't think I could last 72 hours of straight bondage. You knew how to pace it. I've tried to do long term bondage before but either I got worn out or the top did before I was even done with 1 day. But you made the time slip along until I couldn't believe it was over. As I told you, I'm not into pain at all. Even before I complained about an arm bothering me, or my back or anything else, you would be back out readjusting me. That's pretty incredible. You do have a talent. Thanks  for sharing it with me. You truly are what you advertise...a bondagemaster.

        THANK YOU!
        Tue, 01 Apr 2003 13:43:06 +0000
        JamesXXX <>

I almost cancelled because of the "war," fear of flying after 9/11 and several other lame excuses. it would have been one of the worst mistakes of my life. I have always dreamed of being bound up and kept that way for a very long time. I've fantasized about it since I was about 10 years old. Now I'm 50, as you know, and I've finally found someone I can trust to do just what I want. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had the time of my life. New York is a long way away, but I'll be back!


        Sat, 15 Mar 2003 10:39:47 -0800
I told you you couldn't max me out on rubber. You almost did. You've come closer than everyone else. I'll be back for another 48 hours in the fall. Make it  tighter and more difficult. I dare you! (Of course, that's what I say now. I respect you letting me loose when you did. I had truly maxed out. You're a sane man.)

      Subject: Novice Thanking Master
        Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:24:30 -0500
Master Jack,

Thank you so much for introducing me to bondage, Sir.  Being a first timer, I was
tremendously apprehensive (as you must have noticed) showing up at your dungeon.
However, you thoroughly interviewing me (and cleverly peeking into my psyche) to tailor
the most appropriate session eased me into the scene and made it enjoyable, though
intense, from the very beginning.  I found bondage most exhilarating and electro-stim
incredible, and I can’t wait to see what new things you will have in hand for me to
discover next session.

Thank you also for spending the time walking me through the different aspects of the gay
world, in particular the bondage community.  I was very nervous about opening up about
being gay for the first time in my life, and your willingness to talk to me after the
scene for so long was tremendously helpful.  You being so trustworthy made it possible
for me to let go and share with you my most deepest thought.  In fact, I was blown away
by how frank and direct you were with me, and will now take action on your suggestions.
I realized how much I have to learn, but as you pointed out, I am excited about the
journey on which I am embarking.
I am grateful for your offer to introduce me to some of your friends who might be
interested in helping me to further explore myself through the gay scene and bondage.  I
can use any help I can get.

Looking forward to the next session, Sir,

Lt. Bond

Re: Thanks
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 22:09:20 +0100
            Niels  <>
            MASTER JACK <>
            1 ,
Hi Master Jack,

Now home again, after a good flight with no problems.

Thanks again for a wonderful time, and yes, I enjoyed everything a lot!
I will deffenetly visit you again, can't say when, (maybe next year).
Now I know you, and I know I can trust you a 100%, I am willing and eager to try any or everything!
And go a few (or a lot of) steps further. Is it possible to have it even more intense??
On the plane I was fantasizing already about new scenes with you.

You are very skilled in what you are doing. Of course you have all of the equipment, but that is not enough to use it well.
You have the right mind set, that I like, and that is why I feld so comfortable with you.
I was hoping and thinking that I would learn a lot from you and become a better Top. I think you made me into a mutch
bigger bondage bottom!!
And you know that I have difficulties finding a good Top. So you created another bondage addict! Have to come back
A thing that turned me on was the loss of time.  I am now dreaming of even  longer term bondage sessions.

I am really tired now and need to go to bed, work again tomorrow.

Re: Boi t - Jan 8 visit - Thank you
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 22:45:11 -0800 (PST)
Master Jack,
I am back home safely.  Once again, no words can properly express my
 gratitude.  Neither is thank you ever enough.
It was an incredible session.  The electro-stim is mind boggling.  For the first
time, I can understand the frustration of the inability to cum, especially when I
can always self-stimulate.
The tit clamps were great, although a little bit stinggy.  Wished it lasted
Now I can only anticipate till the next session.  I guess this will be the biggest
torment of all.
Boi t 

        Quick Thank You!
        Tue, 26 Nov 2002 17:30:54 -0800 (PST)
         G <>

Hello Master Jack -

I made it back fine and my head is still spinning!
What a great afternoon!  Thank You!!!!
You are right, it is definitely something I will
probably want to pursue.  I will share my thoughts
with you about the scene once I am able to put them
into words.
It was wonderful!  Can't wait to see the pictures you
took.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Be well!
I just wanted to again express my gratitude for
such a great scene!
Take Care of yourself!

        Mon, 16 Sep 2002 20:08:52 -0700 (PDT)
        Mr dag wood <>
Hello Master Jack sir,

I just wanted to thank you the weekend scene, sir.  It
was quite a turn-on and has wetted my appetite for
more.  Sir, I greatly appreciate your patience with me
as I was learning the ropes and especially with my
little stomach problem.  I really enjoyed the cage
time, sir, especially with the handcuffs and leg irons
and enjoyed your friendly vibrators.
I would appreciate it, sir, if you could let me know
if post on-line any of the pictures you took of me.  I
would love to have some of them, sir.
Looking forward to a return visit, sir and maybe I can
find some handcuffs I can sleep in !!
Thanks again,

        September sixth
        Sun, 08 Sep 2002 10:49:07 -0700
Master -

Prior to our scene, my experience with bondage was mostly self induced and
totally under my control so there was always a safe out. These self induced
scenes made it possible to indulge in my fantasies and at the time seemed to
be quite serious. My experiences with other men were scenes where all the
trappings of bondage were present; restraints, hood, gag, etc but in these
scenes I don't recall ever being locked into anything. These scenes with
other men were more about submitting to the other men. The scene with you
was entirely different.
Firstly, I didn't know what to expect. Even though we had repeatedly
discussed the parameters and potential options of the scene I knew that
everything was open to whatever you deemed appropriate. Upon being led to
the cell my perception and expectations began to shift. Prior to the cell my
focus involved topping R and at some point submitting. In the cell my mind
began to process the imprisonment and the shift to prisoner began.
Introspection was nearly immediate and the decision to live with the choice
I'd made soon became clear.
When I saw R in the cage I knew there was really nothing left for me to do.
Your swift action of taking control of me, whether premeditated, or sensed
as appropriate at the time began to solidify the choice that I wanted to
make but was wavering on. The straightjacket as a symbol is a strong one but
wearing one is something different entirely. The sense of confinement is
immediate and powerful and the shift taking place inside my head became
stronger. Even at this point though, I felt like I could still just take
control of whatever I wanted and make it stop if. Attaching the electrodes
to my cock and balls took things a step farther and I knew that I had to
either speak up then or shut up for the duration. When the hood went on and
my sight was taken from me and when the gag went in and my speech was also
stolen the. The choice was made final now but the journey had just begun.
Being strapped into the chair (again, sorry for breaking it) made my
existence instantly optionless. I could see nothing, my hearing was impaired
and now I couldn't move. I could hear you and R doing something and I tried
to focus on that but I couldn't tell where you were or what you were doing
and at this point my mind began to take over and create its own reality.
When the electricity began to jolt through my privates the next step deeper
was taken. I knew I wanted it, I knew total submission was approaching.
After you left there was nothing left to focus on but my own predicament and
that of R's. Our moaning and groaning was all I heard but it was more of a
background track to the movie my mind was creating somewhere deep inside my
head. Thoughts and images raced through my head, jolts of electricity
through my body, the two seemingly having nothing to do with one another yet
in some part of my mind I knew they were totally intertwined. I was now
dealing with the decision I'd made but in a way I've never experienced
before, a way that I am yet able to explain. I could do nothing about the
situation I was in. Part of me wanted out, part of wanted more. The one
thing for certain was that I'd gotten myself in deep.
The thing that most surprised me about the scene wasn't the more extreme
stuff but after I was let out of the chair, after the electricity stopped.
When I was bound, shackled and collared and those things on my hands took my
ability to do anything normal away I felt a bit liberated in comparison to
my prior situation yet the liberation was short lived. I was free to move
about and I seemingly had options but in reality I didn't. This frustrated
me and at times angered me. I was mad at you and I was mad at me. But I had
made a decision and I was sticking to it. After a while I hated my decision.
I asked R to remove the collar but he told me it was locked on. I thought I
could remove the canvas bags from hands by pulling them off with my teeth
but that didn't work either. It was at this point that I realized that I had
totally submitted and it happened without me knowing about it. The rest of
the night, locked into my new reality was all about learning. About me and
how I handle everything from the totally routine to the utterly complex.
I will think about this day for ever.
I will be back again to visit, next time longer.
Thank you, Master Jack.

