I got a note from a boy a couple of months ago with that heading. Here's part of what he said, originally, and then what he wrote after the scene, following.

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Subject:  Where do I sign up?
Date:  Thu, 29 Jan 2009 05:08:44 -0600
From:  Ron <>


I apologize if words fail me, but coming across your website was a shock. I've dreamed since before I was a teenager of being tied and helpless, and over the years, it has become more, a desire to be held captive for an endless space of time and subjected to another's whims...

Your website (and the invitation to email you) have been on my mind since I found it. I'm 24, and I've never been tied by another person, despite how much I've wanted it. You mentioned a burning flame of passion, and I can say honestly that I have it. No experience, but what I wouldn't give for some...

So, I ask: Where do I sign up? What do I need to do?

Here's what he wrote the day after his scene:

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Subject:  Thank you so much
Date:  Mon, 13 Apr 2009 13:38:12 -0700
From:  Ronr <>
To:  Master Jack <>

Master Jack, I just wanted to thank you and Terry for one of the most intense and rewarding experiences of my life. You gave me something that was different than I expected but exactly what I was hoping for.

I wanted to discover what I could take, and to see if I really would enjoy what I'd only been dreaming about.

Make no mistake, it was a hell of a ride. I was intimidated immediately when Terry chained me up and left me alone in that tiny cell, completely isolated. (I can't pretend a few "what the hell have I gotten into" thoughts didn't enter my head.) As I rested between sessions of being chained high on the wall for hours, it began to seep through that, although things were probably going to be hard, you guys weren't trying to destroy me, and I decided to just experience it and see where it went.

A day later, I'm still a little worn out and sore in spots, but I'm deeply satisfied. The long-term captivity is probably the thing that surprised me the most. My gung-ho side thought that would be the "easy part"... ha! Those long stretches of isolation were harder on me than I could have ever imagined. Who really thinks they don't know themselves, right? I had to deal with a whole new aspect o fmyself, and I'm not sure I completely succeeded.

Even though I was turned on and loving almost every second, I found it hard to surrender to it, and I don't think I ever did, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure I was afriad of what would happen to me if I gave into something so intense... but I'm not a psychologist, so my self-analysis may be off.

I hate roller coasters, but I think I understand the "I wanna go again!" feeling. I know I can SURVIVE and ENDURE it now, but can I TAKE it? Aaaah, now I need to find a playmate in northern California!

I was also shocked at how much I loved electrostim. I was definitely afraid of it coming in, and even though I was howling at the moon, I wasn't begging to be released! ... well, not THAT kind of release!

 Electro just shot up to one of my new favorite things, and I definitely need to explore it further... with the electricty twisting my prostate into a bow tie, holy god. I was still trying to fight it, though... maybe surrender is the key.

Thank you so much for the unforgettable experience. I am absolutely going to try to find a way to come back down for another session. If I learned so much the first time... wow.

- Ron