        Re: Scene
        Sun, 8 Sep 2002 13:50:42 -0700 (PDT)
        R H <>
        MASTER JACK <>
i'm still in bliss since friday; what an amazing evening. Thank You very much for your time and experience. Now that
new horizons have opened, the only question is what to aim for next! Will email soon at greater length.



            Thank you!
            Mon, 12 Aug 2002 21:53:32 -0500
            "Bamaguy" <bamaguy@xxxxxxxx>
            "MASTER JACK" <>
            1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 1Master Jack:

Thank you for a wonderful bondage experience!  You certainly know how to make a boy feel safe and secure!  But beyond
that, you and Terry were good hosts, too!  I enjoyed visiting with you before and afterwards.  And, now I know I can survive 24 hours of bondage!  It was an experience I'll never forget!   I hope that a few drops of my sweat are permanent parts of your dungeon now!
The rest of my weekend in SF was very nice, too.  I sat with & chatted with a seemingly nice couple on BART going into
the city, but the more we talked, the more closed-minded conservative he seemed.  I should have told him what I'd been
doing the past 24 hours just to see his reaction!
Thanks again for the hospatility and the bondage!  An experience I'll never forget!
Give my best to Terry.

        Sat, 3 Aug 2002 19:47:53 -0500
        "Donald xxxxx" <>
        "MASTER JACK" <>

The planes were flying, Master Jack, and they were on time.  So my return  was uneventful --
and pleasant, really.  There had been more rain while I was away, and the hills had become green
again in less than a week.

I greatly valued these past days, Sir.  The particular timing was especially helpful, too.  (Life) creates, at least for me, a kind of imbalance -- or perhaps a lack of coherence -- a little like
how things are after some kind of accident.  Some things are obviously and immediately necessary.  Yet
other things stay misaligned.  There is an important part of me that likes -- no, needs -- BDSM, and a big
part of the need has to do with this sense of coherence and balance.  It's probably related to how I find a
good "ass whipping" so important -- because it's hard for me to take.  Do You remember the movie Five
Easy Pieces?  I know how to do the easy pieces.  The hard ones are where one might grow in some way
and find a center that isn't hollow.  I have no illusions that, with a genuinely cruel person, I'd be dead
meat in a hurry.  But it's like something You've said in the past -- about creating an opportunity for boys
to work out the things they need to work out.  I suppose a simple way to say it is that it's cathartic for
me, although that may not say it all.  It's more than cathartic.  It helps me find my foundation again so I
can get back to trying to build something...
All good wishes.


boy don

        Mon, 10 Jun 2002 11:13:44 -0600
        "Ted XXXXX" <>
        "MASTER JACK" <>

...Yes:  I do hope to come back again, and this time, I hope, to be able to stand more.  I discovered by
using the electrical stimulation, my mind is taken off "my problem" and can take an indefinite time in
bondage.  At least, I did much better that way.  And if you'll have me back, well....
Yours in bondage.

        Thanks for a memorable day.
        Mon, 8 Jul 2002 22:36:04 -0700
        "WilliamXXXXX <>
        "Master Jack" <>
Master Jack, Sir:

I want to thank you for an incredible first-time experience - and for your care and patience throughtout my 8-hour scene, which went by way too fast.  I really enjoyed being bound up tight in leather - the smell and the sounds it made were a real turn-on.  The Electro-stim was amazing, too!  I can't describe all the things that went through my head during those hours.  I hope to come back again in the near future for a more advanced "lesson".

Thanks again,


Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 21:01:29 -0700
From: "Scott XXX <>
To: "MASTER JACK" <>Master,i wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time i had yesterday.  it really was one of the best bondage experiences i've ever had... i loved the rubber (no doubt, huh?!). i also really enjoyed the electrostim and the isolation of being alone in the dark.  i could have spent many hours out there that way.  i was totally getting into another "space" in my head.  i actually fantasized about being dressed in the rubber straightjacket, hood, and mouth tube and then taken to the loading dock on bondage night.  being made to drink beer and then having guys take advantage of me and my situation (wow!!!)...
Want to see moreof this 30 y.o. wrestler boy? Lots of pics of him in Bondagezine as the June Bondo Boy!

        This Past Weekend
        Tue, 16 Apr 2002 00:24:38 -0500
        " <>
        "MASTER JACK" <
Sir, my sincere thanks for a genuinely memorable experience this past weekend!  It'll probably be sensible for me to take a day or so to distill my thoughts rather than ramble on all night.  But this is definitely not going to be a "once in a lifetime" experience for me... Your philosophy is right up my alley, Sir -- about giving people space and help in working out what they want from bondage.  Based on this first experience, I am now at least more equipped to ask some of the right questions to seek out what I want from it -- or through it, maybe.  Floating -- oh, yes, very definitely.  If I am even close in what I said in suggesting a comparison with what I sometimes felt in extremely long runs, I didn't think I'd have a chance for this again.  It'll be different, I'm sure -- but it's something I definitely want to aim for..."
He came again in May and this is what he said after that scene:
        Many Thanks
        Sun, 26 May 2002 03:03:05 -0500
     " <>
        "MASTER JACK" <>
Many thanks, Sir, for another memorable experience.  I deeply appreciate all that You've done to help
me.   This is a huge "mind trip" for me -- like an extended meditation -- but it is also intensely physical, as
I realize more from day to day.  It challenges me in ways that I find hard to explain.  Yet they are ways
that seem so very coherent and cohesive.  Even in the most intense physical moments, I found myself
thinking, "I must recognize this -- accept this."  It wasn't about trying to resist and "overcome."  But it
surely does demand figuring out how to "deal with it" somehow -- or maybe not "figuring out" -- just
dealing with it.  The bottom line is that this was a really good experience for me -- and I say "good"
(rather than "great") because I want to suggest that it's somehow affecting my character.

The more attracted I find myself to bondage, the more I find myself wondering about my relative capacity
for bondage versus S&M.  Much as S&M appeals to some big part of me, I may, in the end, have a greater
capacity for bondage.  But I want to keep exploring both, and Your guidance and judgment are a real
source of strength and hope for me in this quest...
(He has now booked another scene for July, after he climbs the tallest mountain in Peru.)

        A week later
        Sun, 10 Mar 2002 21:12:57 -0500 (EST)


...Once I renewed BZ, I came across your letter about the fourth anniversay of Bondagezine. Congratulations, and I am honored to be included in your thoughts marking the occasion.

I have had quite the week mulling over the events of last weekend. I have been quite occupied today thinking about
our drive into the country last Sunday afternoon. As a matter of fact, I had most of the day today to myself, so I took a drive. Since I couldn't figure out how to chain myself up and drive, I settled for my Wescos and some leather.

Again, I want to tell you that last weekend was everything, and more than I had anticipated. My first time
apprehension was put aside so early in our encounter that I was able to truly live the fantasy I had only dreamed for
years. You took the time to ask questions and figure out what was going on in my head. My time in the cage was
devoted to looking forward to what was yet to come as opposed to thoughts of escape, freedom, or dread. I felt
comfortable and secure not only with you, but with myself. It is you who is responsible for these affirming feelings, and I thank you. I know that the experience could have been potentially quite different.
My very best to you and to Terry. I very much appreciated your willingness to include me in your activities. ...
the ride was unlike anything I'd ever done before. I think I remember that Sigurd is with you until Tuesday. My thoughts will be with him as he travels back to Brazil. Who knows, maybe we will share my hood again
next year! I have a lot of work to do to catch up to him.
Again, thank you SIR!
(biker boy from New Hampshire)

            Fri, 8 Mar 2002 10:24:39 -0500
            "MASTER JACK" <>
 MASTER JACK: Sorry that it's taken me so long to thank you for my bondage experience back in late January. And thanks for putting me online as Bondo Boy of the month in January (the pictures were hot and you know how this slave likes seeing himself "through the mirror darkly" in bondage). I've been in the transition of ending my job, closing down my apt. and moving everything to our property to start our new business -- so I have been out of touch
and online communication has been hit and miss. Everything seems to be restored now.
I hope to schedule another session with you in the future as I seem to travel to the Bay Area at least once a year. Since I was without computer for the last several weeks, would you be willing to send me a couple of images from my session with you as a reminder of how much I appreciated your bondage?
boy robert
(boy from NYC )

        Sat, 16 Mar 2002 10:27:28 -0800 (PST)
Thanks for the great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I truly enjoyed myself!  I had a smile the
whole drive back, which was useful when I hit LA  ( I got through the whole grapevine faster than I did LA traffic!).
You and your slave were great hosts!  We'll talk soon.

   Date:     Wed, 20 Feb 2002 15:18:59 -0800 (PST)
        "Mr . ." <>
        MASTER JACK <>
"Master Jack
Thank you for having me as a guest. It was very good
seeing you again, both as a prisoner and friend. Time seems to
pass so quickly in your company.
I also want to thank you for sharing you thoughts and
memories with me. It will take me some time before I completely
digest them. I feel there is a lot for me to learn.
Thanks again for everything. I will not let as much
time pass before we meet again."
Pilot Boy from New Jersey.

        Sat, 2 Mar 2002 19:45:58 -0800 (PST)
        bbboy <>
Master Jack,

I am now back safely in Malaysia.
As usual, I like to express my gratitude to you for being the kindest and best master to me.  Oxy-moron is some respect,but that is how I felt.  My fantasies were once again fulfilled, even for the short time period with you.  In some sense, I was hoping for more, but you knew when to stop.
If everything goes well, I hope to pay you a visit again soon."
My Malaysian boy. It was his third visit here.

        Re: Fwd: Scene
        Wed, 13 Feb 2002 19:40:35 -0800
        D. <>
Master Jack,

...  I saw the pictures on bondagezine and they were good.  I enjoyed the scene although, as I am sure
you were aware, that as much of it was a new experience for me parts of it
ended up being more of a challenge than I had anticipated.  The experience
was good, though, and it is through experience that we grow and learn.  I
appreciated your concern and the care you handled me during the scene as
well as your discretion.  I don't think I could have been in better hands.

        Re: rubber bondage slave scene
        Wed, 30 Jan 2002 19:34:41 -0800 (PST)
        Trayson <>
        MASTER JACK <>
I wondered, when I first contacfted you, if I'd be another boy you'd seen who'd write a glowing report of his captivity with you. I sort of vowed to myself I wouldn't just be another slobbering fool, licking your boots in gratitude. I was wrong. It would be a pleasure to lick your boots again...rubber or leather. As you remember, I wrote you because I had experienced a bad rubber scene about a year ago, after years of having good ones. It so turned me off and frightened me that I did nothing after it, until I came to see you. That was the best decision of my life. Not only did you give me a great scene...probably the hottest rubber bondage I've ever had, but you restored my trust in human nature. Sure, there may be a few bad apples, but most men, even tops, are good people I think. And I will use your "Sentry" service the next time I venture out. That really is a great idea.
Thanks again for a truly great scene, probably my best ever. It's really hard to say. I was a little like a guy who hasn't eaten for a long tastes great. But I wasn't so starved I didn't know the difference between a MacDonald's burger and a T Bone steak.  My scene was prime all the way...slobber, slobber.
Trayson, your rubber boy from Georgia.

        Hey there!
        Mon, 22 Oct 2001 03:58:44 +0000
        "david p." <>

<<Just wanted to thanks you for an excellent time last month.  Things have been crazy as you know.  I would love to have another session soon!  What do you think?  Take care.>>

This boy was the BondoBoy of the Month for Oct.

        Tue, 16 Oct 2001 17:37:21 -0700
        sid <>
        MASTER JACK <>

When I got home,  my butt was still rosy.  And I've got
welts -- not visible, but I can feel them.  Always wanted some of those things.  Near the end, I think I was starting into the place where the pain turns into pleasure.  Even the stinging whip was starting to feel good.  You will have to keep expanding that in future scenes.

I don't know where the boot service came from.  If I remember, it was 0 on my first profile.  But this time, I just knew I wanted to do it,
desperately had to do it.  Respect, submission, gratitude, whatever it was, just had to be part of the scene today.

As far as the 24 hours over the 4 hours, I don't know yet.  Four is
certainly more intense in a shorter time, but I was amazed at lasting 2 1/2 and 3 hours in the stim sessions.  And that last stim could hardly have been more intense...

Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you, Sir.  It was a great scene and I hope to see you soon again.

Boy from East Bay

        Re: scene
        Fri, 12 Oct 2001 22:19:36 -0700 (PDT)
        RT <>
        MASTER JACK <>

Hi Master Jack:

i wanted to thank you for great 24-h session!!!  it
was everything i could have asked for.   You certainly
know how to do bondage scenes!   It was so hot being
fitted into the straightjacket naked and having
electro applied in my as and to my cock and balls.
There are so many other things i would like to try
next time!!
Thanks again for a really great time in your dungeon.

Boy from Texas

        my first scene with you
        Mon, 8 Oct 2001 22:28:11 +0100
        "jeff" <>
        "MASTER JACK" <>
hi jack, arrived home in uk, cant wait for next folsom fair, and to have a scene with you again. i loved every second of it, you are a true expert in your field of bondage, could you possibly e-mail me some pictures of our scene, my partner is very interested to see me in all my glory, hopefully might lesrn something, thanks again, i will stay in touch bye for now
Boy from Wales

        Thank You !
        Wed, 19 Sep 2001 20:02:23 -0700
        MASTER JACK <>
Hello... I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic session. It
went so fast, like a roller coaster ride, and then it was over. I have
been thinking about it all day today (so has my dick)  and I am looking forward to the next time where we can expand both the time and the scene. You are a true Bondagemaster ! I hope you too enjoyed the session as well.
Will see you again soon,

Dylan Knight
Boy from Russian River

                so, i finally did it
             Tue, 04 Sep 2001 06:39:32 +0200

even if that sounds stupid, but I have to say "Thank you" again. Thank you for that experience in (rubber) bondage which is sure to become a favorite from now on and thank you for that nice evening.
Believe it or not, but the hardest thing that afternoon was calling from the station. I then was picked up by a very calm, obviously
educated man and I immediately was calmed down a lot. You seemed to be perfectly prepared (having assimilated all the information from our e-mail exchange)... I felt perfectly secure all the time because I was sure that I could trust you.
The first part of the scene was sitting in the bondage chair with a  leather straight jacket, a tight rubber hood and my legs tied
together tightly. I could not belief that I was sitting there for 2 hours,
although admittedly it was hard towards the end...
The second part finally was in a rubber sleepsack! It was kind of a dream come true with that rubber hood tightly taped to my head, although I had a rather hard time with that breather gag. Breathing throug a mouth tube is much harder and more disagreeable for me than breathing through my nose. Time seemed endless.  However, this seemed to give me new energy and with my dick now inside the bag I was fully covered in rubber! That was a great turn on and I was several times close to cum inside the bag, but then I just did not have enough movement to make it happen. Towards the end of my scene I could relax in that rubber bag and just enjoyed it. To sum it up thank you for these 6 hours and the experiences you made possible for me.
I am also indebted to you for your hospitality and the conversations we had, later.
I now feel encouraged to explore my interest in rubber and bondage further during my next years in Europe.

(A 23 y.o. boy from former East working on Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, returns to Paris to finish studies, this fall.)

        Sat, 25 Aug 2001 04:53:33 -0700
        "Barney " <>

Master Jack,

I just wanted to thank you for having me up this week.  I really enjoyed the trip.  It has given me a lot to think about and has opened the doors for me to pursue these interests further.  I am grateful for the opportunity to test myself and confirm my desires under your confident hands.  Hopefully we can do it again soon.
I look forward to what the future holds.
Thank you,
(boy from San Diego, CA)

        thanks and follow-up
        Sun, 12 Aug 2001 02:01:45 EDT
...thanks for a great afternoon.  More I thought about it the more
I really enjoyed my time with you.  It was what I was looking for and
completely met my needs.
I would like to schedule more time with you if I may.  I spent quite a bit of time tonight looking through various issues of bondagezine and was very turned on by the Jason pictorial.  I would like to explore some electro stimulant and of course more rubber.  (You were right...I did enjoy that part.)  I would like to push myself and expand my limits...
Again thanks and of course, looking forward to hearing from you.
(Boy from Oakland, CA)

        Back home...
        Thu, 02 Aug 2001 21:08:02 +0000
        "Bound Tit" <boundtit@

I had a great week in SF and a smooth flight back home.

Wanted to say 'Thank You' for a great scene.
(Boy from NYC)

  Re: Hello Sir
        Wed, 25 Jul 2001 16:51:33 -0700
        "Chikai Hsing" <ckhsing@
        "MASTER JACK" <>

Master Jack,
 It seems like a dream that I actually was your prisoner for 48 hours,
specially when I look at myself in the mirror and found my ass not red anymore. My ass is still a little sore, but it remonds me of those wonderful 48 hours. Hopefully I'll get my vacation and spent more time there, like a week.

Morris (from Taiwan)

       Subject: Thank You!
        Mon, 16 Jul 2001 22:12:59 -0600
        "Jason <>
        MASTER JACK <>

Just a quick note to say thanks for everything. I really enjoyed both
the time spent with you and slave t and of course the bondage. You have provided me with a safe place to experience my fantasies and for that I am thankful. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to talk to my lover; it seems to have helped. I feel that our relationship will take a turn for the better and include more bondage. I look forward to the next time that we get together. (Jason...from Edmonton)

        THANK YOU
        Mon, 16 Jul 2001 00:40:21 -0700
        "MASTER JACK" <>
Master Jack:

I just walked in the door... I want to thank you for my scene.  My mind is still reeling from it.  I hope to write you something more formal tomorrow, (he can see it in the Scenes Section under Long Term Captivity..."My Scene") but for now, I wanted to let you know I'm home and say thanks again, sir.
Jim (from Seattle)

Subject: Re: Bondage
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 23:29:01 +0200
From: "Jean ">
Hello, Master Jack
I never thought to make it for my 3 day scene. But I did! And I wanted more of it. You made it challenging by never letting on to me what would happening next. Sometime in the dark, alone and helpless, bound so tightly. Sometime with slave t to comfort me at night. Sometime feeling the ropes or straightjacket get tighter and tighter, as you made it so. It is always what I dream of. Now you make it happen. I want to come back as soon as possible.
Your Belgium Boy

        my scene
       Tue, 5 Jun 2001 04:32:47 -0700 (PDT)
From    <>
hallo master.
enjoyed the stay and your rubber sleepingsack very
much. was a very intensive experience for me. think a
lot about it... had trouble with my e mail.  was also gone to
germany ... sorry fore this please send me info so that i can enjoy pictures of our great sessions. hope you are fine.

all the best
your marine
(Note: this was not the Marine above, with the testimonial. This East Coast boy was the BondoBoy in June, 2001 and was a very good 28 y.o.captive)

        Re: scene
        Wed, 22 Jun 2001 16:01:28 EDT
I didn't know if I could last 4 hours when you told me that that was usually your shortest scene. But not only did I last it, I wanted it to go on and on. You kept the intensity varied so I never knew what to expect. That's hard to do with me, since I've probably seen over 100 men in San Francsico.
Thanks. I'll be back. I think I'll shoot for 8 hours, next time (pardon the pun.)

Subject: Thanks
        Tue, 15 May 2001 23:17:49 -0500
            "eric txxxxxl" <>
            "MASTER JACK" <

First, thanks again for a great session. I guess this is my 5th or 6th. Every scene has been different with different intensities.
But I'm writing this time more to say thanks for your discretion. It took me 2 years to finally get up enough nerve to write you for a scene. It had taken another 25 years or so for me to get up enough nerve to finally decide to do something about what I had always dreamed about. The biggest problem for me, as we've discussed, was finding someone to trust, for if it ever got out I was into this (bondage) it could destroy my "image." But you have proven yourself to be absolutely what you said you were... someone who really loves to tie up men and never reveal anything about them. It's over a year now, and you've certainly kept your part of the bargain. I have absolutely nothing to regret, and a lot to be grateful for. I hope I'm keeping up my end of the bargain and letting you push me a little bit more each time.
THANKS, REALLY THANKS for tying me up.

        Re: B,B &D
        Thu, 10 May 2001 08:40:23 +0100 (BST)
Thanks for the best business trip I've ever had. Who would have thought that I could be talking to our banking partners in San Francisco by day and be bound up tight in a straightjacket at night? (some might say the whole board should be bound up in them during the day, but I won't propose that.) You gave me the trip of a lifetime. Breakfast in chains, Bondage when I had the time and Dinner by your pool (and what food!) Thanks ever so much. I sent a little something to you from Mr S as an added "thank you." Look forward to seeing you next year when I get to leave London on another "business" trip.

        (no subject)
        Wed, 14 Mar 2001 22:59:19 EST

Dear Master Jack, Sir:

This a message from "swimmer, pain pig". I am having the glass, or two, of  wine I mentioned after you toasted my ass today. Being a complete novice you  brought me to a level of "electrical" pain and sublime ectasy that I  would never have imagined existed. So much in a sense of total security and confidence in your work. Thank you, Sir. I look foreward to my next experience and wonderful  new  adventures with "Master Jack".
I hope that my performance today may make some notice in Bondagezine. I will  subscribe and hope to see myself.
Sincerely, David

From Dallas Cop boy:
        Sun, 28 Jan 2001 18:18:16 -0600
        "Master Jack" <>
Hi Master Jack,
Just a note to let you know that I truly enjoyed the time spent with you last weekend.  Your experience with Bondage made the 3 days truly exciting. It was great to listen to your guidance and to get back to my "slave desires" .  Over 2 years without a Master has put me out of practice.  Last weekend really gave me the "old" feeling back.
I am truly a slave and crave B/D, S/M.  That was drummed home over the 3 days. I am at peace now and all the stress from the demanding position I hold in the world, has been laid to rest.  I feel like I have been on a 3 week vacation...
Will try to visit around my birthday 5/5 for a more intense scene.(if allowed)
Feel free to put anyone who is very intense in contact with me.  You have my Ok to give the info out.

        Thu, 01 Feb 2001 19:47:40 -0800
Had a great time.  I will try to come back this summer.  I really want to try out the big "cage" and work up a sweat in the rubber sleepsack.  I now have a new definition for "ecstasy to agony".  I think the last scene put me as close to ecstasy as I have ever been;  It actually felt like I was being milked.  But, the stimulation prevented me from giving any (milk).  The other benefit was that I was extremely focused on the scene.  No way was I going to become bored and start thinking about anything else
but the scene - this is good. The combination of not being able to move (which is one of my ongoing fantasies) and the electrical stimulation was a great feeling.  I really enjoy / prefer trying new things - you never know what might transpire...

Boy from Buenos Aires:
            Bound and Helpless
            Thu, 11 Jan 2001 11:25:34 -0800
            René @xxx
           MASTER JACK <>
Dear Master Jack:
Thank you for the wonderful time you let me spend in your dungeon on the weekend of 15-16 December.  Before coming, I wasn't sure I'd be able to remain in bondage for so many hours, but my fears were unfounded.  You allowed me to have a very enjoyable experience.
Thank you very much.

René (Booted Bottom)
P.S.  If you wish to post this message, you may do so but do not show my e-mail address because I'm writing from work.

Boy from London:
        Back at last
        Sat, 28 Oct 2000 18:38:09 GMT
        "ed XXX <>
     To: visit to you was more than an eye opener, it was a
release. (I lnow that sounds a bit melodramatic but it's true). You allowed me to explore a large but hidden part of my personality, in a completely safe enviroment.  Whatever was happening to me I was confident that you would look after me.  This gave me the complete freedom to explore and enjoy  all the new experiences.

You do not need to worry, after my time with you, there is no going back.  I now know that I am a bondage and also perhaps a pain pig.  I'm going out to buy my firt leather gear tomorrow, I hope.

Boy from NYC:
        Greetings from Manhattan
        Tue, 3 Oct 2000 02:03:09 EDT
Dear Master Jack, Sir!

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for allowing me to be your bound and gagged prisoner for the weekend.  You certainly satisfied a deep-seated need within me for nice tight bondage.  I also discovered I could tolerate (and even enjoy) more intense scenes than I originally thought I could.  Now I'd like to add chains, CBT, TT and suspensions into my repertoire.  Perhaps I could return for another visit in a few months.  I look forward to having new and exciting BDSM experiences in the months and years ahead.

Thank you for everything!

Your grateful boy,

Boy from La Jolla:
        Thank You, Sir
        Tue, 17 Oct 2000 19:13:00 EDT

Master Jack, Sir:

By now I'm back home after a very intense (for me) experience that I will not forget.  It will take some time before I can sort it out.  I do know that it is one weekend I wouldn't have wanted to be without.  On the plane down I  started writing about it and immediately got hard when writing about being in  the cage!
Go figure.  :-)  Perhaps You don't need to.

When my thoughts are a little more stable about the experience, I plan to write You back again.  Thank You very much for Your concern and care and patience.

Boy from NJ:

        Re: Introduction
        Thu, 19 Oct 2000 14:16:32 -0700 (PDT)
        Geoffrey <geoffrey7@...
        MASTER JACK <>

Dear Sir -

I apologize for not writing sooner. Very often I will
write up a 'session report', but, although I keep
thinking about it, I haven't been able to get my mind
around the experience enough for it to make sense on
paper. That's a good sign I think.

I'm going to keep trying to get something down, but in
the meantime suffice to say that it was fantastic. I
wasn't thrilled with the way I expressed myself to
you, both through the profile and our verbal
discussion at the start, but you saw right through to
what I wanted and needed.

I have to admit that I was nervous prior to our
meeting, but once we actually met I sensed right away
that you were a calm and trustworthy guy. You
impressed me as being soft-spoken, good-hearted, and
centered. This really let me get into the session, sit
back, and enjoy the ride.

I hope that I successfully passed the first hurdle in
your eyes, and look forward to moving to new
challenges in the future...

Boy from Ohio:
        Sun, 27 Aug 2000 12:37:39 -0400 (EDT)
     To: (MASTER JACK)


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my stay. I am definetly looking forward to doing it next year. Let me know if you come across an older man for me in my area (Ohio).

Boy from SF:
Date:  Sun, 20 Aug 2000 03:36:48 EDT

I just wanted to express my appriciation for your attention to my needs and from the attention that slave t also showed.  You made my stay a very memorable 48 hours.  I am looking forward to doing it again.  I am currently looking into purchasing my own straight Jacket.  I just loved the feel of yours on me so much....
Thank You again

Boy from Germany:
        Re: [Fwd: being your bondoboy]
        Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:45:04 CEST
        "jan kieft" <jankieft@

Dear Master Jack,

This is to tell you that I arrived safely home after a journey without any problems.
I really appreciated my stay with you, experiencing some nice new sensations and the prolonged stay in the cage.
Your level of experience guaranteed a nice balance between lust and endurance.
I wish you all the best, please give my warm regards to slave T and I hope to see you again in the future.


Boy from LA:
        Thank you!!!
        Sun, 25 Jun 2000 16:54:01 -0700 (PDT)
Got what I needed this weekend because of you...

Sir, Thank you, Sir!
Where did you get the electro dildo?
How much was it?
And, where can I get one?
Thanks again MASTER JACK< you're the best!


Boy from LA:
        Re: Hello SIR
        Sun, 4 Jun 2000 12:27:52 EDT
 i had a great time and enjoyed learning about myself.
its kind of funny how a person can learn about themselves in situations like  these...and some people wonder why:

Boy from Philadelphia:
        Sat, 24 Jun 2000 12:05:09 EDT
dear sir,
thank you for a beautiful 24 hours. beautiful is
the only word to describe it, as i needed hogtied
bondage so bad, and the added element of being
dan's "human sacrifice" and "roadkill" made it
even more memorable.
 i will write with some ideas of my own (if i may) for a
new scene.
best regards,
and in bondage and (o, i loved the foul gag!)

Boy from the Germany:
        Back again
        Sun, 02 Apr 2000 23:23:21 +0200

Hello Sir Master Jack,

back again after great holidays to several places in the west of the
states (from snow to heat) I still remember a great and unique
experience starting with the sound of handcuffs closing - first time
without having the keys by myself. Still having everything in mind and
trying to figure out my future position beeing into bondage. Thanks!

Thank You ver much,

Alex from Germany

       Boy from San Fran
Wed, 24 May 2000 01:36:44 EDT

MASTER Jack, SIR:  YOU were certainly correct in suggesting that i leave the timing to YOU.

SIR, what i really want to do, is thank YOU for a truly exceptional
experience. YOU were amazingly good at tuning in to what was going on with me and so expert in titrating the experience accordingly, that i not only enjoyed what happened but felt entirely safe in YOUR hands.  i was able several times to float and i know that is not an easy opportunity to create for someone. YOU are a remarkable man and as i said before i left, i came to really like YOU and enjoyed the several conversations we had. i also want to thank salve t who was prepared to help at any time during the night should that have been necessary.

Once again, many thanks. If YOU will have me, i look forward to returning for a longer stay in the next couple of months. This could become addicting.

From a 32 y.o. Virgin boy from Malaysia:

Master Jack, SIR,
I cannot find the words to express my thanks for your compassionate
understanding, and for fulfilling my long desire to get truly bound for the first time by a master.  You have redefined the word "SAFE" and "ANONYMITY" in my vocabulary.  You may have heard plenty of appreciation and gratification from all your boys, please let me add this to your long list with utmost sincerity.

Your delicate skills have given me more confidence in possible future encounter.  You cannot imagine how much I have come to realization after the session with you.  You made me understand my limits, the possibilities, and most importantly, my desire to be bound helplessly.

It was such a delightful deviance from my hectic schedule, and a great escape when you brought me to a high.  Knowing that there is nothing much I can do about my environment, my surroundings, no cell phone, no pager, no associates and no collaboration was scary at first, but by surrendering slowly became such a relief.  A relief that is actually therapeutic, after the fact.

It means so much to me that you cared about my well being the whole time, and that you never at anytime overstep that trust, even though deep down inside, I was hoping for some other surprises from you that you knew I may not be prepared to handle at that time.  I know now that I can handle more of what's coming my way, in real life and in bondage life.

I can only hope that there are more masters out there who possess your skills and understanding that can bring in more closeted boys like me into the light.  If any prospective closeted boy is reading this message, and if Master Jack can find the time in his busy schedule, he is one Master that can show you the joys of bondage.

Once again, I am glad I have made the first step, and a million thanks for taking me a few steps further.  Thank you for having me, and if circumstances allow, I want to be your captive again in the future, SIR!
Boy Kan

From a Boy in the Carribbean:
"My ten days with you is like a door which i have passed through, dividing my life into two parts.  The first part is BMJ (Before Master Jack) in my personal life calendar.  Now i am into the second part, AMJ ('in the year of' Master Jack). . ."

From James, in Florida, who had never been tied by a man,

"I wanted to say thank you for an incredible time.  An eye-opening experience  to say the least.  I learned much about myself in the short time I was your  prisoner.  I'll try to write more about my feelings on our experience once  I've had time to collect my thoughts.  I just wanted to let you know that I  made it home safely."

FROM  DIck in San Francisco

"I have been thinking alot about
last weekend and in no way do I have any regrets. I have been doing alot of thinking about what a great time I had. Obviously, you have provided me with an experience that I have never had before. THANK YOU for an amazing for an amazing 24 hours."

"The professor" of BZ:...Washington State

Dear Sir. Thank you for a great experience on Friday. I especially enjoyed the tight bondage and the head restraint.  I'm thinking about getting an electrical device of my very own after than experience.

FROM: SFLthr@xxx     from San Francisco
Just a note of thanks for a great afternoon.  After I left, I kept telling
myself I should have stayed longer.  Well, something to think about next time.
For the first time in years, I felt relaxed in a bondage scene; although it  may not have shown, that was very relaxed for me!

From: Thank you are very skilled at your art.  Hope you and your boy have  a great weekend!

FROM: bndboyq@........   from CA.
I have been thinking alot about last weekend and in no way do I have any regrets. I have been doing alot of thinking about what a great time I had. Obviously, you have provided me with an experience that I have never had before. THANK YOU for an amazing 24 hours... I also want to thank you for providing me with a very safe and comfortable first time experience with another male. I am very pleased with the entire course of the weekend and I'm sure you will not be to surprised when you receive an email expressing interest in another scene.

I hope that I can one day be in a relationship with someone who knows even just a fraction of what you know. You are an incredibly experienced Master in the art of bondage and captivity. I look forward to future encounters.

Thanks again,

boundboy  from CA.
I wanted to thank you for giving me this great experience.
I have to admit that I was quite nervous before - a mixture of
dread (what in hell am I getting myself into?) and expectation
(I want this, but am I going to be up to it?).  Your no-nonsense
approach and progressivity made it go very smoothly for me.

Electro-play definitely moves to a 10 in my profile. In retrospect,
I feel like I wimped out around the end, probably because I was
starting to get a bit tired. Being able to control the pain was a
wonderful feeling (even if the pain level was very modest!). I said
in my profile that I did not think pain turned me on, I may have to
reconsider that based on this experience.

On the bondage side, all three steps were interesting in different
ways. Time just flew by - when you told me it was time to go to bed,
I had no clue whatsoever I had been in the chair over 3 hours.
I still have no idea how long I stayed in the cage or on the table.
The cage period felt the longest, probably because there were
fewer 'interruptions', but it gave me the most 'relaxing' experience (this
is not really the right word, but I don't know how else to express the
mental release it produced).

The feeling of having relinquished control was just incredible - not
frightening at all, which was a great surprise to me since I tend to
be a control freak (that's part of the lone wolf pattern, right ? ).

Looking back, I now see a few interesting mind games you did play
on me. One that completely escaped me at the time was when you
mentionned your Pittsburgh boy behaviour as a way to make me use
the voice-activated electrostim on myself - without that, I would probably
have cowered in utter silence during the whole period...

One of my fears was to have a 'pushy bottom' attitude (backseat
driver style), and I don't think this happened [please let me know if it

I drove back home on a cloud - tired, but exhilarated and really high
on the whole experience. This will definitely stay in my mind for
a long time. Once again, thank you very much for giving me a great
first real bondage experience, which I am now sure is the prelude
to many others.

Respectfully yours,

JM>  From Germany
I want to thank you for the three very exciting days I was
allowed to endure in your dungeon. Definitely, therefore, I'd also like
to come back soon again.

FROM: <mdarren@us. from Penn.
Sir, since i left on Monday afternoon i've been thinking a lot about the weekend.  It was a fantastic experience!  i have never experienced anything like it before.  The mixture of emotions was at times exhausting yet stimulating from fear to ecstasy to release to calm back through it all.  i have found myself even this morning wishing to be back under your control.
Then i realize that part of it is from the stimulation and part of it from the basic desire to escape responsibility.
Thanks again for the GREAT Weekend Sir!
boy darren

Edwyn <>       from NYC

Sir,Master Jack Sir,

i want to thank you for allowing me to visit with you. It was  amazing ,
a test of my endurance as well as a learning experience. Your
professional methods were all i hoped for and more. With your permission; i hope to spend  many more visits with you .

From:   from New Jersey

Thank you for a very intense scene.  I'm sorry that it couldn't
go any longer but if I had to settle for something short -- you certainly
delivered.  No one has ever delivered the kind of head bondage that I crave except you -- thanks for scrambling my brains.

ADAM7747@    from NYC
Dear Master Jack:

Bravo on the pictures of my (our) session with Yves!!
I am in awe of the memory of that great 24 hours.
Belatedly, please accept my thanks for a most
challenging and new experience for me.  I don't
believe I have ever been pushed harder than my session
with you. But what I most appreciated was that you
honored our agreed limits and cared very much how the
experience went for me.

You are a great and caring person and seem truly to
enjoy what you do.  I will not forget it and hope your
expectations were not too unsatisfied. Give Yves my
regards if you should hear from him.

Thanks again and I appreciate that you kept the
details of my identity under wraps.


.Willinglee@.....   from San Fran
Thank You for the incredible bondage and torture session last week.  i will never forget it.  i wasn't sure how long i would be able to take confinement.  You've shown me that i had more in me than i imagined.  i was able to overcome the occasional panic feelings and moments of claustrophobia.
My nipples fluctuated from feeling on fire to being numb to being on fire again to becoming channels of ecstasy.

The electrical work you did on my cock was phenomenal....

i'm looking forward to another session in the future if you're agreeable to letting me come back.

Thanks again SIR.  You are truly the best.

I returned home in one piece, Sir!
Had a great time in your hands!  I look forward to seeing the pix.
I very much enjoyed meeting Terry and found his "situation" very erotic and interesting. It's not my scene as a lifestyle, but it was a real turn-on to  have him in there with me fully restrained.  I think he deserves a couple of hours in a snug hogtie as a "thanks" from me.  ;)

From: Yves/Montreal
Master Jack, just a few words to tell you that I am back home and still very grateful about the wonderful experience you allowed me to live this weekend. Even if I still have lots of thinking to give all this, I can say that I feel like if I had just achieved something. It gave me a chance to learn more about myself and more about what I am ready to do to live my fantasies and which ones of those should remains fantasies and which could be realized. I also want to thank you for the professionalism and the great respect you put in all this. Even if it was sometimes very difficult  for me I always felt a great trust... I know that if I were closer, I would be ready to go further in all this and push my limits away. One thing I know is that this morning, even if I slept only about 2 and a half hours, I was glowing at the office. That's about it for now, I hope that all this is understandable, I can't wait to see the pictures. Thanks again for everything!  Please say hello to slave T for me! Yves!

From: Robert@.....               Anaheim, CA
I want to thank You for the experience.  It is very difficult to find
the words that truly express my thoughts and feelings.
I had a very long drive home, but it was a great time for me to play
back in my mind the entire time that I spent under You captivity.
You also gave me the real opportunity to find in myself things that I
really enjoy and the things that I will have to work on in terms of my
bondage limits. I only wish I would have had much more time to spend with You in training.
I also want to thank slave t for his kindness and presence to help in the
times when I was very unsure of myself and thought I might lose
The two of You showed great compassion and kindness in leading and
taking through the whole experience.
Again Thank You for the great time.  I hope that I will be able to come
back for even a longer, more power packed time.
slaveboy robert
FROM: "Henry"-from NJ

"Thank you very much for having me.
I really enjoyed myself, even though I found myself facing some
difficult times. I really thank you for helping me deal with
them. I hope I didn't interfere with you enjoyment of the things
you (and I) love.
I would not have confided with you if I didn't trust and respect
you. The rest is just my fear, which when unjustified, should be
savored by us both, before it fades in the light of truth.
Thank you again for a really wonderful time. I am already
looking forward to the next time. I will try not to let so much
time pass until then.

FROM: JC, "Chicago Boy"
i don't really know how to summarize my feelings about our session together, except to say that it exceeded my expectations.  As we discussed, the world of BDSM is filled with phonies from both perspectives, it was a pleasure to meet a genuine intelligent participant.  Thank YOU.  I'm looking forward to our next encounter.

thank you again for taking the time with me.  i'm really glad that i came up.  YOU have an incredible dynamic with your slave.  i think i learned and found  that there are  things i need to think about.  i still have the very basic  need to serve.

From:           Anchorman    NYC
I wanted to drop you a line and tell you what an incredible experience I had with you! I've thought my whole life about be bound by a whole life. But never dared to do it. Our correspondence and meeting you made me comfortable doing so. I'm sure you realize how sensitive my position is...I can't be recognized in any way. Your accession to not take pictures, even though you do of many scenes, helped make me relax. Then your knowing just how much pressure to apply and  when was really an experience. Having only done self bondage before, it was the difference between ice milk and Hagen Daz. Thanks again! It's good that you don't live on the East Coast or I'd probably be camped on your door step.

Master Jack,
Just a quick note to say hello and to express my thanks for the special
afternoon!  It was everything that I expected....Thanks again for enabling me to meet a true master...
i wanted to thank you, SIR, for my recent session. i realized that my limits need a lot more expanding than i thought, SIR, but i look forward to the
possibility. i also want to thank you, SIR for your attention and reassurance when i had a moment of panic. you truly are a master of your craft, and i look forward to our next session.
thank you SIR,

Bootdog...Los Angeles
        Just wanted to write and thank YOU for the incredible weekend, Sir. It far exceeded my wildest imaginations and fantasies, Sir, starting withhand/leg cuffing me on the way from the airport, to the night spent in the leather staight jacket, and the incredible cock and ball scene
Saturday, SIR. You truely are a MASTER of YOUR art, Sir, and look
forward to being under YOUR control and domination again, soon, Sir. i
am really looking forward to seeing the pics of the weekend in
Bondagezine, Sir..........humbly, bootdog, Sir.

James...Pittsburg, PA.
i just wanted to let you know how grateful i am for the opportunity to have spent time at your mercy, bound and helpless. The experience has certainly enlightened me, not only about the world of bondage, but also of my own capacity (or unfortunate lack thereof) to dwell in restraint and submission.
SIR, the scenes were wonderfully modulated between intense "agony" and
relief, intense "ecstasy" and release. And even though i was at times
plagued by useless intrusive panicky thoughts, i always knew that your
masterful presence would assuage my fears, and that at your voice and touch i would be able to expand my limits.
SIR, i now realize how naively i filled our your profile last November.
Today, i went back over it and reevaluated my rankings of the various
experiences-a real education! And although in all honesty i had to re-rank
things like hoods (from 7 to 3), str8jackets (from 6 to 4) or hogtied (from
10 to 6), i still feel in my bones that someday those numbers will rise,
because i'm going to continue to try them. And SIR, i think that's the
point, that's why i traveled approx. 3,000 miles to see you-you have whetted my appetite, sparked my desire for more bondage experiences in the future.
For that i cannot thank you enough.
SIR, there were other experiences which surpassed my fantasizing. I didn't
realize how much pleasure it would be to lick your big boots. It makes me
hard just thinking about it. And the shaving was so-well, frankly i'm
speechless. And each time your hands or clamps went near my tits (especially wearing the ball-gag), i finally was able to turn off my brain and respond like the boy i strive to become.
SIR, thanks to slave t for keeping me safe at night and for being so
spiritually attuned to my disposition, helping me to better express my
thoughts and feelings about the whole experience. And thanks to Gene for
feeding me and being such a gentle captor.
SIR, i hope to have the privilege of being your bound and helpless boy again soon.           pghboy 

Hans, Cologne Germany
I enjoyed the visit in SF very much, and had a wonderful time.
I believe You and your partner create really a secure haven for the
friend of bondage and I thank you for chance to drop in.
I want to keep in touch with you and will inform You as soon as
possible, whether I can visit  again the beginnig of February.

From:  Beau....   CA.
Had a great time, I really loved the bondage and look forward to the
next time.
Tell me when Sir

From: Norge:     San Diego
Hello, and thanks again for a great weekend! I was a little surprised with myself but really pleased. I knew I liked long-term bondage and often fantasized about being tied up for hours and hours and days even but realized that without experiencing it, I wouldn't know for sure. Now I do. I'm really into immobilization and I was in a state of bliss as you tied down the sleepsack securely after lacing it up tightly. I could barely move. Despite the rigidity and length of time, I actually could have stayed in longer! Thank you very much for allowing me to experience something I have thought about for so long. Now I have several new records to break and it won't be easy.
Best of luck with Secure Haven and I hope to be in your capable hands someday again too.

From Alan:
Master Jack, Sir!
I want to thank you for using me yesterday as it was very good for me.
You are truly a Master and very skillful. There were new things tried  and experienced. Perhaps we can do it again.

The most painful part of our session?...  the trip back to home.  My head still reeling and on a euphoric high, I was suddenly hit with a strange but distantly familiar feeling.  A kind of sharp, urgent sadness.  I realized then that I was homesick.  I wanted to be back in your dungeon, restrained and waiting for you.  I wanted to be back in the place where I felt intensely excited, tortured, off-balance and absolutely safe and secure.  I wanted to be back in the place where I know I belong.  In bondage.  Home.
Thank you for the session.  It's impossible for me to find all the right words to tell you what the past two days have meant for me, but I want to try.  I made a wish and that wish came true...  a dream came true.  How many times does that happen in a lifetime?  I experienced real bondage.  From the moment I set foot in your dungeon I could tell from your skill and keen instincts that I was in good hands.  The way you rendered the high and low intensity periods was artful.  Of course, everything to me seemed high-intensity.  And when you put me (us) to bed for the night, I fell almost immediately into a rare, contented and peaceful deep sleep.  It's no wonder that later the next morning, waiting by myself for you, I found myself in tears at the thought of having to leave.  And then finding myself tearing up while being tortured on the board because such happiness is seldom found (and we humans so seldomly allow that happiness to happen in our lives.)  I really didn't want to leave.
I wanted to stay there, desperately.  I tried not to "gush" after the session was over...  I would have just been grasping for words, words which I'm sure you've heard over and over.  But the truth is that I haven't felt so ALIVE in a long time. And I learned things about myself.  I learned what it feels like to have panic creep up while bound and alone (something I've only read about.)  I learned that I really am capable of thinking and refocusing my thoughts to avoid or divert such an attack.  Mostly, though, I've learned that beyond any shadow of doubt I honestly do belong in bondage.  It's where I need to be.
This hardly begins to adequately tell you what I've been feeling.  The level of intensity was great and I especially liked trying the electricity tool.  I loved the pain and discomfort it caused and the way it caused me to fight the restraints of the chair.  I love when someone pushes me to those limits and then takes me just beyond.
Thanks again for everything.  And for sending your boy in to spend the night...  it was comforting to know someone else was in the room with me during the night.  I really enjoyed meeting him.  He's a wonderful man with a sweet and gentle heart (nice to know that people like him do exist.)  Your relationship is inspiring, and really touches me.
You are an amazing man.  I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to be in your clutches.  Fortunate, and right at home.  I look forward to future sessions if you will permit it.
Thank you with all my heart,

Thanks for a great 2 days. Have others participants noticed that after
a session with you, they get more powerful releases ???  I did. RJ- S. CA. Biker Boy #28

With the distinct memory of your religious ministrations still fresh in my
mind :-))), I am writing to thank you for same and to thank you for your
many levels of understanding.
I look forward to future visits. BBBob SF Boy #24

I really enjoyed my brief visit, and I am looking forward to spending the
night next time properly trussed up in a sleepsack (or two) Rubber Bob (of the Rubber Lover's Contact List) Boy #22

I would like to thank you for the wonderful time during my visit
with you. As you already know I was quite nervous when I first met you.
Fear sometimes prevents me for enjoying the situation. However,
Once I began to trust you, and the people around you, the fear
quickly left (toward the end of the 1st day).
One time I had trouble breathing with one of the gags. Your quick response made me feel very safe. After this, I knew you would not let me be harmed.
I really like the way you kept me off balance during my entire stay. I never knew quite what to expect. Of course I worried (which is part of the fun) in anticipation. It was wonderful being totally subject to another persons will. I appreciate the planning, logistics and time you put in the weekend. I hope I could return as much to you as the benefit that I received.
One of the effects of long sensory deprivation and immobility
for me is the experience of being free of my body. At first fear
prevented this. As the weekend continued, and the fear left,
this freeing experience became more pronounced. I really welcome
this experience, with no distractions from myself. The
immobility also emphasized the total control you had over me.
I was very impressed by the love, caring, and respect within your SM
family. I really needed to know, and be reminded, that
these qualities are an integral part of the scene in which we
play and live. Henry S. New Jersey -Boy #27

Dear and intensely respected Sir,

This is just to say to Sir, I am back at home "very safe" as Sir had
promised to me before.
As Sir knows, I was a novice, an have had to cope with 3 moments
of intense fear!
But, this is a first step (an accelerated course I would say), which
one as learned me an immense among of things , Sir!
What are my preferences?, to control the stress and the fear, and at the
end play with them!, Sir.
I kiss and lick your magnificent boots, Sir.
And I thank you, for all what you have done for me until now, Sir.
Your devoted, and tied Rex, Sir.  A newboy from Brussels, Belgium

Obviuosly,I loved it. It's been the experience of a lifetime. That's why I made it my personal lifestyle and have  returned 3 times. I'm Boy #1--Ric--MO.

"Thanks again for the bondage weekend.  It was great!  :-) It was more than I had expected. I appreciate being your  'new boy'"  Boy # 2  Adam--LA

Master Jack. Thank you Sir for a fantastic scene. As you said, most guys do not realize how intense it can be.  It was the best 'mind fuck' scene that has ever been done to me in all the 38 plus years of playing in bondage. You Sir!, are indeed a "Master of Confinement". i am beginning to write my feelings down about our scene. i don't want to forget my thoughts. i will send you more later. i learned so much about myself. i will feel forever indebted to you and boy terry for expanding my search & enjoyment in area of Confinement Bondage.
i will see you again, soon  Hoodedbtm--LA  Boy #10

Thank you for the Saturday bondage experience.  I enjoyed it very much
   especially the suspension.   I appreciate your patience and guidance on each step of my bondage experiences.  I am a  cautious person by nature...never rushing in over my head so to speak.  While  I like my boundaries expanded going to fast gets me nervous and scared sometimes.  I want the bondage play to be a hot and wonderful experience.
 Saturday was a big step for me.  I felt relaxed and comfortable in your
 hands....especially with all the thoughts / fears going through my head while I was bound and gagged.  I just needed to relax and go with the
   flow....letting my fears go and enjoy the moment. Joe-SF BondoBoy #34

I came, not knowing what to expect. I've seen so many who really had no idea what they are doing. Since I usually top, that just aggravates me. But from the beginning, it was clear you did know what you were doing and were going to "push" me, as you said. First a sense of fright, then a sense of masterful care. I had no control and yet knew you would take me where I've always wanted to go. Thank you. What more can I say? I've lived my bottoming fantasy.
London Boy #31.

This from a 72 year old professor who was just back from hiking and skiing on Denali (!) before he saw me:
I did enjoy my session with you!   It was stimulating and exciting!  My
tits still feel overly sensitive but that's the way it should be.  I
guess I still can get it up for an exciting time
You did give my hood a workout, 24 hours in darkness was OK with me,
although I was curious to see what this voice called Terry looked like
when it was over.  Thanks to Terry for feeding me, sleeping near me for
security, and just enjoying each others company.
Thanks for a great time!  George   Bay area

"i want to thank you for the great 36hours.  It was one of the best experiences i have had.  i'll need sometime to fully appreciate the whole experience and understand it in the context of my personal likes.  You're a great Master with a very calming reassuring and commanding presence.  i would like to achieve that someday.   Thanks again for accepting me last weekend. " -- ss--Central Valley

"Sir, I wanted you to know that I had a really great time.  And, I definitely would love to come back... hopefully for a longer period the next time.Saturday night when you asked me what I liked and didn't like, I was not as responsive as I would have liked to be.... but frankly, I was so overwhelmed and tired, I wasn't able to do justice to your question.
Specifically, I really enjoyed the captivity and the psychological aspect of that.  Hearing that door lock every time you come in or left... knowing that I couldn't get out of there even if I wasn't bound.  I enjoyed all of the bondage especially the straitjacket, wet suit, and rubber sleepsack.  I loved the hoods too.   I really enjoy being hooded and gagged.... so I imagine it's a matter of finding the right combination and tightness.
I think if I had stayed longer, I would have been able to handle  even more restraint for sleeping at night.  I might have even been able to handle the straitjacket overnight.
In all, it was a terrific experience for me and I had a great time.  I really enjoyed meeting you, Terry and Ric." Brad--Boy 15-Wisconsin (Now Tennessee)

"Thanks for a great time! I had forgotten how much fun it is to play with you. Looking forward to doing it a lot more!" Boy # 3 Dave-- Bay Area

" Thank you again SIR for a very pleasurable and unforgettable time in your dungeon. You have give me a lot to think about and decide about my life and the direction i will take it. Thanks for the guidance and help.  You have renewed my faith in the world of bondage and Masters and perhaps opened up a new world for me, one that I may add would not have happened had I now visited you Thanksgiving. You are a very good person and again thank  you for the help and the time you have given to me.  Luxlight--N.C. Boy #9

"I want to thank you again for having me.  You really don't know how much I needed it! I look forward to coming out again!" Boy # 4 George--Bay Area

"the weekend went well; many thanks to you for your hospitality.
and hope that ric had a pleasant night that night, tied with me." torQ- N.CA. Boy#20

"THANKS FOR THE SLAVE-TIME.  Lord knows I need more to become the bondage'n'bootboy I hope to be, but I really enjoyed and needed it   Unsurprisingly, my fantasies are twisting in a particular direction, and I feel remarkably more relaxed - yet horny, Sir." Boy # 5 Frank-- Eugene Oregon

"Thanks for the GREAT time. It was the bondage experience of a lifetime--13 days and I still wanted more. I came back still high on bondage. It's days later, and I'm still high. " Max--Ontario

"Have just arrived home. Exhausted, filthy and curiously calm. But really exhausted. Thank you, Sir, for exhausting me so completely. Thank you for taking me to that place that defies description. You were right before I arrived Saturday when one of your e-mails said I would have fun. A thundering understatement."  Will--SF BondoBoy#29

Sir, Thank you for a most incredible 3 days, despite the fact I wasn't feeling well one day, I had a wonderful time. I look forward to the sleepsack next time. Fakir's  piercing is still giving me all kinds of energy... a perfect ending to a 3-day scene. slave denis--Maine--

I had some good times while I was out there. My ass is still a glowing bright purple. Being tied to the cross and the anticipation of being whipped was a turn-on and the whipping did work on some guilt.
You might not have guessed, but after a day or so I found myself wishing I was back there for another couple of days. Andrew--Boston BondoBoy#19 (who gave us our new "cell.")

You ARE good. Really good. Ken. BondoBoy #32.